Let the Rain Fall Down: Qi Gong Song and Book for Children

Let the Rain Fall Down: Qi Gong Song and Book for Children

by Donna Henderson


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Qi Gong comes alive for children ages 2 to 9 through this original song and book with accompanying video. Basic moves are combined with catchy lyrics for easy learning in Let the Rain Fall Down. Children as young as two years old and even adults love this song.
A moving meditation, Qi Gong emphasizes deep breathing with coordinated, repetitive motions. The exercises are reflective of nature, like a tree rooted and reaching for the sun, a bird flying high in the sky and a warm, gentle rain.
Standing with enough room to spread their arms, children benefit physically, emotionally and mentally with this powerful tool. A state of relaxed focus often takes only a few minutes to achieve. The results are enhanced when practiced outside in Nature.
Colorful illustrations in this 32-page picture book demonstrate the simple movements and you can follow along with a 3-minute video at www.books.donnahenderson.net.
Perfect for groups or individuals, Let the Rain Fall Down sets the tone for the day, creates an effective break anytime and may help soothe and calm before bedtime. Teachers and group leaders may use this short exercise to help create cooperative engagement among the children.
Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese art form, has been used for thousands of years to promote well-being. Qi (pronounced chee) means energy, "gong" refers to practice. So Qi Gong is a practice used to build up life energy. It promotes calm vitality, which can be helpful at any age.

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About the Author

Donna Henderson first became a student of Qi Gong while studying Chinese medicine for her career as a Licensed Acupuncturist about twenty years ago. Qi Gong was a lifesaver during the busiest times when she worked as a registered nurse, studied Chinese medicine, and raised four sons with her husband, Larry. She wants children to be able to experience the many benefits of Qi Gong while they are young, which may lead to a lifelong practice.

Inspired by her grandchildren, Donna began working with local children in day care, pre-kindergarten and after-school elementary to develop an easy way for children to embody this ancient practice. The result is this book/song and video.

Donna currently practices Traditional Chinese Medicine in Northeast Florida and has taught Qi Gong to people ages 2 to 92. She can sometimes be seen walking through her neighborhood moving her arms with a big smile on her face! Donna may be contacted for group appearances at donna@donnahenderson.net.

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