Let Them Go with a Smile

Let Them Go with a Smile

by Jinan Zeidan


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ISBN-13: 9781468505290
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/02/2011
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

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Let Them Go With A Smile

By Jinan Zeidan


Copyright © 2011 Jinan Zeidan
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-0529-0

Chapter One

Let Them Go with a Smile

Life goes on and so do we. Even after the chances we miss, the risks we take and fail at, the people who come our way just to hurt us and leave, it's all good. Even if those things that hurt us leave a scar, it would be all good if you just let everything go with a smile from your heart.

Fear—the feeling weakens us, sometimes paralyzes us, and won't allow us to move forward, always backward. We fear flying or taking the risk of it, but do we really fear flying or are we scared of falling down? Whenever we miss a chance, or hesitation crosses our mind, or bad ideas flow toward our imagination, one question we should ask is, are we scared of taking those chances, or are we really afraid of missing them?

Life goes on if we just let go with a smile all that happens to us. The smile won't heal, but it gives us hope to move forward. All the tears we cry hurt our eyes, but they also purify our hearts and souls. They give us a new outlook toward certain things or certain people we meet. Everything happens for a reason.

People cross our paths from nowhere. Some come for a short time and leave after they cause a huge heartache. Some become a big part of our lives for years, but then they let us down for no reason, except that life changed them. And some swear nothing will tear you apart, yet they would be the first to betray your friendship. We better let them all go with a smile, never regretting knowing them.

How many times do we ask "why"? But do we truly want to know the answer to that "why"? We worry about knowing the truth, because sometimes behind every truth is a mask that we thought was the face of the person we loved. A truth will be revealed every time we ask why. The reality of those we miss might show, and our smiles might fade away as those who promised to come back someday never do. Is it better to keep asking why? Without knowing the reason, we keep wondering, but it's better to let it go with a smile.

God sends a lesson with every person we meet to make us learn whom we should trust, and to whom we should give second chances. What's more, God teaches us through them the great lesson of forgiveness. Never have hard feelings toward those who caused you heartache. Forgive them, let them go with a smile from your heart, and have faith that God will send you the right people at the right time.

Life is full of surprises, not all of them happy ones. Sometimes nature surprises us with crisis, but after the crisis has passed, we stand up, fix the damages, and move forward. Nature might surprise us with yet another crisis, a hurricane or an earthquake. Millions of people lose their lives in those crises, but it's a test for other millions of people to accept what they lost and to start over. The question is, how much faith do we have in God, that we can thank him and be ready to let it go with a smile? Every day is a new chance we take, a new risk we should be ready to make. We should accept it if we missed those chances, or failed in the risks we took. Every day a new person comes our way. We should expect that those people we are meeting today came for a reason. Never regret what you face in your daily life. If you are wise enough, you should be ready to accept it all with an open heart.

Life goes on, and so do we. We leave behind the chances we missed; the risks we were afraid to take; the people who came and left without a trace, except for the scars that remind us never to repeat the same mistakes. Life goes on. It would be all good if you just believed in God and let it go with a smile from your heart....

Chapter Two

Human Just Like You

"Please stop." How many people have shouted those words? And how many others have screamed it silently on the inside? When a person forgets that the one he or she hurt is a human, violence can cross the limits and even lead to death. How many families are facing this issue? I prefer to name it disease or addiction. When the human mind stops working, stops thinking, the path to violence is open in their thoughts. When the brain stops working, stops holding a person back from beating his victim, he forgets who this person he is hitting is whether it's his mother, child, sister, or wife. A man can become addicted to beating others. It might take away all his anger and stress, but it puts all on the wrong person. It's a disease indeed. It is spread all over the world and it destroys families and lives.

How many women are beaten to death whom no one knows about? They might have screamed and begged for mercy, and their children might have witnessed what happened to their mothers, but what can a child do? As much as abuse affects the mother, it also affects the children. Will they be violent with their friends or their own families when they grow up? Or will their inner injuries make them live in fear? Afraid they cannot protect themselves, will they always consider others a danger to their lives, because the closest person to them has caused so much damage. Will they always have the fear that they will die by violence?

When I think about those who are violent to others, I believe they don't know God. If they did, they would fear to hurt his creatures. They are hurting someone of flesh and blood, leaving bruises on her face and body, bleeding wounds, fear in her eyes. They dig insecurity deep into her soul, as she fears that this wild person might sneak into her room and hit her if she dares to sleep and dream.

Those who cause all this unbearable pain don't know God, or fear him. It is the devil's work in their souls when their minds stop working and they become wild. They have nothing to be grateful for, because if they did they would find peace. We always think, what if we were in their shoes. We don't know what they are going through that they act like that, but I can't even imagine being in their shoes. The reason it is so hard to know what they are thinking is simply because they are not thinking.

Only imagine a child's eyes begging someone to stop beating him.... It makes me wish I could do something to stop this violence that is spread all over the world. Violence has many faces. It's not only physical. There is also verbal aggression, and that kind of violence can injure more than physical harm. The words a person uses to oppress and control are so harsh and ruthless, they could push someone to suicide. Words can harm more than a bullet sometimes. They play with people's minds, making them think they are nothing, or that they did something bad, even though they didn't. Making others feel guilt for something they never did can cause the problem to spread. Playing on other people's distress might make them lose their minds, might drive them to act in very wrong ways. If they act in harmful ways with others, then those who were the victims become the criminals without ever thinking about what they are doing.

People change and become hard to deal with for many reasons. They lose control of their lives, or circumstances force them to face unforeseen difficulties. Lately, economic problems are affecting the whole world and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. Many others are unemployed, and this can create more violence. Some have killed their families because they don't want them to live in poverty. Others commit suicide. They have lost hope and, of course, faith. If they had had faith, they would have prayed to God help them. But in their situation, with the shocks they received, their brains stopped working and they took their own lives. Others might start to steal to feed their families. They don't want to, but they have no choice. This kind of person is not necessarily dangerous, but he can become violent in a sudden way, under specific conditions, and with time can become addicted to the violence.

Also, people make dangerous weapons and countries buy and sell those weapons to gain money, but their price is different from the price the victims pay. Thousands of children's souls, thousands of families torn apart, thousands of victims still alive but grievously injured, they pay the price, not those who sell the weapons. This kind of violence is the most dangerous, because the one who is violent is a whole country. This violence never looks in the child's eyes begging for it to stop, or asks him about his parents who died in the war. The more profit from selling weapons, the more victims will have died without having the chance to know who was behind it all. But the one behind it is a person who never knew God, whose job it is to kill and gain. He's not concerned about the blood that's spreading everywhere. His only concern is to win the game.

Violence has so many faces and it runs at all levels, high and low. We might find a cure for those who are violent to their families or their friends, but when it comes to those who create wars and kill people without mercy, we find ourselves paralyzed. We can't do anything but pray that God will light their minds and make them realize that we all are human, just like them.

Whatever kind of violence people are facing, the victim is always a person, not a thing. A person that has feelings, a person of flesh and blood. When you hit someone or beat her, she cries tears and asks you to stop, yet you continue beating her without thinking. The devil's spirit grows in your soul and mind. Why can't you stop and think about why she screams, why you feel you want to beat her, why you say words to harm her and leave a painful scar that no one can ever erase? Look at her eyes, the tears she is crying. Try to feel her pain and hear the words she says every time she raises her hands to cover her face and protect herself. She always speaks; you never hear.

"Please stop. I'm a human just like you!"

Chapter Three

Angels on Earth

For every person on this earth, an angel exists to protect him or her from everything, to guide him in the right direction when he loses his way, and to light his days with love and joy when the shadow of sadness haunts him. God has sent us angels to stay in our lives and look after us from the moment we open our eyes in this world. Those two angels are our parents.

From the time we start talking, their names are among the words we utter, Mom and Dad. As soon as we take our first steps, we have their hands to grab onto, and they help us stand after every fall. Through the nights, our mother's lap is the bed we sleep in, and her shoulder is the pillow that makes us feel safe. Her eyes never blink when ours are filled with tears, and her tender hand keeps on touching our faces to make us feel secure. From time to time our dad takes her place to care for us. We are born on this earth, but God never leaves us alone. He sent us his angels to make sure we'll be safe.

For every word we say, they make a story of it and tell their friends and family members about what their little babies said. For every move we make, they laugh. Sometimes they pretend they didn't see what we did or hear what we said, and they ask us to do it again so they can enjoy the moment again. We start to be their world, which they can't imagine living without. All the sacrifices they make, all the suffering they go through to have us in their lives, they forget it all in a moment when we look at them. From our infancy to our youth, they are the angels that protect us by watching us day and night. Even in the middle of the night, they can't help but check our room to make sure we are covered enough. They worry about us. Sometimes this worrying bothers us, and sometimes it overshadows their love. They fight with us and lose their tempers, but they keep on praying for us, no matter what we do or how mad they are. The room for forgiveness and tenderness never leaves their hearts. They yell at us when we are babies, but they kiss our cheeks when we are asleep. Those are the angels God has sent to us. They are our mother and father.

But during the journey through life, some kids change from good to bad. This happens due to many circumstances they experience. Maybe they lived in poverty and grew up with anger, seeing other children have all the stuff they dream about, while they can't have even one meal to stop their hunger. They grow up thinking they need to take revenge on those who have a normal life. Other kids grow up blaming their parents for not taking care of them enough, by being busy all the time. They come home from school, but no one is there. Maybe their parents are divorced, maybe both their parents are working hard to provide a good life for them. They live without the care, missing their mother opening the door for them and preparing their food, instead of doing that for themselves or having the nanny, mom's replacement, do it. This is one of the reasons kids grow up blaming their parents for not being there when they need them. They forget that even when their parents are not home, their parents are making a big sacrifice from them so they can afford a good life for their kids. It's not always a choice. Sometimes it's a must. They have to work hard rather than watching their children got without.

And when parents get old and lose the ability to take care of themselves, they need our help. They start to fear walking alone, and they need us to walk with them. They start to forget things and find it hard to deal with other things. They need our presence beside them to explain things to them; and maybe it's the same things they helped us understand when we were little children. They revert to childhood, feeling insecure and without any idea of what's going on around them. Aging might create problems with their health, like with hearing, vision, and memory. They start losing control over their behavior, and their sensitivity increases. We might see them crying because of one word someone said to them; a normal word for us, but might be painful for them, might once have wounded them. Our time comes to take care of the two angels who held us since we first opened our eyes.

Some people send their parents to a place where they take care of old people. They leave them there for months and years, never asking if they are doing fine. They think that they are doing their duty. Is this a duty? To put your mother or father someplace where strangers take care of them? To sleep at night thinking about your own happiness and never thinking about the two people who always checked your room while you were sleeping as a baby, who hovered over you when you were sick? Now you've left them in that place, where they feel insecure and scared; where they hope that you come into their room and ask if they are fine, instead of those strangers who are getting paid to take care of them. They served you since they brought you home; they always said they were blessed by having children in their house. So why would their presence at this age be a curse in your life?

You pay strangers to take care of your parents when they get old, because you don't have the time and the patience to sit with them and talk with them, even though they gave you all their time when you were a baby. You used to ask them about the strange things you didn't understand, and they spent hours and hours explaining to you what different things meant. And now that they are aged and ask you something, you don't bother to look in their eyes and explain for them. You reply while you keep reading a book or are busy working on something. If they ask you for the second time, you get mad and yell at them. You lose your temper in minutes, while they used to repeat the same thing to you for hours, smiling every time they explained it again. This is not a good way to treat our parents when they age.

They were the angels who protected us and were always there for us. They showed us happiness even though they were crying silently, just so we could feel secure. They sold their favorite things, even if it saddened them, because they wanted to buy other things that made us smile. They lied to us thousands of times when they said they were fine, but later on we learned they were not. They were there to hold us when we felt lonely, to support us when we felt weak. To wipe our tears when we cried and pat us on our shoulders, saying we'd be fine. It's unfair to treat them in the way that so many people do, and the number is increasing. This is really disturbing.


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Table of Contents


Let Them Go with a Smile....................3
Human Just Like You....................6
Angels on Earth....................10
The Killing Loop....................16
The Child Who Touched My heart....................22
Mom, Come Back Home....................25
Unfaithful Love....................28
To My Daughter with Love....................34
Bleeding Steps....................42
One Last Chance....................44
Behind Closing Doors....................49
Because of You, My Friend....................53
Who Cares It's Only Words....................56
The Outsiders....................59
The Day He Left....................62
Tell Him....................66
Woman in Black....................69
The Others....................73
In a Place Called Heaven....................75
Hope You Understand....................78
It's Just a Thought, Only a Thought....................81
Her Seventh Memorial....................83
A Friend from the Past....................89
She'll Never Know....................92
Life's Too Short....................94
A Game to Play....................97
The Last Promise....................101
We Say It Silently....................107
The Ray of Prayer....................109
Circle of Life....................111
Quotes by Jinan Zeidan....................113
Quotes by Jinan Zeidan....................115
About the book:....................117
About the Author:....................119

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