Let's Face It!: Writing and Artwork from PARC

Let's Face It!: Writing and Artwork from PARC


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This is a very, very special volume of creative work. It is a collection of writing and art originating at PARC, a community centre that offers a safe haven from the harsh realities of the street and the intolerable conditions of substandard boarding houses. PARC's membership includes people who are marginalized, socially-isolated, homeless, suffering addictions, new immigrants, the working poor and the poverty-stricken. But PARC is more. As one member states: I appreciate that PARC feeds me when I can't make ends meet, but, more important, I come to PARC for spiritual sustenance.Every city has its homeless, socially-isolated, marginalized people. What is remarkable about PARC in Toronto is that it has become a hub of astonishing creative energy and an incubator of literary and artistic talent. Let's Face It documents and presents publicly that talent.For over twenty years now Hume Cronyn has been at the center of that literary and artistic activity. He has nurtured, inspired, assisted, drawn out, the many creative efforts of the PARC community. His workshops, open readings and his presence have become an indelible feature of the PARC scene. He states it best:Workshop: so full of life, so full of feeling, laughter, bantering, buzzing, burping, writing, reading, listening, a mountainful of trust. We enter the room, dry bumbling sticks. We leave the room, ho! we leave the room as if we were floating, the Red Sea has parted for us, we ooze from every pore the aura of having created. - Hume Cronyn, PARC Writing Room

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ISBN-13: 9780889629318
Publisher: Mosaic Press NY
Publication date: 07/10/2012
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 5.92(w) x 7.74(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Hume Cronyn is a widely recognized poet whose latest work is don't ask me to clean up the basement (Mosaic Press, 2009), his previous books include Rotten Poetry Fish, Mosaic Press 2000 and Bake My Brain (Mosaic Press, 1993).

Table of Contents

Introduction Hume Cronyn 2

A comment on editing this book Chris Beyers 7


Jigsaw Bobbi Nahwegahbow 10

PARC, Dear Old PARC Kent Simard 12

God Bless All Jim Booth 14

There is a Deep Hole Jean McGrath 15

My Dilemma D.F. Baan 16

The Members' Ship Hillary McWatch 19

PARC waiting Chris Beyers 20

After shelter is obtained, then what? /Or/Ten years constant, Tyde 24

Eulogy to Jerry Bob Rose 26

Writing Workshop (and how we chronicle our lives)

PARC Writing Workshop Hume Cronyn 30

Poets Roberta Taylor 35

Thinking of Writing …, Anonymous 36

Dancing Man Renata Edan 37

No More Irrelevant Titles Raven 39

Such Sorry Clothes Guy Ewing 43

paper, pens, and pit bulls Raven 44

A Day At A Time

Waking Up Jim Booth 50

All of the Craziness in Between Renata Edan 51

It's 6:30 am Ken Rosser 52

Parental Guidance Sheila Stewart 53

Facing the True Aleksandar Korovljevic 55

Christmas Ken Rosser 56

Ode to My Cat Bobbi Nahwegahbow 58

I Sometimes Am Disappointed Kathy Essery 60

Early Childhood Thoughts Jessica Bohney 61

The Struggle for Mental Health

Mental Illness and Emotional Turmoil: My Journey Jason P. Perosa 64

The Struggle of Being Straight D.F. Baan 66

Are We Allowed to Object? D.F. Baan 69

Pop a Pill Hume Cronyn 71

Regis' Story Heinz Klein 73

Harbinger (Unit 10) Shannon Quinn 75

Damn Hell Wendy Bassett 77

Beautiful Hate Eric Woligroski 79

Entity Alice Rogers 80

Anti-thesis Eugenia Cappellaro-Zavaleta 81

Flash of Light, and Dark Ann Lapenna 82

Tattoo Raven 84

Being Ignored / Estranged

Out on the Street Alice Rogers 86

Stone Woman Renata Edan 87

The Face in the Mirror Ron Forestieri 89

Hovering, Hovering Sea Gulls Kent Simard 90

Put a Candle in Your Heart Heinz Klein 92

Not Fade Away Griffin Epstein 94

Cut Back Charlene Forsythe 96

Social Justice

With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg, Roberta Taylor 98

If I had a million dollars…, Anonymous 99

June 15, 2000, Raven 101

Once Upon a Time…, Anonymous 103

Homeless, Brenda Swainson 104

Eviction, Brenda Swainson 105

House that Loomed Thirty Years Hume Cronyn 106

Do Working Girls Really Need a Pimp? D.F. Baan 110

The Modern Day Slavery John Rogers 113

Native Prayer Alice Rogers 115

The Horn Renata Edan 116

The Lighter Side

Things I Thought About While Going to the Washroom in a Public Toilet Tom Poray 120

Empty Heads Ken Rosser 122

Body Parts Alice Rogers 123

Mapping My Body Amy Ness 124

My Christmas Poem Chloe Cronyn 125

Chunks of Joy Cookies Jim Booth 127

Hockey Cat Ken Cromie 128

Satan's Salad Bar John Rogers 130

The Cockroach Tyde 131

Da Fridge Anton Kooij 133

Secret Places: Safe Places

In Your Face Ken Cromie 136

Secret Places: Safe Places Ken Rosser 137

Safe Places Ken Rosser 138

Inside Shannon Quinn 139

Someone Ann Lapenna 140

Wolves of the North Michelle Caron 141

Homeless Kittens Alice Rogers 143

Untitled Roberta Taylor 145

Christmas Tails Terence Eustace Williams 146

Nature's Solace

Mohawk creation story Guy Ewing 150

Sunrise Jim Booth 151

The Wave Ann Lapenna 152

The River Michelle Caron 153

Summertime Ramona Mack 154

Please Give Me a Moment Luis Filipe 155

Pines / My arms / Looking down / Solace of trees Guy Ewing 156

Pare Camping Trip (II) Hume Cronyn 158

Friendship & Love

My Friends Roberta Taylor 162

What to Win Don Baker 165

Character Sketch Brenda Swainson 166

Good Morning Sorrow Aleksandar Korovljevic 169

IMOY Ken Cromie 171

Love is a Slow Train Graeme T.K. Lawson 172

My Dear Love Eugenia Cappellaro-Zavaleta 173

something under semi-translucent leaves Chris Beyers 175

Two for Shannon Graeme T.K. Lawson 177

Notes Shannon Quinn 178


They Put Her Down in the Darkness, Tyde 181

Fire Kathy Essery 182

Renovations John Rogers 184

Returning Home Raven 185

Make Me a Promise, Laughing White Eagle Michelle Caron 188

Prophesy Chris Beyers 189

The Beautiful Child, Tyde 191

Bed Ken Cromie 193

The Soul is Lost in a New York Minute Tom Poray 195

A Letter (My Dear Soul) Renata Edan 199

Nothing Is Lost Shannon Quinn 202

Autobiographies 203

Acknowledgements 241

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