Let's Get It Right

Let's Get It Right

by John Havelock



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ISBN-13: 9781578335732
Publisher: Todd Communications
Publication date: 09/25/2012
Pages: 264
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Table of Contents

Author's Preface 6

Introduction 7

Two Constitutions in Trouble 7

Idealism, Revolution and Constitutionalism 8

The Role of Utopian Thinking 12

Jefferson on Constitutions 14

U.S. Constitutional Origins and Foresight 16

Contemporary Constitutional Concerns 17

U.S. Changes 17

An Alaska Role in U.S. Reform? 18

Origins of Constitutional Thought in Alaska 19

The Alaska Convention and Its Model Constitution 21

Egan and the Model Alaskan 23

Idealism and the Economic Framework of Alaska at the Time of a Convention 25

History of Convention Call 29

Reasons a Convention Call May Pass Now 30

Candidates for an Alaska Convention 30

Principal Change Proposals 31

The Preamble 34

Article 1 Declaration of Rights 35

Are Basic Rights Threatened by a Convention? 35

Article 2 The Legislature 49

The Case for and Against a One Chamber Legislature 51

A Parliamentary System 62

Conclusion 62

Article 3 The Executive 63

Territorial Experience 63

The Attorney General 64

Create an Office of Inspector General 68

Article 4 The Judiciary 80

A Good System As Is 80

A Sidebar on Judicial Power 84

Conclusion 88

Article 5 Suffrage and Elections 90

Problems in Representational Structure of the United States 90

An Ordinance on Corporate Democracy for Convention Consideration 92

The Use of Ordinances as a Convention Tool 93

Amendment and Additional Proposals 93

Election Management 94

Federal Office Vacancies 97

Article 6 Legislative Apportionment 98

A General Overhaul 98

Article 7 Health, Education and Welfare 104

The Scope of "Free" Public Education 104

A Contemporary Priority Concern: Early Education 104

A Priority Concern: Job Focused Education 106

The Cost of Providing for Free Public Education 106

The Financing of Universal Preschool Programs 107

Public Education and Equal Protection 110

Equal Protection and Village Education 111

Expanding Free Public Education Through the Constitution 112

Article 8 Natural Resources 120

The Federal Role 121

Mining and the Alaska Constitution 122

Fisheries 126

Alaska as an Oil State 132

VECO and the Wreck of the Exxon Valdez 134

Oil Revenue Reliance 135

Oil and Statehood Politics 136

Alaska Lands and Retained Oil and Mineral Rights 137

Swanson River and the Kenai Peninsula 138

Later Events Coloring Reconsideration of Article 8: The Constitution 138

The Political Environment of Natural Resources in 1955-56 140

Restoring State Management of Fish and Game 140

Article 9 Finance and Taxation 149

The Permanent Fund 152

Purposes of the Permanent Fund: Preschool Education and the Rainy Day 158

The PFD Revisited: A Defense 165

Draft Amendments 171

The Permanent Fund: National Implications 173

Article 10 Local Government 177

Changes Affecting Local Government 183

Article 11 Initiative, Referendum, and Recall 185

Constitutional Criticism 185

Legislative Reactions 186

Initiatives: Their Financial Support 186

The 1955-56 Convention Awareness 187

Continuing Utility 188

Referendum Displacement 188

Use of the Grand Jury: A Proposal 188

Article 12 General Provisions 196

Article 13 Amendment and Revision 200

Article 14 Apportionment Schedule [Repealed] 204

Article 15 Schedule of Transitional Measures 205

The Amendments to the Schedule of Transitional Measures 206

Epilogue 208

Priorities for a Constitutional Convention 208

A Note About the Author 212

Alaska Constitution 214

Constitutional Amendment Summary 262

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