Let's Talk about Epilepsy: Truly Inspiring Stories

Let's Talk about Epilepsy: Truly Inspiring Stories

by Ann Marie Gillie


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BY Ann Marie Gillie

If you don't believe in yourself than who will?

I have come a very long way in life over the past 9 years and I owe it to all of those that believed in me, that stood behind me even when I was at my lowest point. I am a survivor of "Brain Surgery" yes, but more importantly I am a BELIEVER which means that I can do what ever I put my mind to. Writing Let's Talk About Epilepsy came about for me after getting such an amazing response from my first book, If Walls Could Talk: Don't let epilepsy control you! In this new book I am very pleased and honored to share some incredible stories from others that also made a life altering decision, which was to have brain surgery.

It is amazing how similar we all are and it doesn't matter our ages, nationalities or where we live in the world; we seem to have a bond with one another and it feels great! Along with some personal experiences with epilepsy, I passed out some questions for whoever chose to answer them, questions like; how many different meds have you been on for your seizures? Did epilepsy affect your education, either elementary, high school or college/university? Did or does having epilepsy affect any specific relationships in your life? Have you ever gone for a second opinion? I had some great answers to all these questions; I did throw my own answers in as well, of course!

I think the inspiration in this book is going to help those out there that struggle with epilepsy in their own life; it is unfortunate that not everyone has a place to go, talk or feel safe in when it comes to their epilepsy or seizures, but I hope after reading these incredible stories that you will find a place, or support group that fits what you need; that your life will become more positive than you could of imagined. I know from my own personal experience that support is the key when it comes to almost everything in one's life, sometimes we just might need a bit of a nudge to get it!

BELIEVE in yourself!!

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ISBN-13: 9781432787974
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 03/08/2012
Pages: 114
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Let's Talk About Epilepsy: Truly Inspiring Stories 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ann Marie,I was very excited to read "Let's Talk About Epilepsy", as I have read your first book "If Walls Could Talk: Don't let epilepsy control you!", which I really enjoyed. In this new book I liked that you had stories from others experiences from around the world, as well as your own, more so where you are today after having surgery for your seizures . I am someone that lives with seizures(epilepsy) and I was pleased to find something that talked about different experiences others have or did have. Surgery is not an option for myself, but that doesn't stop me from staying positive and moving forward with my life..... Great work Ann Marie, thanks for being such a positive influence to others, the world needs more people like yourself!! Best wishes on all your future endevours. Margaret
callmejacx on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
These are stories that come straight from the heart of people who had lived with epilepsy who decided to make the big decision to have brain surgery. I don't understand what life is like with epilespy even though my son suffered many years with it. I only see it with my eyes. This book opened my eyes even more. My son and I unfortunately did not have any support for many years before he decided on having the surgery. This book would have him feel that he wasn't alone and other's were going through the same thing as he was.His story is a part ot this book. His words touched me in a different way. I have lived with him and heard the stories, but it's so different to see in in written from. Reading the other stories I understood more on how they felt during thier lives living with siezures and all that they have to go through. It's not a life that anyone would want and still so misunderstood to this day. People living with epilepsy needs support and be able to connect with other's that may be experiencing similar things than they are. I recommend this book to everyone, to the ones living with epilepsy, to those who know soemone living with epilespy and those who don't understand epliepsy. Few people know what epilespy is or how to help someone that is having a siezure. We all need to know what we can do it this situation. Also learn to understand that these people are not freaks, but just like them except for the siezures. I am familier with epilepsy, but I still learned from these pages. It's a book for everyone.
Marie11 More than 1 year ago
This book was an excellent read. It provided a lot of "straight forward" information in regards to epilepsy. I enjoyed how all the stories were diiferent but yet all had one thing in common, "positive attitudes". It is amazing what can be done for those with epilepsy these days, congratulations to everyone in this book. Thank you Ann for another great book and for being such a great advocate for epilepsy. Marie