LET'S TALK SEX: Why The Church Shy Away And Why It Seems Like A Taboo

LET'S TALK SEX: Why The Church Shy Away And Why It Seems Like A Taboo



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Let's Talk Sex. Why The Church Shy Away And Why It Seems Like A Taboo! Copyright © 2019 by Augustina Ekwunife All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form by electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without a written permission.Why do we shy away from openly talking about Sex? We all love doing it but we don't like to discuss it openly. We treat the discussion around Sex as if is a no-go-area, as if it is a Taboo.Augustina Ekwunife shares insights on Sex and Sex-uality and she insists on the importance of sex education, not only at home, but most especially in the churches. Because to her, the Church stands a better ground, as a very important channel to helping our women, men, and our youths to fight ignorance built around sex and sex-uality. Especially, the abuse of sex and the increasing level of dependence on internet for information. Making this topic not just necessary but very important to be used at home (parents dealing with sexual brokenness. Seeing for help if necessary, so that after the must have healed, they can now be in a better position to help educate their own adolescent children. And also in our churches this topic should be strongly adopted and engaged in all church programs like: Women groups, Youth programs, Sunday school and Seminar or Conferences. Probably the church is expecting the institutions like schools to teach our children biblical standards and knowledge about sex and sexuality they way we would teach them. We teach rigid religious rules and regulations in our churches, then we send our youths off to schools.--What happens is that the church is breading future confused- unbalanced young adults who will be unable to understand their stand , and will be unable to defend their faith or protect themselves because they are continuously being confronted and exposed to values which lack scriptural foundation. How do you know where your children are getting information about sex from? Because at a delicate stage as of puberty, (especially) surely they will be curious to experiment. It's natural! But the foundation the church is failing to lay for the youths now, is going to be robustly built by the world that surrounds them!"When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?" --Psalms 11 : 3 Church Awake!"Absolute vital issues. Children develop at different paces. My first son was so inquisitive that rightly or wrongly, I had to get JW lady to come and teach it in my present and it was well taught. 3 of my boys took the lessons and I got a little book from a Christian Psychologist who stated the schools are teaching only about everything contrary to marriage. I invested time to ensure they are not ignorant. Thanks sis! " ---Minister Chituru Chukwu

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