Letter Sounds Save Their Soul: Book 4

Letter Sounds Save Their Soul: Book 4

by Vanessa Peters


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In 'Letter Sounds Save Their Soul' books 1 - 3 readers mastered the alphabet and learned that one letter represents 1 single sound. In book 4, readers learn that 2 different letters create 1 brand new partner sound, technically known as digraphs (letter pairings) and diphthongs (the new sounds these pairings make).

Within the level 4 series, developing readers learn to sound out, read, write and learn the meaning of 1,408 new words. Students also are introduced to a powerful end of word tag-the-vowel strategy, which is a skill that will play an important role in advanced decoding practices introduced in the level 5 of the series.

At the completion of Book 4, Preschool - 1st grade learners, who started the program with Book Series #1 will read and comprehend at least 2 skill levels above their designated grades, and struggling readers will have gained equally measurable literacy skills.

For instance, a child introduced to the program at age 4, by the end of kindergarten, will have a 1,979 word reading vocabulary, which consist exclusively of words that he or she can decode, sound-out and comprehend; at a solid 2nd grade skill level!

But more importantly, because of their solid phonics, decoding and comprehension head start, while adapting to the unfamiliar demands of a controlled structured school environment, reading prepared children will have the luxury of progressing emotionally and socially at their leisure.

Reading Mastery Time Estimate:
Starting with Level One / Book 1, depending upon the amount of weekly hours of practice devoted to learning to read, with a minimum of 2 hours per week, the entire letter sound out program could take up to 20 months to complete, ending with level five / Book 5. At which point a competent capable student who can easily read anything will have emerged.

Each level series features; sound out strategies, reading, writing, games, fluency and vocabulary building activities. Complimentary 'reader skill level rulers' available upon request at: ReadingLady411 (at) gmail (dot) com. Enables reader guardians to know exactly what books will support their child's current decoding abilities.

Why do Blacks thrive when taught Direct Instruction?

Author Vanessa Peters' suggest it's because of their sense of rhythm. By tapping into their natural ability to connect rhythm and sounds, direct instruction teaches minority children how to hear, manipulate and identify the smallest unit of letter sounds and naturally connect those sounds into the process of reading fluently.

Tragically for minority students rarely are new teachers trained in direct instruction. Instead during their college years, training is focused on popular research studies and opinions of biased experts who discredit the necessity and success of direct instruction for African Americans children.

Book 1 Opens with concrete evidence showing the meteoric rise and subsequent plummeting test scores of a model inner city school before and after DI, "Letter Sounds Save Their Soul" shows parents and guardians how to STOP the practice of turning Black children into illiteracy statistics.

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Publication date: 12/18/2013
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About the Author

Founder, Vanessa Peters is a reading specialist, private tutor and homeschooling advocate. In 2005 she founded the Sweet Sounds of Reading children's tutoring program and its companion Parents Reading Training Classes. She is also the author of the reading training primer series, "Letter Sounds Save Their Soul: Direct Instruction Secret to Reading Success for African American Children."

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