Letter To Nausicaa: Lost Tales of Kaphtu - Book Three

Letter To Nausicaa: Lost Tales of Kaphtu - Book Three

by Richard L. Purtill


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After the Trojan War, came the perilous voyage home. This is the true story of Odysseus' return from Troy. Or is it? "I am an old hand at telling tales," he boasts in Letter to Nausicaa, "usually with a purpose: to gain sympathy, to make myself look better, or even just to amuse myself and others. But for once I would like to tell the true story of my life." Letter to Nausicaa takes up where the Kaphtu Trilogy left off, as Odysseus sets out for Ithaca in an adventure fraught with danger.

Journey to ancient Kaphtu, where gods, goddesses, and mortals meet in mystery and adventure. "Good writing, good story, good mythology." -Rebecca Scott, The Green Man Review, on The Kaphtu Trilogy.

"With a scholar's grasp of the period and its mythology, and an unerring eye for character, Richard Purtill brings a gripping reality. As real as today's news and vastly more enjoyable."

-F.M. Busby, author of The Demu Trilogy.

"Richard Purtill has an ease about his storytelling. His characters are instantly likeable, and the flow of the action is swift. The Lost tales are a wonderful re-immersion into the soothing waters of Purtill's mythos." -Baryon Reviews, Baryon-online.com.

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