Letters of eminent men, addressed to Ralph Thoresby. Now first published from the originals

Letters of eminent men, addressed to Ralph Thoresby. Now first published from the originals

by Thomas Kirk Ralph Thoresby
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Publisher: London, H. Colburn and R. Bentley
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Letters of eminent men, addressed to Ralph Thoresby. Now first published from the originals 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is better than most authors! Please write more! An idea: after you write all the ponies or whatever that Thunder fked, you gather them all up and do a gangbang.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
No, no, and NO! There are LITTLE KIDS who can see that! Honestly, l learned about se<_>x from RP!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Twilight Sparkle sat reading. Though she wasn't really reading. She was thinking of Thunder. When she had woken up in the morning he had been gone. The night had been wonderful an pleasurable. Twilight longed for those feelings again. She yearned for them. She sighed, knowing he wouldn't return. She began reading... <br> <br> LATER THAT NIGHT... <br> Pinkie Pie sat amongst some balloons, for once bored. She looked around for something fun to do. She began to rummage through a trunk o party favors when he heard a knock at her door. She opened it up and a familar, handsome, stallion stood at her door. "Well, you're cute. Aren't you?" Pinkie said unphased by the fact she didn't know him. "Can I stay here for the night?" Asked the stranger. "Well, sure you can!" Pinkie let him in. He looked around at all the balloons. "Whoa. Were you having a party?" He asked. "No. I was just having fun, but then I got bored." Answered Pinkie. "What's your name?" She added. "Oh me? I'm Thunder." He answered. "Cool! That's a cool name!" Pinkie exclaimed. "Hey, you said you were bored before?" Thunder asked. "Yeah...kind of." Pinkie said. "Well, I can change that..." Thunder said and ran his hoof down her side to her hip. Pinkie shivered. "Oh...." She said. She felt herself moisten and she looked at him. Thunder reared up showing her his big di<_>ck. Pinkie lay down and Thunder stood over her. He dangled his large hard co<_>ck over her mouth. "This'll be fun." Said Pinkie before she opened her mouth and Thunder slid his di<_>ck in. Pinkie licked the tip of it and Thunder shivered. She began to suck on his co<_>ck. He moaned and felt an orgasm run through him and cu<_>m ran out of his di<_>ck. He slid his di<_>ck in further and Pinkie sucked it harder. Thunder moaned louder. More cu<_>m ran out of his hard di<_>ck. Pinkie swallowed the cu<_>m, shivering. After a few moments of that, Thunder slowly pulled his di<_>ck out and began to play with Pinkie's pus<_>sy lips. Pinkie grew moist, her body growing hot with lust. She spread her legs and Thunder slowly inserted half of his hard co<_>ck. He thrust the rest in. Pinkie arched her back. Thunder thrust in and out. Pinkie rocked her hips forward. Thunder thrust again and Pinkie's hips shot forward. Thunder felt another orgasm run through him cu<_>m flowing out if his di<_>ck into Pinkie's pus<_>sy. Pinkie moaned and thrust her hips forward. Thunder began to thrust faster. Thunder thrust hard into her sweet spot and Pinkie moaned loudly. Thunder thrust his di<_>ck into that spot again and Pinkie moaned louder. "This is fun..." She said her voice wavering with ectasy. Thunder nodded grunting pushing more cu<_>m out of his rock hard di<_>ck. Some of it ran out of Pinkie's pus<_>sy and she moaned again and they continued on into the night....