Letters to Friends and Seekers: A Mystic Addresses Points of Confusion That Occur in the Search for Spiritual Truths

Letters to Friends and Seekers: A Mystic Addresses Points of Confusion That Occur in the Search for Spiritual Truths

by Ellison Straley



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ISBN-13: 9781588200136
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/28/2000
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 5.03(w) x 8.03(h) x 0.58(d)

Table of Contents

1.The Presence1
2.Going Within5
3.The Difficulty in Teaching Metaphysics11
4.What It Means To Be Objective15
5.The "X" Factor21
7.The Function Of Thought29
8.Thoughts Of Value33
9.Immersion In The Unmanifest35
10.Something Is Wrong With Techniques37
11.Emotion I43
12.Emotion II45
13.Emotion III47
14.The Gift And My Frustration51
15.The Search For Soul55
17.Untangling Thinking63
18.Not The Setting65
19.Instant Becoming69
20.Identification With Substance71
21.What Can I Rely On?73
22.The Expedient Overlay75
23.You Really Know Now77
25.The Mystical Experience83
26.Truth Transoforms85
27.The Test For Truth87
28.The Play89
30.The Other Side Of The Street93
31.We Are Not Obligated To Translate What Is True95
32.All Knowledge Is A Facsimile99
33.Into Nothingness101
34.So You Are Confused By All The Claims?103
35.Aggravating Traits Of Other People105
36.Helping Others107
38.Inside The Circle113
39.Tired Of Ordinary Life115
42.The World Is A Delusory Process123
43.The Shadow Being127
44.The "Problem" Of Consciousness129
45.Musings Of A Mystic133
46.More About Judging135
47.The Necessity To Live On Two Levels139
48.The Mechanism Of Achievement143
49.Truth Is One And It Is Love149
50.Academic Learning153
51.Is Intellect Mind?157
52.The Independence Of Consciousness161
54.Don't Hurry To Get A Rationale165
55.Reconciling The Mystical Concept Of Oneness169
57.Imagination--Fantasy Or Reality?177
58.Discrimination Vs. Openness181
60.The First Self And The Second Self185
61.Why Is Your Child So Different From You?189
63.The Creative Spark197
64.Not Pantheism199
66.Bars Of The Mind205
67.Raising Consciousness207
68.The Spiritual Pursuit209

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