Letting Go of Debt: Meditations on Growing Richer One Day at a Time

Letting Go of Debt: Meditations on Growing Richer One Day at a Time

by Karen Casanova


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These daily meditations offer courage and hope for anyone suffering from chronic debt.

Chronic debt takes a terrible toll on a life. Finances stagger, the spirit flags, family and friends feel the strain. For those who wake each day facing such a burden, this inspiring book of daily meditations offers respite, hope, and practical advice. Simple and positive, each day's message helps put seemingly unmanageable debt in the proper perspective-and reminds us of our deepest debt to ourselves: to take heart and find strength in the daily struggle.

Written by the former wife of a compulsive gambler, these meditations hold a universal message of hope for anyone seeking the courage to live wisely with trying circumstances-one day at a time.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781568383675
Publisher: Hazelden Publishing
Publication date: 03/31/2000
Series: Hazelden Meditations Series
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 4.00(w) x 6.92(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Karen Casanova graduated from college debt-free only to find herself in the throes of debt after her marriage to a compulsive gambler. Divorced and deep in debt, she struggled not only to pay bills but also to find hope for the future. Spirituality and practicality became her saving graces. In Letting Go of Debt, Casanova shares some of the tools that help her maintain serenity while she works to become debt-free.

Casanova is the author of thirteen children's books under various pennames. She has worked as a newspaper reporter and as an editor for the past eighteen years. Originally from Dearborn, Michigan, she now resides in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin.

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