Libertango [Classic Options]

Libertango [Classic Options]

by Astor Piazzolla


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Libertango [Classic Options]

This is another repackage job of assorted Piazzolla material written during his most creative era, from 1965-1985. There are almost no notes given, and the performances come from all over the place. For those who don't know Piazzolla's music, this lack of context can seem off-putting at best or make one wonder what the big deal is at worst. It's not that the music here is substandard in any way. Quite the contrary, it's all very high quality and profoundly exemplary of the nuevo tango style Piazzolla composed in, with its various influences of jazz, Bach, Debussy, and the 150 forms of tango that inspired him initially. It's just that the 13 selections here have no rhythm or reason in their assemblage, and the fact that many of them are taken out of the context of their original works without referencing them. The first three pieces are taken from the "Libertango Suite," and they are the eponymous title track, the "Meditango," and the "Undertango." However, their order is completely wrong; in fact, "Meditango" should be first, "Undertango" second, and finally, third should be "Libertango." Ending the recording with "Verano Del '79" is also a mistake since it too comes in the middle of a larger work. Some of the pieces here feature only the quintet, which was Piazzolla's chosen element, and some feature a large radio symphony orchestra. As to why such a small excerpt of "Adios Nonino" from Maria de Buenos Aires was chosen with no explanation that this is where it came from is a mystery for the imagination. Nonetheless, this is Piazzolla's music: it is deeply moving, swirling, dark, and mysterious. It evokes passions of the strangest kind in or out of context, so brilliant is its composition. Sonically this disc leaves a little to be desired as well. Given that it is a compendium of sources, there should have been more care taken to mix the tracks together to the same EQ level and there wasn't. Still, I'd listen to it any day over 90 percent of the other music in the world.

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Release Date: 12/15/2007
Label: Classic Options
UPC: 8712273035048
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