Library of the Mind: New & Selected Poems

Library of the Mind: New & Selected Poems

by Patrick Hicks


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For readers new to the work of Patrick Hicks, Library of the Mind is a phenomenal primer on his singular voice and vision. For long-time fans like myself, this collection offers one poet's life-long meditation and interior monologue with the world-along with new poems that gesture toward the restless and loved world into which Hicks continues to write his way. This is a poet with a wide angle of vision, one that travels experiential time zones with grace and ease, exploring the interconnected nature of the past, present, and yet-to-be-Brian Turner Patrick Hicks' poetry has appeared on NPR, The PBS NewsHour, and American Life in Poetry. He also wrote the novel "The Commandant of Lubizec." He has twice been a finalist for an Emmy and he has received grants and fellowships from the Bush Artist Foundation, the Loft Literary Center, and the NEH. He is the Writer-in-Residence at Augustana University and a faculty member at the MFA program at Sierra Nevada College.

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ISBN-13: 9781912561513
Publisher: Salmon Poetry
Publication date: 03/20/2019
Pages: 140
Sales rank: 776,477
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Table of Contents

Library the Mind 13

Finding the Gossamer (2008)

Lipstick Traces 17

Sitting on the Berlin Wall 18

Not Springing Forward in Barcelona 19

The Lazarus Division 20

To the Memory of Alvin Merricks (25W, Row 30) 21

Spelling Lesson 22

Reading the Táin 23

The Kiss that Saved My Life 24

Trying to Preserve Brian Moore's House 26

Nourishment 27

Hide Your Love Away 28

Looking at a Calendar and Picking out a Day to Die 30

Sunday Morning in Barcelona 31

The God of War 33

Second Wind 34

Eating the Zoo 35

At the Telephone Museum in Prairietown, Minnesota 36

Upon Seeing the Saint John's Bible 38

Winter Counts 39

Peonies 40

Twin Cities 41

This London (2010)

Nursery of Words 45

After the First Performance of Hamlet 46

Piccadilly Circus at Night 47

Scratching My Eye 48

The Poet of Liverpool Street Station 49

London Underground 50

Riding the Tube 51

At the Pub 52

Burqa 53

Dictionary 54

City of Words 55

Study Abroad Assignment at the British Museum 56

Battersea Power Station 57

While Strolling Through Highgate Cemetery, I Consider the Morning of My Own Funeral 59

What I Have Learned after 37 Years 60

Lighting the Christmas Tree 61

The Great Stink of 1858 62

To My Hands 63

Letter to James Joyce 64

Infamous 65

Red Light District 66

Boudicca 67

Halal Delicatessen 68

Taking Photographs for Strangers 69

Love Song 70

Adoptable (2014)

The Strangers 73

Umbilical Cord 74

Seoul Man 75

Balloon 76

Listening to John Lennon's Greatest Hits 77

Speechless 78

Surprising Things I Have Said 81

Surprising Things He Has Said 82

Watching M*A*S*H 84

Pancakes 85

Is/Was 86

Mother's Day 87

The Essential Glossary to Adoption 89

His First Home 95

His Second Home 96

Hide-and-Seek 97

I Believe 99

Summer in January 100

Adoptable 101

The Birth Mothers 102

Ghost 104

Delicate 105

When He is an Old Man 106

New Poems

Words 109

Here and Then 110

Teaching the History of the Third Reich to Ninth Graders 112

Klara's Son 113

Considering the Moon, Rising over Auschwitz 114

Passover 116

Watching a Nuclear Explosion 117

What I Have Learned after 47 Years 120

Needing Bifocals 121

Stepping into the Garage of My Childhood Home 122

Pipestone National Monument 124

Herreid Military Museum 125

Eavesdropping 127

Meet & Eat 128

Trying to Get it Right 130

Daddy Lion 131

Brexit 132

Kintsukuroi Marriage 134

Carrying a Freezer 135

Words from a Strange Land 136

Waiting for Something to Write About 138

Watching a Sleeping Dog 139

Parade for One 141

Harry Potter World 143

The Road Crew 145

First Memory 146

Notes 148

Publication Credits 152

Acknowledgments, Gratitude, and Thanks 154

About the Author 157

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