Lie or Die: A Shelby Nichols Adventure

Lie or Die: A Shelby Nichols Adventure

by Colleen Helme


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Lie or Die: A Shelby Nichols Adventure by Colleen Helme

Shelby has her hands full managing her new agency, but she's determined to make it work. Her first case to track down stolen money leads her into the lingerie business where nothing is as it appears. She also finds plenty to keep her busy with the police department and Detective Harris. But all that pales in comparison to what she must do to help Uncle Joey, the local mob boss. When Chris receives threatening notes, and Hodges turns up dead, it is up to Shelby to determine what is going on, and who is behind it all. It seems the past has a way of catching up with her. Soon, Shelby must use all her wits to stay alive, and her only option? Lie or Die.

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ISBN-13: 9781478277460
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/30/2012
Series: Shelby Nichols Adventure Series , #3
Pages: 280
Sales rank: 906,044
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.59(d)

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Lie or Die: A Shelby Nichols Adventure 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Berls More than 1 year ago
Shelby's Becoming a Detective! I received this book for free from Audiobook Jukebox in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. My Initial Reaction...  I continue to enjoy Shelby's adventures! Lie or Die was a bit more active detective work on Shelby's part than the others and I loved seeing her solve her cases! The Narration...  Wendy Tremont King IS Shelby for me at this point. Her voice just matches the personality perfectly. Otherwise, she's an okay narrator. I'm not blown away by her male voices - they lack a bit of masculinity as female narrators often do, but they are not bad at all. There we no accents to trip her up like in the last book, so this was a more solid read for me.  The Characters...  Shelby is THE reason to read this series. In Lie or Die I got more of the spunky, honest-to-a-fault, suburban housewife turned detective. I particularly love Shelby's inner dialogue when she's thinking about what she'd LIKE to do to someone and the ways she talked herself out or into doing those things. She's up against a PI in Lie or Die and he keeps following her around - making himself a nuisance - and I laughed my ass off seeing Shelby interact with him and deal with him. She's got quite the personality.  My favorite thing about the characters in Lie or Die was the personal development on the part of Chris - Shelby's husband - and, as a consequence, their marriage. He's been struggling, as I imagine any husband would, with Shelby's ability to read his mind. But what has bothered me in the previous books were the things Shelby would hear... Chris didn't see her as the strong woman she is. But in Lie or Die I think he's finally getting it. Sure, he's still super protective of her, but he's also letting her be super protective of him. They're much more of a team, even if Shelby still has to hide things from him (I LOVE the way she rationalizes when to lie to him BTW. It felt very familiar). The result is my loving their relationship that much more!  The Story...  So with Lie or Die Shelby's finally opened her own private consulting business! We've seen this coming since book 1 and I felt really giddy when I realized it was finally happening. Shelby's case is to find the missing money from the bank robbery we learned about in Fast Money and Lie or Die took on a stronger detective feel than the previous books for this reason. Shelby's having to actively find and put together clues - and she's good at it! I have to say, I worried that this would make me like the series less since I am NOT your procedural girl. But Lie or Die never felt procedural - probably because of Shelby's personality and the mix of family life.  Of course, there's always more going on in Shelby's world than just one case. As usual, she's also working with the police. This time Dimples has called her in to help with an FBI (or was it CIA? IDK, all the same to me...) case and it definitely upped the stakes. I love seeing Shelby working with the police, since this is where we get to see some truly great moments where her abilities do good for people, rather than corporations or the mob. Speaking of Uncle Joey - he's landed in it again too - and what do you know, this time the problem's are pulling in Chris! The case he's working on involves Uncle Joey and as a result, he's facing threats and real danger. I loved this twist because now more than ever Chris is learning to work with Shelby, rather than fighting her powers.  Concluding Sentiments...  All-in-all Lie or Die was another great installment in the Shelby Nichols Adventures and I can't wait to see what messes Shelby lands in next time!
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
4 STARS I am still enjoying reading this series. Of the 4 so far I have read Trapped by revenge has more humor. This has a lot of the same elements that the other books have. Danger, mystery, humor, romance, good guys and bad guys (You have to like a few of the bad guys)a touch of paranormal, violence and a clean read. Shelby in Carrots was shot in head and ever since she can read minds. It gets her into a lot of trouble when bad guys want to use her talents. Shelby was being forced to work with local mob boss Uncle Joey when he found out her secret. She works with local detective Harris or (dimples) when she can. Shelby tells him she gets premonitions when around people. I like the characters. Shelby & Chris (her lawyer husband) are raising two teenagers. Chris has had a hard time with his wife knowing what is going on in his mind all the time. Now someone has beaten up one of the lawyers who was working on the case with Chris and threatening him. Uncle Joey is local mob boss. He has come to care about Shelby. Someone is trying to take over some of his businesses. He likes the advantage Shelby gives him. Ramos his Uncle Joey right handman and bodyguard. He has come to care about Shelby and keeps rescuing her. I like Ramos and even Joey. Shelby is also working to find bank money that was stolen over a year ago. One of the thieves was murdered in court before he could give out the name of his partner. I like these stories they are entertaining. Some parts seem over the top. You think it would be great to read minds but it really would cause a lot more problems. Shelby is trying to help when she can. Sadly their is only one more book in this series that I have not read. Secrets That Kill.
L_Franco More than 1 year ago
Loved this book!  Vaguely reminiscent of the Stephanie Plum series, but Shelby is definitely a unique character in her own right!  This was such a lighthearted book, and a quick and easy read.  The only thing that probably could be better is the cover.  Anyone (and I admit, at times I am guilty of this) who judges a book by its cover may make the mistake of passing this awesome book up, which would be a shame since its sooo great!  If the cover were a bit more intriguing to look at, this would be a homerun!  Regardless of the cover however, I completely recommend this book.  Five stars all the way and excellent job Ms. Helme!