Liechtenstein: A Modern History

Liechtenstein: A Modern History

by David Beattie


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Liechtenstein - an Alpine curiosity? A haven for financial criminals? Or a success story in modern Europe? This book examines the reality behind the cliches. Excluded from the League of Nations in 1920 because it was thought too small, it is now an active member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe and other international organisations. Its history has been dramatic and precarious. Several times it was in danger of vanishing from the map, most recently in 1939. It has no natural resources beyond a hard-working and entrepreneurial population. Since the 1940s low taxes, liberal regulation and 'small government' have helped to transform it from an agrarian backwater into one of the most advanced high-technology industrial countries in Europe. Its manufacturing companies are important providers of employment to people from the surrounding region. Its flourishing financial services sector, although criticised in the past, is now better regulated than many others in Europe. Liechtenstein's constitution is a unique blend of strong monarchy, vigorous direct democracy and an active parliament.
There is a tradition of robust political debate but an underlying desire to reach consensus. The result is a high degree of political stability, one of the preconditions for the country's economic success, high standards of living and welfare and flourishing cultural life. The book analyses the reasons for Liechtenstein's political survival and economic success. It ends with a study of the prospects for this many-sided mini-state as Liechtenstein faces the challenges and opportunities of a changing Europe: a Europe that might even have some useful lessons to learn from Liechtenstein.

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ISBN-13: 9781850434597
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 09/04/2004
Pages: 399
Product dimensions: 6.42(w) x 9.52(h) x 1.33(d)

About the Author

David Beattie is the former British Ambassador to Switzerland and has held a variety of senior diplomatic office posts in Europe.

Table of Contents

• The Land and Its Early History
• The Princes of Liechtenstein (to 1723)
• Towards Full Sovereignty (1806)
• Reform from Above, Pressure from Below (1805-1858)
• Johann II (to 1914)
• The Fist World War
• A Discreet Revolution (1918-1921)
• Realignment from Austria to Switzerland (1919-1924)
• The Campaign for International Recognition (1919-1922)
• The Nineteen Twenties
• The Shadow of Hitler
• The Austrian Anschluss; Munich; a Nazi Putsch; Patriotic Unity
• The Second World War
• The End of the War
• The Aftermath of War
• The Economic Miracle, 1950-1990
• Liechtenstein's Foreign Policy in the 1970s: CSCE and the Council of Europe
• The Accession of Hans Adam II, 1989
• Admission to the United Nations, 1990
• The European Economic Area, 1988-1995
• The Constitution and Politics
• The Monarchy
• The Citizens
• The Parliament
• The National Committee
• The Government
• The Courts
• State and Church
• Local Government
• The Role of Prince Hans Adam II
• The Constitutional Debate, 1992-2003
• The Economy
• Survey of the Economy
• Manufacturing: Some Company Profiles
• Financial Services
• Financial Services: Supervision and Regulation
• Banking Confidentiality and Tax Competition
• Modern Liechtenstein
• The Population
• Citizenship
• Education
• Health
• Welfare
• Culture
• Sport
• Societies
• The Media
• Public Security
• The Environment
• Social Problems
• Liechtenstein in the Wider World
• Liechtenstein and Its Region
• Foreign Policy
• Aid
• Cultural Influence
• Liechtenstein's Future
• The Uses of Sovereignty
• The Future of the EEA
• The Economy
• Limited Resources
• The Image Problem
• 2006: 200 Years of Statehood
• A Brief Chronology
• Sovereign Princes since 1712
• A Simplified Family Tree of the Princes of Liechtenstein
• Heads of Government since 1918
• Useful Addresses
• A Note on Sources
• Index

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