Life After Death

Life After Death

by Emanuel Swedenborg


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Do you believe in life after death? Read about what others thought about it before you.
This was almost 250 years ago!

This little brochure is compiled from Emanuel
Swedenborg's great work entitled "Heaven and Its
Wonders and Hell." The compilation was started to help an invalid recognize more easily the truths about the other World which Swedenborg so clearly sets forth. It is now presented in permanent form, believing that those to whom these truths are familiar will love them even better on seeing them here, and that others to whom they are new may wish to learn more about the larger work. The translation is that of John Curtis Ager as published by the American Swedenborg Printing & Publishing Society. Those portions have been selected which the average reader will find responding to his many questions concerning life after the death of the body. Of the larger work the Translator makes this comment:
"It might be inferred from the title of this work that it deals simply with the phenomena of the spiritual world and its three distinct regions.
But it will be seen that in its deeper meaning and purpose it sets forth the true relations and the disordered relations between man and man, or the heavenly life and the infernal life as exhibited in human experience everywhere."

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So dont know how it is
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