Life and Death: A Reader in Moral Problems / Edition 2

Life and Death: A Reader in Moral Problems / Edition 2

by Louis P. Pojman
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Cengage Learning
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Life and Death: A Reader in Moral Problems / Edition 2

Human cloning, abortion, euthanasia, suicide, the death penalty, war, world hunger, animal rights. This thoughtful collection offers readings that are the best representatives of these and other issues related to life and death, the sanctity of life versus the quality of life, and the meaning of life and death. Editor Louis P. Pojman's effective pro-con format helps to clarify opposing points of view, while his introductions and study questions for each reading give further insight and direction.

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ISBN-13: 2900534508257
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 07/09/1999
Edition description: REV
Pages: 592
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

I.Ethical Theories1
A.Classical Theories4
1.Immanual Kant: Deontological Ethics4
2.John Stuart Mill: Utilitarianism18
3.Thomas Hobbes: Contractual Ethics25
B.Relativism and Objectivism36
4.Herodotus: Custom Is King36
5.Ruth Benedict: A Defense of Ethical Relativism37
6.Louis P. Pojman: A Defense of Ethical Objectivism43
II.The Sanctity of Life and the Quality of Life55
7.The Bible: Genesis and Psalm 8: The Devine Creation of Humanity58
8.Albert Schweitzer: Reverence for Life60
9.Jonathan Glover: Against the Sanctity of Life Doctrine68
10.H. Tristram Englehardt, Jr.: The Sanctity of Life and the Concept of a Person77
11.Daniel Callahan: The Sanctity of Life Principle: The New Consensus84
III.Death and the Meaning of Life99
12.Plato: Death and Immortality101
13.Epicurus: Death Is Nothing to Us105
14.Richard Taylor: Does Life Have a Meaning?111
15.Lois Hope Walker: Religion and the Meaning of Life and Death119
16.Jeffrie Murphy: Rationality and the Fear of Death123
17.Prasannatma Das: A Hindu Theory of Life and Death132
18.Thomas Aquinas: Suicide Is Unnatural and Immoral139
19.David Hume: On the Naturalness of Suicide142
20.Albert Camus: Life Is Absurd147
21.Richard Brandt: On the Morality and Rationality of Suicide152
22.Margaret Pabst Battin: Suicide: A Fundamental Right?161
23.Yale Kamisar: Against Legalizing Euthanasia176
24.Glanville Williams: For Legalizing Euthanasia: A Rejoinder184
25.James Rachels: Active and Passive Euthanasia190
26.Thomas D. Sullivan: Active and Passive Euthanasia: An Impertinent Distinction?195
27.The Oregon Law on the Right to Die200
VI.What Is Death? The Crisis of Criteria203
28.Robert M. Veatch: Defining Death Anew207
29.David J. Mayo and Daniel Wikler: Euthanasia and the Transition from Life to Death220
30.John T. Noonan, Jr.: Abortion Is Morally Wrong235
31.Judith Jarvis Thomson: A Defense of Abortion240
32.Baruch Brody: Against an Absolute Right to Abortion252
33.Mary Anne Warren: The Personhood Argument in Favor of Abortion261
34.Harry J. Gensler: The Golden Rule Argument Against Abortion268
35.Don Marquis: Why Abortion Is Immoral279
36.Gerald H. Paske: Abortion and the Neo-Natal Right to Life: A Critique of Marquis's Futurist Argument293
VIII.Human Cloning303
37.Leon R. Kass: The Wisdom of Repugnance308
38.National Bioethics Advisory Board: Against Cloning Human Beings327
39.Richard Lewontin: The Confusion over Cloning341
40.Gregory E. Pence: Will Cloning Harm People?349
IX.The Death Penalty361
41.Immanual Kant: Retributivism: The Right to Capital Punishment368
42.Thurgood Marshall: The Death Penalty Is a Denial of Human Dignity371
43.Burton Leiser: A Retributivist Justification of the Death Penalty375
44.Hugo Adam Bedau: Against Retributive Justification of the Death Penalty381
45.Sidney Hook: The Death Sentence: Limited Use389
46.Ernest van den Haag and Louis Schwartz: The Death Penalty: Pro and Con391
X.Animal Rights395
47.Immanual Kant: We Have Only Indirect Duties to Animals398
48.Peter Singer: All Animals Are Equal400
49.R. G. Frey: A Utilitarian Critique of Animal Rights411
50.Tom Regan: The Radical Egalitarian Case for Animal Rights422
51.Robert White: The Case for Animal Experimentation431
52.Tom Regan: The Case Against Animal Experimentation435
53.Mary Anne Warren: Difficulties with the Strong Animal Rights Position445
54.Carl Cohen: The Case Against Animal Rights453
55.James Rachels: Vegetarianism and "The Other Weight Problem"457
56.Robert Phillips: Just War Theory472
57.Jan Narveson: A Critique of Pacifism479
58.Cheyney Ryan: A Defense of Pacifism489
59.The U.S. Catholics Bishops: Against the Use of Nuclear Weapons493
60.Charles Krauthammer: On Nuclear Morality499
61.Douglas Lackey: Missiles and Morals506
62.William James: The Moral Equivalent of War514
XII.World Hunger523
63.Garrett Hardin: Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor526
64.William Murdoch and Allen Oaten: Population and Food: Metaphors and the Reality536
65.Peter Singer: Famine, Affluence, and Morality543
66.Richard Watson: Reason and Morality in a World of Limited Food552
67.John Arthur: Famine Relief and the Ideal Moral Code559

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