Life and Letters of Thomas Campbell

Life and Letters of Thomas Campbell

by William Beattie



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ISBN-13: 9780404076306
Publisher: AMS Press, Inc.
Publication date: 01/01/1973
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80 CHAPTER IV. COLLEGE DAYSTHIRD SESSION. In addition to the Debating club already named, there was anotherthe intellectual palaestra of the Logic class, at which Campbell was already a "popular orator;" and where the choice spirits of his own standing were mostly enrolled as supporters, or competitors. Of this society, young as he was, he had the credit of being the founder. It was called the " Discursive ;" and was much frequented by students of the Law and Logic classes. " About this time," says a fellow-student, " Campbell was attending the lectures on Logic and Belles Lettres. This class was ably conducted by the amiable and excellent Professor Jardine, whose judicious method of teaching, and parental interest in his pupils, rendered him a peculiarly successful instructor. He had the art of opening the minds and stimulating the ambition of his students ; while, by their personal attachment to himself, he animated and endeared their labours. Campbell had then begun to distinguish himself among his fellow students, both by the vigour of his intellect, and the brilliancy of his poetical effusions. I well remember some of his jeux-d'esprit, which, however, were more witty and talented than marked by good taste. Although, even then, exhibiting much The late Henry Duncan, of Rnthwell, D.D., founder of the Parish " Savings Banks," formerly Moderator of the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland. He was admired for his erudition; courted for his society; revered and beloved as an upright man, a fast frienda zealous, liberal, and enlightened pastor. xt. 15.] COLLEGE DAYSTHIRD SESSION. 81 power of versification and richness of poetical imagery they did not, so far as I can recollect,indicate anything of that high moral feeling, or patriotic fervour, that di...

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