The Life And Opinions Of Tristram Shandy

The Life And Opinions Of Tristram Shandy

by Laurence Sterne


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Now, dear sir, what if any accident had befallen him in his way alone! or that, through terror of it, natural to so young a traveller, my little gentleman had got to his journey's end miserably spent;—his muscular strength and virility woni down to a thread;—his own animal spirits ruffled beyond description, —and that in this sad disordered state of nerves he had laid down a prey to sudden starts, or a series of melancholy dreams and fancies, for nine long, long months together,—I tremble to think what a foundation had been laid for a thousand weaknesses both of body and mind, which no skill of the physician or the philosopher could ever afterwards have set thoroughly to rights. CHAPTER III To my uncle, Mr. Toby Shandy, do I stand indebted for the preceding anecdote, to whom my father, who was an excellent natural philosopher, and much given to close reasoning upon the smallest matters, had oft and heavily complained of the injury; but once more particularly, as my Uncle Toby well remembered, upon his observing a most unaccountable obliquity (as he called it) in my manner of setting up my top, and, justifying the principles upon which I had done it—the old gentleman shook his head, and in a tone more expressive by half of sorrow than reproach,—he said his heart all along foreboded, and he saw it verified in this, and from a thousand other observations he had made upon me, that I should neither think nor act like any other man's child:—But alas ! continued he, shaking his head a second time, and wiping away a tear that was trickling down his cheek, my Tristram's misfortunes began nine months before ever he came into the !'' world! —My mother, who was sitting by, looked up; but she knew no more than her backside what my father meant,—but my uncle, Mr. Toby Shandy, who h...

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