Life and Works of Aryabhata

Life and Works of Aryabhata

by Shalu Sharma


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Aryabhata (sometimes spelled as Aryabhatta) was one of the greatest mathematician and astronomer of the classical world. He not only had enormous influence in India but across the world. He was only 23 years old when he wrote the Aryabhatiya. It consisted of this findings including astronomical constants and the sine table, mathematics, the reckoning of time (movement of heavenly bodies) and about the cosmos. He was the one to calculate the value of Pi, observed solar and lunar eclipses, calculated the summation of series of squares and cubes, determined the area of a triangle, defined cosine, versine and inverse sine. He is credited for finding how long it took the earth to spin on its axis, the length of the year and coming up with the heliocentric model and much more.

Unfortunately, many of us do not even know who Aryabhata is. Sadly, not much is even known about his life, where he came from, about his parentage or even his name for that matter. This book discovers and evaluates the life and works of the world's most important and forgotten mathematician and astronomer. Find out who Aryabhata was and what he did?

Topics covered in the "Life and Works of Aryabhata"

Who was Aryabhata?

World's greatest mathematicians

Indian mathematicians

Ancient Indian mathematics

Indian mathematics

Introduction to Aryabhata

Name and place of birth of Aryabhata

Taregna - The (birth) place of Aryabhata

The works of Aryabhata

The Arya-Siddhanta

Who invented Pi?

Approximation of Pi by others and Aryabhata

Aryabhata was not the first to use zero

The real story of zero

History of algebra

Aryabhata and algebra

Aryabhata and trigonometry

Indian astronomy and Aryabhata

Astronomical observations of Aryabhata

Heliocentrism and Aryabhata

References and further reading

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