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Life by Design

Life by Design

by Ashaunti-Ra


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Designing your life is completely up to you. However, structured belief systems take us away from our soul intentions. Some of us feel that we are pawns in some elaborate chess game being played by deities of choice. We are designed to be the masters of our Universe!

Since our belief systems determine our experiences; when we actively change those beliefs, we change our experiences! As simple and straightforward as this is it can prove to be difficult for us to orchestrate when we try to implement life changes. We are beautifully complex beings and all areas must be interwoven in order to effect lasting life changes.

The goal here is to create an atmosphere of "heart-knowing", where our teacher within can connect and work with us. Once connected, we will then have the ability to design and re-design our life, world and affairs - at will and in trust, love and joy.To begin the journey into "heart-knowing", I have divided this book into three major sections that address core issues or stumbling blocks as it were to our heart-knowing.

To begin your journey into self-actualization you must recognize that you are the co-creator and the deciding factor in your reality and the life you are currently expressing and then you must begin to recognize and then neutralize the emotional blackmailers in your life and finally you are ready to begin a relationship with the Creator of All Things -- a relationship built upon choosing and then anchoring in the Light of the Creator.

Each of these steps is foundational on your path to becoming self-actualized and I have provided examples, and affirmations to assist you in re-designing your current belief-systems and self-talk thought processes. As simple and as straight-forward as it is to "choose this day whom you will serve", our psychological, theological, and sociological "automatic" programming makes the journey interesting to put it mildly.

Life by Design is about taking back your power in joy, love, compassion and more importantly non-judgmentally. It is a blueprint, a foundation as it were for orchestrating your own life expression.

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ISBN-13: 9781452038551
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/10/2010
Pages: 138
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About the Author

As a small girl growing up in my native Illinois, I was always fascinated by all things magical, metaphysical, esoteric and mythological. I would be swept away for hours reading about the Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses. I even enjoyed some of the Norse Mythology.

Being clairvoyant at a young age and having no one to speak to, it was the writings of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the early transcendentalists that rescued me and gave understanding and clarity to my feelings and intuitive knowings. These writings made perfect sense to me and at a very early age, I could even speak with my father on some of the ideologies I had interpreted.

My writings are autobiographical in nature. And although early childhood and adolescent trauma momentarily distracted me from my path, my writings catalogue those spiritual laws operating in the Universe and my interpretation and application of these laws in my own life, world and affairs. To some of you the information and my interpretations will be new. For others of you, there will be information that you knew but I have provided for you another way to look at it - one that may prove to be more practical. In whatever way my writings are of assistance to you on your journey, I am grateful to be of benefit to you. If my resolutions help you in any small way with your own, then I have honored my intent to be of service to others.

I am available for workshops, discourses, lectures and private telephonic conferencing. You can visit my website at and drop me a note if you like.

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