Life Door

Life Door

by Nancy Lynn Martin
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Life Door by Nancy Lynn Martin

My book Life Door is about balancing mind, body and soul. It includes journal pages after each chapter for you to write your feelings and agreements with yourself on how you are going to change yourself and your life and take care of your unfinished business.

Read my simple philosophy of life and write yours in the journal and maybe we can all toss ideas around to heal individually and globally. It is intended for ages 13 to 100 plus!

Join me in remembering your childhood dreams and passions and bring them to the surface once again. As long as you just peek into the past and not dwell there, you will learn and relearn things that mey need to be changed. You are not going backward-but you are going forward if you learn and grow from the ideas that were put into your head as a child. We all need to act on our dreams and passions and relearn and undo what we were taught as impressionable young people.

Gain your power by being aware of: Reactions, thoughts, attitudes, choices, feelings, messages, experiences. Learn the answer to : Why am I here? Journal your feelings to issues such as: Attachment, boundaries, creativity, emotional baggage, forgiveness, gratitude, health, love and relationships, what peace really means to you, spirituality, simplicity, solitude,understanding.

A crossword puzzle in included at the end and there are many quotations, book references, stories and even lyrics to connect my simple philosophy of life.

Bring your spirituality and new thoughts on life out from within you and feed your mind, body and soul - all of your unfinished business. Healing begins with you.

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ISBN-13: 9781440178238
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/07/2009
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

As I approached what I call the third stage of life, I sat down and had a long talk with myself. What would I like to do that I haven't done yet? My first answer, among many, was to write a book. It's simple philosophy and can be read by those 13 years old through 100+ years young. My qualifications to write about life are simple. I'm writing mostly from experiences. We are on this earth to share and since I have simplified my life in the last couple of years, I feel that now is the time to share my ideas. I invite you to use the information as you would like to and delete what is not useful to you, or maybe use it for the future. I am a seeker (Gnostic) rather than a believer (Dogma). I feel free, open and creative. Seeking alternatives brings unity by accepting what kind of relationship you want with Christ, rather than being told what to believe about Christ. Being Gnostic becomes a spiritual journey of finding self through many forms. I learned to become buddies with the Universe by being aware of all experiences, all thoughts and became grateful for everything, especially challenges and changes. Conformity is not a word in my vocabulary unless I'm using it to establish agreements and/or harmony. To comply to others wishes against my better judgment, or if something is hindering my growth or not letting me be true to myself, or if an outcome is not for the good of all those concerned, than that would be like selling my soul. To me, religion is only knowledge, accepting facts. It just sits there like a noun. Spirituality is wisdom and acts on what matters. It goes into action like a verb. Everything I wrote in this book is what I believe in now. If something does not work for me anymore in the future, then I know I can change that choice without retribution.

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Life Door 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Virginia-Jim-LP More than 1 year ago
Life Door is truly a life changing book for me. I really feel that my life has transformed and I know myself better after reading this book. The author has a way with words that make you stop and really think about yourself. The straightforwardness and humor sometimes made me think that the author was right inside my head pulling out words that I often wanted to say but couldn't. Nancy Lynn says it like it is with no holding back, not only with basic issues of life but also worldly social issues. She has let no stone unturned. She actually makes me want to go out in the world and be a voice for changes to better the world. After all like Nancy Lynn says "Our assignment in life is to find our assignment." Simple yet so true. That is a great answer to the question (what am I here for-what is my purpose). Many people ask (why did this happen to me?. Nancy has the answer to that and says "why not you?" When she writes about changing the way we teach in our schools, Nancy writes "What the HE double hockey sticks do you think we are all here for, if not to help each other and grow, learn and love." Life Door is organized in such a way that each chapter seems to just flow into the next. If you don't understand something she writes, don't dispair, because if you read the next paragraph in the book, nine times out of ten it will state an issue in a way that makes you think that she wrote it just for you. She joins issues by using real life stories, quotations, other book references from noteable authors, and even lyrics to songs. If you still don"t get her point, she adds Bible quotations and affirmations. The light will go off in your head and you will have lots of AHA moments as I certainly did. I have never really been an AWARE person but thanks to this book, I am more aware of everything. At the end of each chapter are blank journal pages for the reader to write. This was extremely helpful to me because issues that I needed to change in my life were fresh in my mind after reading each chapter, The journal pages were right there to write my feelings and affirmations down immediately. Nancy says the journal pages are there for you to pull your feelings out. "It's kind of like an agreement diary with self." What I got out of this book is that positive,peaceful,loving living must start with each one of us. Make agreements with self and then we can go out and make agreements with others. She wrote a Peace Poem about war and peace issues. War what is it good for. Next line of course she puts a few lyrics to the song "War what is it good for,absolutely nothing." Then if you still DON'T GET IT, she will write a quotation about war,like "War says nothing about who is right, only who is left." This is a must read for all ages as Nancy states. It is a book for everyone 13 years old to 100 plus young. It is the CLASS in school that isn't there. Where is the DOOR marked LIFE in our schools? There is no class DOOR marked LIFE in school. This book LIFE DOOR is the CLASS. It will make you think, act on those thoughts and bring your creativity, talents, and true self out in the open where it belongs. Not stiffled like society and powerful individuals want us to be. You be the POWER.
LenaSD More than 1 year ago
It's back to basics here as this author provides key reminders of how to simplify life and organize priorities for a happier life...something, I found, can get lost in day-to-day living.