Life in Jesus: A Memoir of Mary Winslow

Life in Jesus: A Memoir of Mary Winslow

by Octavius Winslow


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Godly people speak long after their deaths, inspiring us and revealing to us lives that are worthy of imitation. Octavius Winslow thus took up the daunting task of writing a memoir of his God-fearing mother, Mary Winslow (1774-1854). He viewed her as a grace-filled example of true spirituality, the antithesis of "religious formalism," which he called "the bane of the Christian church." One simple line captures his esteem for her: "How powerful and deathless is the influence of a holy mother!" Mary Winslow's letters are a treasure of experimental and practical divinity. Living, vital Christianity is here set before us in undeniable reality, flowing out of the resurrected Christ. We learn, in her words and by her example, how to "deal unceasingly with God as God deals unweariedly with us."

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ISBN-13: 9781601782908
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication date: 10/28/2013
Pages: 554
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.70(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter I

Christianity a Spiritual Life

The Believer a Living Soul

The Prevalence of Religious Formalism

Archbishop Leighton

The Moral Incentive of a High Standard



Early Training

A Mother's Influence

Mrs Forbes

Providential Preservations

First Prayer


The Pilgrim Fathers

Military Life 1-16

Chapter II

The Day-dawn of Grace

First Convictions of Sin

"The Whole Doty of Man"

Residence at Romford

Removal to London

St James's Chapel, Pentonville

Rev. Thomas Sheppard

Spiritual Distress

Night of Weeping

Morning of Joy

Full Conversion

Writings of Rev. John Newton

Interesting Stranger

Spiritual Conflicts

Restored Peace

Letter to her Mother

Foreshadowings of Trial 17-30

Chapter III

The Practical Character of her Religion

Family Worship

Letter to her Mother

Bermuda, its Salubrity, Inhabitants, Spiritual Condition

Asylum of the Puritans

Andrew Marvel

Whitfield Visits Bermuda

His successful Labours

Dr George Forbes

Her Exertions to secure a Minister for Bermuda

Rev. George Burder-Rev. H. H. Cross

Chapel opened in St George's

Remarkable Providence

Rev. Duncan Dunbar

Colonial Slavery

Rescue of a Slave Family

Manumits her Slaves

Providential Escape

Illness of her Husband

Dr Hamilton

Influence of Christian Physicians

Religions Anniversaries

William Wilberforce, Esq.

Her young Family 31-62

Chapter IV.

God's Adjustment of His People to their Position

Her Illness

Captain Winslow's Retirement from the Army

Loss of Property

Her Removal to America

Colonel Bayard

Divie Bethune

Her Opinion of the United States

Death of her Infant

Death of her Husband

Letters to her Son

Inconsolable Grief

Light in Darkness

A Remarkable Dream

An Especial Promise

Her Baptism

Walks of Usefulness

A Pious Idiot

Conflict of Faith

Letter to her Son

Memorial to the King

William Wilberforce

Her Communion with God 63-97

Chapter V.

Revisits England

Former Scenes

Return to America

Residence at Mount Pleasant

Letter to her Mother

Removal to New York

The Mothers' Meeting

American Revivals

President Edwards

The Pilgrim Fathers

Outpouring of the Spirit on her Family

Letters to her Children

Remarks on the Baptism of the Holy Ghost

On Faith and Prayer

Résumé of her History

Touching Letter to her Son 98-111

Chapter VI.

Her Second Visit to England

Earnest Letter to her Children

Extracts from her Diary

Rev. James Harington Evans

A Remarkable Providence

Heart-searchings Death of George IV.

Reflections on Christmas

Letter to her Mother

Letter to her Son R

Letter to her Son H

Rev. Mr Evans's Preaching

Thoughts in Pentonville Chapel

Interesting Discovery

Letter to her Son

Spiritual Fluctuations

Her Birthday

The Necessity of Trials

Ministerial Encouragements

Qualifications of a Minister's Wife 112-158

Chapter VII.

Her Fitness for Counsel and Comfort

Illness and Death of Mrs Evans

Visit to Cambridge


Letter to her Pastor

Rev. Mr Cams


Rev. Mr Melville

Letter to her Son, Rev. I. D. W.

Her last Visit to America

Ordination of her Son


Revival in New York

Return to England

Death of her Mother


Village Scenes

Her Prayers for the Queen

Anecdote of the Queen

A voidance of Debt

Rev. R. Cecil

Memoir of Rev. Dr Payson

Letter to her Son, Rev. I. D. W., on Ministerial Work


Letter to her Son, Rev. G. E. W., on Ministerial Responsibility

Missionary Memoir of Mrs Harriet Winslow

A Jewel in Mrs Harriet Wins-low's Crown 159-209

Chapter VIII

Her Thoughts on Spiritual Subjects

Communion with God

Dr Love

Letter to her Son, H. J. W.

Letter to her Son, R. F. W.

Her Thoughts on Prophetic Truth

The Second Coming of the Lord

Signs of the Times


Clouds Breaking

Parable of the Pearl of Great Price

God's Dealings in His Leadings

Grateful Recollections

Spiritual Joy

The Christian Journey

Godly Sincerity

On Unholy Jealousy

The Unity of the Spiri

Growth in Grace

Rev. C. G. Finney

On the Conduct of a Minister's Wife

Parental Indulgence

Death of her Daughter-in-law

Nearness to God

Feelings at the Lord's Supper

To her Son in Trial

To her Son, R. F. W.

Visit to Napton 210-244

Chapter IX.

The Christian's Chequered Life

Death of her Son H.

Letters on her Bereavement


Letters to her Daughter


Re flections on Visiting Windsor Castle

Maternal Associations

Address to Mothers

Letter to John Street

Maternal Association

Visit to Brighton

Letter to her Son 245-269

Chapter X.

Her Passion for Souls

Incident of Rev. Charles Simeon

Faithfulness of an American Pastor

Letter to the Duke of - Letter to Lord-

Letter to the Archbishop of - on Baptismal Regeneration

Letter to A. G., Esq., of New York

Letter to E. T. C., Esq.

Letter to I. W., Esq., Boston, U. S.

Letter to J. T., Esq.

Her Love of Union and of Truth

The Evangelical Alliance


Anti-State-Church Movement

Letter to Miss C

Letter to the Hon. and Rev. B. W. N.

Letter to a Missionary, on the American Anti-Slavery Society

Letter to her Niece, Mrs G.

On Public Reading and Prayer

On Ministerial Watchfulness

On Intercourse with God

Her Faith in the Resurrection of Christ

Looking unto Jesus

Conversion of her Grandchildren

Extracts from her Diary 270-308

Chapter XI

Her Peculiar Talent

The Philosophy of Sympathy

Abercrombie on the Moral Feelings

Letters of Consolation: To a beloved Friend

To Miss L. O., on the Death of her Mother

To Mrs F., on the Illness of her Husband

To Mrs E. B., on the Death of her Infant

To Mrs C., on her Illness

To the same, on the Death of her Sister

To Mrs C., in her Affliction

To Miss L. O., on behalf of a Distressed Clergyman

To her Son, on the Death of his Child

To Mrs G., on the Death of her Husband

To Mr W., on the Death of his Wife

To Rev. J H. E., on his Illness

To Mrs H., on the Death of her Husband

To Miss E. W., in Trial

To Rev. B. P., in Domestic Affliction

"Must I my Brother Keep?"

Extracts from her Diary

"There is a Voice, it comes to me" 309-337

Chapter XII.

Remarks on Christian Experience


Letters on Experimental Religion

Letter to Lady B., on the Sealing of the Spirit

To a Beloved Friend, on Looking to Christ for Evidences

To Lady L., on Anticipation of Heaven

To Miss M., on Advancement in the Divine Life

To Mrs T., on Christ's Presence in Sickneas

To Mrs A., on the Confession of Sin

To Mrs W., on Entering .Fully into Christ

To Rev. J. H. E., a Word in Season to a Sick Pastor

To Mrs Lien tenant-Col. P. B., on an Open Heart with God

To the Hon. F.T., on making Sure of Salvation

To Lady L., on the Holy Spirit

To Miss S., on the Christian Race

To Lady Mary F., on Waiting for the Lord

To Mrs C., Heaven an Incentive to Religious Perseverance

To Miss C, on the Intercession of Christ

To Mrs C. G., on the Death of her Child

To her Son

To Miss I-, in her Illness

To E. S., on Telling Jeans-To W. D. L., in Darkness of Mind

Mrs Alers Hankey 338-412

Chapter XIIL

Fruit in Old Age


Rev. Dr Stone, Brooklyn

Prayer in Suffering

Death of Dr Chalmers

Burden Cast upon God

Her Lameness

Remarkable Recovery

Napton Vicarage

Death of her Daughter-in-law

Visit to the Grave

Anticipations of Heaven

Bridge on Faith

Her Prayer for the Evangelical Alliance

Letter to her Daughter

Death of the Rev. James Harington Evans

Sympathy with Anxious Inquirers

Letter to Lady A. de Capel B.

Letters to H. and E. S.

Alarming Illness

Dr Golding Bird

Letters to her Grand-children

Rev. David Fenton Jarman

General Correspondence 413-511

Chapter XIV.

Last Epoch of the Christian's Life

Growing Heavonliness

Longing to Depart

Devotional Meditations

The Sight of the Dying

Religion the Business of Life

Faith in the Posthumous Answers to Prayer

Exclusive Dealings with God

"Beyond the Smiling and the Weeping"

Broken-hearted Communion

Longing for Revival

The One Church, the Bride of Christ

Recognitions in Heaven

Last Sabbath in the Sanctuary

Failing Strength

Holy Counsels

The Sick-Room

The Gate of Heaven

Dying Sayings

The Closing Scene

Her Triumphant Death

Concluding Remarks 512-554

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