Life in My Eyes

Life in My Eyes

by Kiontae Pettis


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Life in My Eyes is a book created in a spiritual view. There are stories, morals, and hidden messages within this book. This book was created from a sign from God as the author prayed for guidance. He wanted to know how many pages the book should be. He went to the bank, took out 200 dollars for a bill, and on a 20 dollar bill was a sign "500." This is how many poems there are within the book, and twenty represented the age it would get published. This book is very powerful. The imagery is explicit and the rhythm flows. There is great love of poetry. Really good sayings and situations explained the book have a certain format. It can have love poetry mixed with serious poetry, but the middle to end is thrilling. You will see a spiritual side of the author, as there are stories with God throughout the book.

Life in My Eyes expands an imagination in a person. This book is valuable; its importance is like a Bible because it can keep you on track. This book shall make you look at life differently. Life in My Eyes is a point of view through one, but it connects to all. It is a big fact of truth. It speaks to the youth. There are poems to famous people who have died, people living, and overall, there is a life-taking message. Readers must carefully look in-depth of the book read between lines, and you will find a special sign. This book travels into your mind; you are away from this world for a moment. Gradually, it comes into your spirit, then you can really hear it, the words of the wise. I bring you Life in My Eyes.

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ISBN-13: 9781504960922
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/12/2016
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.34(d)

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