Life in the Spirit

Life in the Spirit

by J. Robertson McQuilkin


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In Life in the Spirit, Robertson McQuilkin writes, “The Holy Spirit is the source of our spiritual blessing, the administrator and executive officer of our triune God.” So why do we so often neglect the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives? With fresh insights, this book reveals how the church has too often ignored the Spirit's influence and what we must do to get back to our spiritual roots. Foreword by Philip Yancey.

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ISBN-13: 9780767325868
Publisher: LifeWay Christian Resources
Publication date: 06/28/1997

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Holy Spirit and I5
Chapter 2Activities of the Spirit: Inward Focus12
Chapter 3Activities of the Spirit: Focus Outward19
Activily 1Crealing
Chapter 4Designer Model26
Chapter 5Capacity of Your Designer Model31
Activily 2Revealing
Chapter 6The Great Unveiling36
Chapter 7When We Open the Book42
Chapter 8Understanding the Book47
Chapter 9Turn Up the Lights53
Activily 3Redeeming
Chapter 10Outrageous Love58
Chapter 11Jesus Needed the Spirit Too62
Chapter 12Guilt Trip66
Chapter 13Ultimate Change Agent71
Activily 4Indwelling
Chapter 14Inside Companion78
Chapter 15Close Connection82
Chapter 16Faith That Works88
Chapter 17How to "Grow" Faith92
Activily 5Fransforming
Chapter 18The Spiral100
Chapter 19Keeping Step with the Spirit106
Chapter 20Partnering: How Church Fits the Spiral110
Chapter 21Stormy Weather: Adversity Fast Track116
Chapter 22My Spiral121
Chapter 23Expectations127
Chapter 24How's Your Aim: Too Low? Too High?132
Chapter 25Two Kinds of Sin, Two Kinds of Victory139
Activily 6Filling
Chapter 26Filled Full148
Chapter 27What "Full" Looks Like153
Chapter 28What "Full" Feels Like159
Chapter 29Revival165
Activily 7Overcoming
Chapter 30Preparation for Battle172
Chapter 31Defensive Strategy180
Chapter 32Offensive Strategy184
Chapter 33Victory Celebration190
Activily 8Gifling
Chapter 34What a Gift Is Not198
Chapter 35Defining Gifts205
Chapter 36Developing Your Gift212
Chapter 37Desiring the Best217
Activily 9Sending
Chapter 38Seeing Things God's Way222
Chapter 39Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, the Uttermost Parts228
Chapter 40Prayer Power236
Chapter 41Measuring Maturity240
Activily 10Glorifying
Chapter 42A Marriage Made in Heaven250
Chapter 43All Glory, Worship, and Honor255
Chapter 44Best Friends261
Chapter 45Celebrate!265
Conclusion: Life in the Spirit: Spiraling Up269

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very encouraging and helpful guide for walking and living by the Spirot