Life Is Gold

Life Is Gold

by LjGold


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ISBN-13: 9781546259701
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/22/2018
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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You have officially taken the first step to becoming a better individual. The first step towards a better lifestyle is to be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy. The problem is that people feel there are more important things in life than being happy, which is not true. Happiness is a selfless feeling. When being happy, you do not just satisfy yourself, but you satisfy those around you who need positivity in their lives.

Your family and friends just want you to be happy because that will make them happy. When being happy, we tend to share our happiness with everyone who comes into our presence. There are people out there who want to have a life full of happiness, but life keeps letting them down. Life won't always play in your favor, but when knowing what life really is, you will realize that in the end, you will always win. Being happy about life means that the world we live in is giving you a sense of confidence or satisfaction. How can you have confidence in your life if you don't know what life is?

We all have our moments of happiness. But how would you like to make those moments of happiness into a lifestyle? The most important way of achieving that is to accept the flaws and gifts that life has given you. Most people don't realize the flaws and gifts they've obtained throughout their years of positive and negative moments. Not knowing that means that you don't know much about yourself. The person you've become is what has helped you achieve everything you currently have in life. Looking at your version of negatives, it seems like you don't have much. But to someone who doesn't have anything, looking at your life, recognizes the good things that you have a hard time identifying. For starters, life is gold. What I mean by the phrase "life is gold" is that life is filled with knowledge.

Knowledge leads to wealth and wealth is gold. I've dedicated my life to helping people like you find the happiness that I've found inside me by learning the truth about life. When you receive the knowledge about life, you will realize that you can achieve anything you desire in a certain time frame. The problem with society is that they feel if they don't achieve their goals at a specific age, they will never achieve them. They give up. Everyone has a different time they will achieve their goals. You'll never know your exact time. Even the most successful people didn't know their exact time, but they still became successful! That's because they never gave up, no matter how the outcome looked then in their lives. They were so unsatisfied with their life that they didn't stop because they felt that success was the only option. When you think that way instead of creating a plan B, you will achieve your dream.

When you create a plan B, that's your way of telling life that plan A most likely won't happen. Having faith in something is like "putting all your eggs in one basket." When you decide to have a second option, that's your way of mentally voiding your first plan before it even happens. Maybe it won't happen at the exact time you want, but it will eventually happen. We all want something done at a specific time, but life doesn't work that way, especially for something as big as becoming rich.

By the way, this book isn't about becoming rich in monetary terms; it's about becoming rich in happiness. People think money is what will make them happy. But let me tell you first that money isn't the cause of happiness. For someone who's struggling, money feels like the only option when you have nothing but bills on your mind. Just imagine all of your bills taken care of but now you have bigger problems. Such as more debt than you can imagine, people wanting to harm you for your money, having friends who are there just for your money and the problems continue. More money equals more problems because people have a hard time understanding the meaning of money. Also, people tend to sacrifice who they are for money, but in the end, they realize that they sold their selves cheaply.

Money is not the key to happiness. Money is supposed to be a way for you to get more sleep. We are all slaves to society demands, and when you have an X amount of money, you can take a break from work and rest your body. Everyone is tired from all the energy they've been giving to their job, to their friends, to their dreams, to their family, etc. Money is supposed to make you feel financially secure, not to build more debts in your life. Having a lot of money for someone who never had that much in life is like giving a kid a truck full of ice cream. It's too much for someone's mind to consume all at once.

Most people, who procure millions of dollars in a small span of time, never had any financial advice. This is the reason we have situations that lead to a depressing life filled with more debts than ever. In conclusion, this will result to suicide due to the fact of not being able to handle the stress that came from obtaining a large sum of money in a short amount of time. The best way to get the money you desire is to save. Save small amounts of money at a time. Invest your money into an app investing company, and over a span of time, you'll have the financial freedom you deserve. I'm not telling you to stop chasing your financial career dream of success; I'm just saying you take your time. Remember, the key to having your desires is consistency and loyalty. You have to learn how to find your happiness first before reaching out to anything or anyone else to make you happy.

Another thing that's hard for people to understand is learning how to cut out specific bills in life that are unnecessary. It's certain bills you have that you don't need that have been affecting your lifestyle. Life is all about sacrificing for happiness. Paying a bill for something that's not a benefit to your life and that will soon result in a life of financial misery is not worth your happiness. If it's not a priority to you being alive, then that bill shouldn't exist. People want certain things they can't afford so they're willing to make payments on them.

If you can't afford that product, then you shouldn't consider putting yourself in the process of purchasing it until you are financially qualified to buy that product in full. The way companies get people down is to take down their credit. We need companies because they run everything at the end of the day. Credit is a way for companies to trust you. Don't depend on loans when you know for a fact that you're not financially qualified to pay that loan back. Slowly build your finances, have patience, and once you're ready, go after what you desire. Money is just a small part of achieving happiness; it's not one of the keys to happiness. There are other things in life that are considered the keys to happiness, which is what we will talk about throughout the book.



There are three aspects of your life that you have to work on. These three aspects consist of the past, the present, and the future. I would like to talk to you more about the past right now. To live in the present and prepare for your future, you have to take care of the troubles you had in your past. Everyone has a past, and most people are not too happy with their past, so they decide to bury it instead of getting the answers they need to accept the past and move forward to the present. When you bury your past, you're not accepting it. So, when a point of your life comes by, and someone brings up that part of your past, you won't know how to handle it.

Most people are unaware of your past and don't deserve to deal with the emotions you carry with your past. When someone brings up that part of your life unknowingly, it will lead you into an emotional state that you would have a hard time getting out of. The main problem with society is that they're still dwelling in the past. The negative parts of your past still live within you. You show that by having lack of trust, being afraid, showing anger, having anxiety, creating jealousy, being disappointed, having sorrow, carrying frustration, and showing grief.

We're human, so we all have a moment where we have these emotions. But when you let these moments become a lifestyle for you, that's when you're carrying your past with you for too long. Lacking trust in yourself or not opening up to other people deters you from living a fulfilling life. There are many people out there who prove that it's hard to trust people, but that does not mean that you should keep off from everyone. Reason being, it will only hurt you in the end. There are many great people out there who could make a great impact on your life.

Everyone who comes in our life appears for a reason. Consider everyone who comes into your life an adventure. Every adventure will have good times and bad times. In the end, look at it as a way of knowing yourself as well as a lesson and in particular, on that person. If any relationship you develop with someone doesn't work out, remember the things about them that are considered a red flag and keep them in mind for the next person you meet. Those are the things that could be of harm to you as a person, not the small things such as their sports and entertainment interests.

Everyone has a few different interests, don't let that alone define your relationships. Look at the connection, the joy you have with them. Also, be willing to meet new people who will introduce you to new things. That's how you open your mind and create more interests and hobbies. The more people you meet, the more knowledge you can gain about yourself and what life has to offer. Everyone you meet in your life is different in their ways. Don't put people into categories based on your lack of trust. Give people a chance to show you their true colors. You have to understand that every relationship you make will not be exactly what you had in mind. You also have to understand that life will hurt you sometimes, but you have to stay strong.

Don't let someone's mistake define you. Because no matter how much they hurt you, that person is most likely living their life and not dwelling on you. If a relationship with someone ends and you feel you had nothing to do with the failure of the relationship, accept it. Accept that everything in life doesn't last forever. We all grow as humans. Take that relationship as a lesson for you and move on. You also have to be strong enough to admit your faults in any relationship. People don't want to leave your life unless they feel that the relationship is not healthy for them.

Moreover, the reasons could be because there's a lack of connection, they feel unable to put you in their life as a priority, or they feel that their communication is not reciprocated. There are two sides to every story, and sometimes could be three. You have to learn how to be honest with yourself and your faults to be happy. People feel like they can tell the truth to other people. But no matter how honest you are with someone else, you have to learn how to be honest with yourself. Being honest with you is one of the keys to being happy. If you know your flaws, admit them to yourself. Be proud of them. Be proud that you took a step in your life that many people are afraid to take. If you feel that you want to change your flaws, change them. Work towards it. Do your research on finding help. It's not going to happen overnight. But as long as you're working at it day by day, you're moving forward in life, and I'm proud of you.

We all fear the unknown, which prevents most people from living life. To live life at your best, you have to conquer your fears of exploring life. Life is beautiful once you build the confidence to leave your comfort zone. Staying in your comfort zone will lead you to a life of regrets based on your choice to stay comfortable where you are instead of seeking a better life of comfort. Society level of comfort isn't what's making society happy. But people accept it because they fear their lives becoming anything worse than it is now.

Being an adult in today's society consists of doing things safely instead of doing things anchored in their heart and logic. We as people have to use both our heart and logic when making decisions in life. Using both will help you make the best choices in life for your happiness based on your wants and needs. When you use only logic, you're overthinking. When you use only your heart, you're going in blind. That's why love is blind because for the most part, you're only using your heart instead of both your heart and logic – but we'll speak more about love later on in the book. Adults do things based on the fear of not having stability and falling. When we fail as a people, it makes us stronger.

Creating goals and chasing them builds ambition. It feels great to set plans and follow through with them. Think about your life consisting of making goals and accomplishing them. It's a fun life that's filled with freedom and happiness because you're aware that you're making every choice in life that you want to make. It can happen for you; you have to build that mindset. The way you start building that mindset is by implanting your thoughts in your head for the everyday tasks that you do. For example; when you wake up in the morning before you open your eyes, tell yourself in your mind "I'm about to open my eyes," then do it. Next, tell yourself "I'm going to get out of my bed and go to the kitchen," then do it.

Spend a day putting thoughts in your head about the things you want to do and then do them instead of living life unaware of what you want to accomplish. That way, you'll start controlling the thoughts in your mind, and you'll take charge of it because it's just us against our thoughts. But that's how you start small with your thoughts and then you'll be able to grow from that and set up daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and even yearly goals. Even if your goals end up not working out the way you wanted, at least you still went for it. Many people can't say they've done that. Therefore, doing that puts you ahead of most people in the society.

When it comes to your fear of life, you have to conquer it. Take risks. You spend your days admiring people who take risks. The entertainers and celebrities you admire all take risks every day. They've risked their lives for their desires. Even though they didn't have an idea of the lifestyle they were getting into, at least they went for it. That's why you look up to your favorite public figure because they are living the life that you could only fantasize about.

Another thing you have to understand is that no matter what you do in life, there will be consequences. You have to assess each situation and be willing to accept the level of consequences for each lifestyle. The worst feeling is of regret. The first choice that comes to our mind is usually the choice we desire. Determine your choices with your heart and logic to see if they are the right choices for your wants and needs. If anyone wants to give you their opinion on what they feel, the most important question to ask them is, "Are you happy?" This is because advice shouldn't be taken from someone who isn't happy since you want to be happy.

People usually make choices based on logic and are unsatisfied with their choice in the end. That's why people don't spread happiness and instead, spread negativity as well as information that would lead to negative emotions. You have to learn what makes you happy because the things in life that make someone else happy might be different from what makes you happy. People also love to give "fake smiles." They love to show only the positive side of their life and not the negative. Most of the times, the positive side is fiction. It's falsified just for attention from people on social media. You often see that on Instagram where people show you the party, travel, happy aspect of their life. By the way, if the lifestyle you have is real, there is no need to showcase your lifestyle on social media.

However, being on your phone showcasing your lifestyle to people on social media clearly shows that you're more focused on people admiring your life than actually taking a moment to admire it yourself. Learn to take time away from your phone and enjoy those around you instead of seeking fulfillment from unknown people online. I promise you; life will be happier for you as you pay attention to what's around you instead of how many likes you got from last night. Everyone has a part of their life that is known as "behind the scenes," that many people are unaware of. That part is normally hidden, especially with celebrities; the reason being that if celebrities showed you the negative parts of their lives, it would scare you away.


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Table of Contents

Preface, vii,
Acknowledgments, xi,
Chapter 1 Happiness is a Lifestyle, xvii,
Chapter 2 The Past, the Present, and the Future, 7,
Chapter 3 Experiences in Life, 19,
Chapter 4 Having a Positive Circle of Influence, 31,
Chapter 5 Love Creates Strong Relationships, 43,
Chapter 6 Planning for the Future, 59,
Chapter 7 What have we learned?, 67,
Notes to the Readers, 73,
About the Author, 83,

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