Life Is Like A Diamond, Hard Yet Valuable

Life Is Like A Diamond, Hard Yet Valuable

by Kareem Andrew Alfred


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This book is based on real life experiences and fictional imaginative visions of the author. These poems reflect the mind of a young adult growing up in many different aspects of life. There are poems of pain, love, sorrow, ambition, race and many other factors that makeup the author's thinking process.
"As a writer, one's thoughts an beliefs change overtime, tomorrow the way I see things will change but that's how evolution occurs. Some poems are a documentation of those changes, and as my mindset enhances, so does its thoughts upon which it sits over time."

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ISBN-13: 9781463448752
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/17/2011
Pages: 340
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.76(d)

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Life Is Like A Diamond, Hard Yet Valuable

"Patience is a virtue only if virtue has patience."
By Kareem Andrew Alfred


Copyright © 2011 Kareem Andrew Alfred
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-4875-2

Chapter One

      Know The Soul

    Know the soul below heart's flesh
    Inside hides true beauty,
    Know the soul below heart's flesh
    Then judge its clarity,
    Know the soul below heart's flesh
    Don't neglect this value,
    Know the soul below heart's flesh
    Before you say I do.

      Brightest Bulb

    I'm not the brightest bulb
    But I'm dedicated to stay on.


    If your car is in a ditch
    Ditch the car,
    If your relationship is in a ditch
    Ditch the relationship,
    If your friendship is in a ditch
    Ditch the friendship,
    If you're in a ditch
    You can't ditch your heart
    But you can ditch your faults
    Perfection is an art.

        Won't You

    Won't you like to know the things I've done
    Before I joined the story of my scares.

        No More Religious

    It's Easter everyone but I'm no more religious than a smoking

        Discipline Is The Art Of War

    Discipline is the art of war
    Death holds the hand I saw
    Life hangs as a picture frame
    Bullets separate droplets of rain.

        Good Monday

    Most people frown on Monday
    They claim it's a slow day
    Most people hate Monday
    They say it's the worst day
    Hopefully they'll realize
    Many people died on Sunday
    It's boring without friends
    Lack of gratitude complains.


    It blows like the wind
    It sets like the sun
    At the end of our roads
    We face one outcome
    Filled of memories
    Watered by deeds
    Old seeds remain green
    Our spirits can feel.

        Liverpool FC

    In red we strike
    Flair filled with might
    Let glorious days remain,
    Fight with heart
    It plays a part
    In unity we'll stay,
    By legs and shins
    Will moves to win
    Victory comes this way,
    Stick to rules
    We're Liverpool
    Champions again.

    Dedicated to Liverpool Football Club, England

        I'm Use To

    I'm use to making bad decisions
    So I only got failure to lose.

        High Pride Has Risen To

    Chest protrudes over views
    Eyes bulge as morning dew
    Sharply upon mountain slews
    High pride has risen to,
    Over and over walk on through
    None speak to your heart's rues
    Humbleness shall clutch a fool
    High pride has risen to.
    Ego's composer grown tall
    Mr. and Mrs. knew it all
    Avalanche, world laughs amused
    Cut down quickly as wild oats, due.

        To Learn Is A Gift

    Open every clam to find the biggest pearl
    Polish every rock to view the brightest stone
    Brush off dirt to seek the oldest bones
    Search every crevice for nuggets are gold.
    Patience is golden
    Ideas are linked
    Prized is the journey
    To learn is a gift
    Memory is its wrapper
    For curiosity finds
    Put everything together
    Great is your mind.

        Ambition Brings The Price Of Pain

    Should I give up?
    Should I quit?
    There's no way out
    My wrists to slit,
    Axes are broken and backs are sore
    Footsteps behind show pains endured,
    Yet if trees provided wood easily
    Every journey would be so smooth
    Jungles don't die so easily
    Turn back you thoughts of doom,
    Ambition brings the price of pain
    Extreme heat forms a blade
    Winded fruits fall like destiny
    Today to life I cling.

        State Of A Coma

    Emotions got the best of me
    Heart lucks up and throws away key
    Irrational actions awake from slumber
    Yesterday's decisions live forever
    Tomorrow comes and I'm angered no longer
    Trapped regrets as the last wild stallion
    If not for feelings this state of a coma
    Wouldn't care much about my lover.

        Captain Kidd

    Plunder as pirates
    Take, take, take
    Give us your possessions
    Quick, quick, quick
    Our ships are dark
    With harbored hearts
    No candlelight to pray
    We plunder all
    Our swords stand tall
    Gods of the blue sea,
    Our legacy fit
    To outrun ships
    They sink as though in war,
    Captain Kidd is our lord
    Who wants a pirate's scorn?

        African Drum

    Goat-hides fire war across quiet grasslands
    Smoke rises from distant villages
    The bangs of riffles stifle our hands
    Our weapon becomes and instrument
    Obsolete to the blasts of cannons.

        Blandishments of Caesar

    Blandishments of Caesar provide wooden canes
    Dancing and prancing as freed slaves
    Mockery becomes salvation to my traits
    Red lipstick thickens thin white lips.

        King Kong

    Let's sing the same song
    Can I be your King Kong?
    Heartbeats ringing dingdong
    Grasp you lying face down
    Woman white as treason
    Eyes sharp as Asian
    Fixed upon Caucasian
    Shaped as a Nubian.

        Mind changes Fast In Thoughts

    Fingernails are white from bibles touched
    Toenails stained black by evil paths walked
    Mind changes fast in thoughts
    Yes for riches soul can be bought.

        To Be Seduced By The Sphinx

    Let me drown in my sorrows
    They flow off life's cliffs
    Let them wash upon death's banks
    To be seduced by the sphinx
    Let her grasp my heart
    And squeeze might of it
    For all it will ever know, loneliness permits.

        Spiritual Eyes

    Dark hood with pale face smiles at me
    Diamond edges are duller than teeth
    Nails are black and pitched with age
    Silver ring robs a cane,
    I dream, I dream
    Why can't I awake?
    Fights manipulate panic and sweat
    Hands stretch towards my eyes
    They reopen backwards and I'm alive.

        Masonic Pledge

    From stars of heaven through lands of sea
    We are the seeds of flowers' breed
    We spread as weeds yet grow as lilies
    We're wealth with oaths and worth great cities.
    We are, we are the fruits of time
    To rise up high as entangling vines
    Our souls are structured by wondrous deeds
    We live and die for what we believe
    Or dust we shall as fallen leaves
    Forever sworn to secrecy,
    No matter the cost we will fight
    Left eyes darkness shall see right's light.

        Price Of Fame

    Doors locked and windows shut
    Cameras search around the clock
    Naked pictures are easily sold
    Footsteps are stalked in summer or snow,
    Success gained can lose one's soul
    Like birdwatchers capturing a lonely sparrow
    To stick opinions as gum to a page
    Most beautiful birds are slingshot and caged,
    Gifted hearts can speak two tales
    Two tailed birds are thespians of stage
    Loved for uniqueness but hated for strange
    The scrutiny of the world is the price of fame.

        I'm Potent Like A Bee, Yow

    I'm potent like a bee, yow
    I'm potent like a bee, yow
    I'm potent like a bee, yow
    I'll sting my enemies' throat,
    I'm potent like a bee, yow
    I'm potent like a bee, yow
    I'm potent like a bee, yow
    My buzz will make you shake.
    I'm not from Polynesia
    My pollen gives amnesia
    You'll suffer from Aphasia
    I'm bold in the art of phasia,
    I'm potent like a bee, yow
    I'm potent like a bee, yow
    I'm potent like a bee, yow
    Just watch me calm to smoke.


    That line in universe, outlining supernova
    Has no boarders, has no boarders
    Traveling as far as future permits
    Boom Northern Star becomes a myth.

        World's Barbershop

    This place of rest from constant stress
    Women and men unload their chests
    Problems of life spin like falling seeds
    Scissors snip growth's destiny.
    We smile and joke about serious issues
    Some can call this barbershop blues
    But in the end it's like a home
    Where husbands and wives confide their moans
    Single men and women can find their souls
    Forgetting the wars inside love's homes.

        Who Am I Amongst Egyptian Gods?

    Who am I amongst Egyptian Gods?
    Ra strikes as thunder but heart won't budge,
    Who am I amongst Egyptian Gods?
    Osiris answers the one that falls,
    Who am I amongst Egyptian Gods?
    Isis searches for my soul,
    Who am I amongst Egyptian Gods?
    The cat that sold ninth life to dogs
    K-9's await me at hell's doors
    Who am I amongst Egyptian Gods?

        Four Teardrops

    Four teardrops entwine down my cheeks
    Two blood two salts bring no relief
    Silent cries fight to breed
    Lungs fuel emphysema's dream,
    Smoke rises hot as steam
    Nostrils exhale a soothing feel
    It cuts my breath painless than blades
    The sharpest edge is smoke not steel.

        If Beauty Was A Mystery

    If beauty was a mystery
    There would be no women
    If beauty was a mystery
    There would be no gems
    If beauty was a mystery
    Fallen seeds wouldn't grow
    If beauty was a mystery
    Sunlight's moon forgot to glow.

    Fables From Tales Of A Sorrowful Soul

    The last piece of jungle
    Reserved for us cattle
    Conservationists are in battle
    Materials are our mantles,
    Ecosystems left in shambles
    Fishermen invade mangroves
    Fries caught and mangled
    Demise easily handled,
    Much lies as we prattle
    Success as we trample
    Truth with its grapple
    Like Cain we are able
    Death's life is no fable
    Death's life is no fable.

        Knighted With Problems

    My sword is strong
    My armor thick
    The water is rough
    The rules are strict
    Knighted with problems
    Queen-ship's child
    Sail I shall beyond the Nile,
    Crocodiles await my every move
    Jaws of life are jeweled with stones
    None must blame travels' flow
    You decide which way to go
    None must blame burdens' growth
    You decide what weight to tote.

        In memory Of Steve Irwin

    Is love like a sweet apple in the summer's sun?
    Is love like a mango swaying in the Caribbean's breeze?
    Is love like the West blowing mighty with winds?
    Wild, uncontrollable, dangerous
    A disaster if not handled with care,
    We use this word so freely
    Before stabbing each other to death
    Did not Steve Irwin love his job?
    My favorite action man will be missed
    Let no color of skin divide his great uniqueness.

        Boxed Memories

    Fatherless war-zone obliviously waxed
    Bangs rattle corner as pinging shells eject
    Structured teardrops dry blood veins
    Encrypted nostrils decode caskets
    Accept street justice newly nullified forms
    Holy rejects of blasphemous temples
    Judge no seed until it grows
    Bad habits inhabit abandoned souls.

        Life Or Death

    Life or death one conquers all
    Feel the edge of Hades' sword
    Like a bird rises to sky
    Risen high to fall and die.

        Blunder's Clutch Bends Axels' Axis

    Choices are tough as diamonds crumble
    Values fall as footballs fumbled
    Every heart is a superstar
    Super Bowls are fancy cars,
    Pay attention to white lines
    Cocaine sniffed as speed inclines
    Wide receivers are front seat drivers
    Quarterbacks caught in collisions,
    Pain inflects on-looking fans
    Favorite stars are dead or canned
    In jail cells or coffin caskets
    Blunder's clutch bends axels' axis.

        In Every Eden

    In every Eden there's a snake
    Real words are used to portray what's fake.


    Wind is fragile when it stares into itself
    All it sees is the clarity of its mirror
    Such invisibility is as clear as faults.

        Daylight Cries

    Teardrops glow as stars of night
    Lost my love to many fights
    Truth be told without a lie
    Daylight cries with joyful smiles.

        Give Me Truth

    Give me truth or give me death
    Tired of pain that seeds regret
    Can't I live a guiltless life?
    Filled of lies that wave goodbye.

        To All The Bad Times That Lead
        Through This World

    This heart's been broken more than fasting days
    My throat swallows sorrow while soul feeds on pain
    And as teardrops bottle-up inside
    Eyelids caress the burning of eyes,
    Pride clutches the beats of my heart
    I smile by day yet cry in the dark
    The innocence of lies tell truth through smiles
    The guilt of my truth lies through crying eyes,
    So I search for comforting hands
    Never put your soul in the palms of man
    Whether he or she loves you to
    One day all hands must release what they choose,
    To all the bad times that lead through this world
    One day I'll find someone who'll say that I did good
    Even when sorrow weathers fruitless smiles
    One day I'll find love genuine as a child's.

        Golden Hearted For The Mighty Dollar

    Blackmailed as a black male and shipped as black mail
    I know the burdens of chains and whip lashes
    Call me package or call me bondage
    A Christmas present for all slave masters,
    Bowtie me now in fields of cotton
    Make me a gentleman
    Crown me scholar
    Golden hearted for the mighty dollar
    Golden hearted for the mighty dollar.

        True Blood Diamonds

    True blood diamonds are twelve birthstones
    0 January to December babies are born
    Priceless gems shaped by flawless wombs
    Diamonds are forever true love's truth.


    Journeys are tailed by way
    Many hopes fade as day
    Dark skies grant few wishes
    Ozone stars fall to ditches,
    Please grant me your gift
    Importune burdens please
    At the same time many see
    Only one star grants one dream.

        Dancing Tigers

    Offspring of India with seductive eyes
    Dancing tigers make beautiful wives
    The beats of my heart are mesmerized
    Bells on her feet sing as winds of sky,
    Bold and beautiful sashes her hair
    Long and black from ear to ear
    She looks at me with gentle smiles
    Her hands belong to an arranged trial.


    What is abundance?
    Is it the ability to buy?
    Is it the ability to give?
    Or is it the ability to steal?

        Stay True To Yourself Amongst The

    Lonely are leaders before greatness
    Left behind while wolves compete
    Every year their own they eat
    Stay true to yourself amongst the weak.


    Your kindness and love
    Have not been forgotten
    Thank you for going
    Above and beyond
    When many just smiled
    You held conversations
    Allowing an outcast
    To be part of the crowd
    Touché to your hearts
    Of this I am proud.


Excerpted from Life Is Like A Diamond, Hard Yet Valuable by Kareem Andrew Alfred Copyright © 2011 by Kareem Andrew Alfred. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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