Life Itself as a Modern Religion Complete

Life Itself as a Modern Religion Complete

by Charles Blaise


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"Life Itself As A Modern Religion, Complete" brings together four books written by Charles Blaise in the timely philosophical series titled Life "Itself As A Modern Religion." The series is devoted to expressing beliefs that constitute what the author considers a credible modern religion, based on truth as we have come to understand it.

The four books in the series are, in order of publication, "Life Itself As A Modern Religion," in which Blaise presents fundamental beliefs. "The Earth, Our Natural Paradise," in which he expresses many of the beliefs in poetry. "Faith In Life," in which he offers additional thoughts, and "Let Us Hope," which contains three longer pieces.

The author hopes the availability of the complete works in a single volume helps establish the widespread appreciation of life as the biological wonder we have come to understand it is, so that we can rescue it from the everyday abuses to which we subject it and from the long-term perils in which we have placed it.

Charles Blaise became aware of the urgent need for a valid, life-sanctifying philosophy of religion during the Vietnam upheaval. Events since then, such as terrorism, the war in Iraq, and global warming have, he believes, confirmed the necessity for humanity to move life itself to the forefront of its religious beliefs.

Developing the philosophy presented in this series has been the central devotion of his private intellectual life. His education encompasses the humanities and science, including theology, philosophy, healthcare and music. He holds a doctor's degree and enjoys playing the piano.

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ISBN-13: 9780981666426
Publisher: To Reason Publishing
Publication date: 05/17/2008
Pages: 656
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