Life Lessons With Baronesses Von Lekton

Life Lessons With Baronesses Von Lekton

by Wade Rockwood


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ISBN-13: 9781452046877
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/19/2010
Pages: 116
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First Chapter


By Wade Rockwood


Copyright © 2010 Wade Rockwood
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-4687-7

Chapter One


Long ago, Emma and Natasha Von Lekton were born in Bavaria, a region of Germany. It was rumored that King Ludwig II of Germany was their father. Their mother, Frau Golden, was a scullery maid for the King in the late eighteen hundreds. She was beautiful and kind, and if one did not know she was a maid, you would have thought she was a princess. She was quite elegant and charming.

It became obvious to those that surrounded the King and his court that he had become quite smitten with Frau Golden. The King's advisors were disappointed with the relationship he had with her. The idea of the King having relations with a maid, common folk, was very unacceptable. What would happen to the throne? If the news had spread of his relationship with a maid, the people would surely revolt. As the months went on, their romance blossomed, and so did her stomach. It became very apparent that Frau Golden was indeed pregnant. The king's advisors were outraged. How did this happen? Why did this happen and what should be done?

Just when the advisors thought that they would have to bring this news to the attention of the King's family or worse, to the public's attention, something unforeseen happened. Frau Golden was caught practicing magic in the castle by the King's closest advisor, Sir Wilhelm. Though it was white magic or good magic, it was still nonetheless magic.

Everyone had always speculated that she was some sort of witch, but had no proof. How else did she get the King to fall in love with her? Did she cast a love spell on the King? This was wonderful news to the King's advisors considering the circumstances at hand.

Now, the King would be forced to take drastic action against her. Unfortunately, the King only had two choices. He could have had her executed, or he could have had her banished from the castle and his kingdom forever. The King was devastated by the whole event, for he truly loved her. He did not want the mother of his unborn child to be executed, but he knew for the sake of his kingdom that he had to have her banished from the castle and the kingdom, forever.

Though either decision meant that he would no longer be able to see the love of his life, the reluctant King decided on her fate. He told his advisors that she would be banished from his kingdom. His advisors were disappointed with his decisions, they had hoped for her execution. They were further enamored with the King when he informed them that there were four conditions to his decision. He had his advisors make a promise to the throne that no harm would come to her or his unborn child. Second, he made them assure that she would have her own castle to live in, outside of the Kingdom where she could raise the child. The King did not want anyone to know who she was, and he did not want her past to haunt her or the child for the rest of his or her lives. To prevent this from happening, he had her last name changed to Von Lekton. He also wanted her to have a life of a noble. If she were going to live in a Castle, she would need the title to go along with the lifestyle. His last request was that she be given the title of Baroness. His advisors agreed to the conditions set by the King, and they swore to secrecy.

From that day forward, Frau Golden would be known as Baroness Von Lekton. Later that day, she was secretly escorted away from the King's castle, to her own castle outside of his Kingdom. Sadly, she was never to see the King again, for he drowned in a nearby lake later that year. Some believed that the King committed suicide, while others who know the story of Frau Golden believed he was murdered because he planned to elope with her. The King was last seen alive walking the castle grounds with a manservant named Otto.

Baroness Von Lekton moved into her new home, a magnificent 45-room castle in the Bavaria region of Germany. She was very sad that she lost the love of her life, but those dreary thoughts were lessened after the birth of her two twin daughters. She named them Emma and Natasha. Emma was the name the King had wanted to name the child if it was a girl. He was convinced she was carrying a girl, so no boy names were considered. Had she known that choosing a name could lead to such animosity between two sisters, she would have never told her daughters that their deceased father had picked out the name Emma.

The Baroness lived privately with her two daughters, and her two trusted servants. It was difficult to communicate with the servants because the King's advisors had their tongues cut out. This was to prevent them from spreading the truth about who she was, and who fathered her children. Though there was only one way oral communication with the servants, the household did communicate through a form of sign language. Her servants, Otto and Heidi, became like family. They were wonderful with her two daughters, and they did not mind that she performed white magic. Heidi maintained the interior of the castle, cooking and cleaning, along with the help of the Baroness. The majority of the castle was unused. The main floor of the castle was large enough for them to live comfortable, so they maintained the main floor only. Sometimes Emma and Natasha would sleep on a bed in one of the guest rooms on another floor or wing of the castle. The main floor had five bedrooms, three washrooms, a kitchen, a dining hall, a study, which was used as a classroom. There was also a throne room, which they used as a family room. They read to each other at night, and on cold winter nights, they would sit in front of the massive fireplace. On weekend nights, the girls were allowed to stay up late and after the adults retired to bed, Natasha would tell creepy nighttime stories to Emma. She loved to scare her sister with stories about haunted castles, and about the ghouls that lived on the upper floors of the castle.

The castle was both a blessing and a curse. When the Baroness found out that she had been given a castle, she was overjoyed. Now, years later, she regretted being the proprietor. It was a full time job to maintain the interior and exterior of the castle and that was just the main floor. The Baroness and Heidi cooked and cleaned, day and night. Since the twins were also home schooled, the adults had to alternate the days that they taught. Though the Baroness had been a maid, unlike most maids she had some formal education. She taught the girls German, English, Math and Magic. Heidi was an excellent cook, housekeeper and gardener, so she taught the girls' home economics. It turned out that Otto was a rather gifted woodcrafter. He started crafting small tables, stools, nothing to elaborate. He tried to show Emma and Natasha as they got older, but they were not interested in woodcarving. Unlike her daughters, the Baroness was impressed with his abilities, and encouraged him to make furniture for the Castle, which he continued throughout the years.

As the years and decades went on, Emma and Natasha became experts in witchcraft. Natasha became very jealous of Emma over the years and was competitive for anyone's attention.

Emma was the perfect child. She listened to her mother, Heidi and even Otto. She was kind and remained innocent her entire life. Natasha, on the other hand, was a little devil. She was not cruel, but sometimes she could be mean. One thing was for sure, she had a very mischievous side. She would play practical jokes on everyone, all the time. Sometimes she would go too far with her jokes. Like the time, she turned Otto into a puppy dog. Everyone thought that Otto left over an argument he had with Heidi. After he had been gone for a week, Natasha saw how upset Heidi had been. She would cry all the time. Natasha felt remorseful, so she finally admitted what happed to Otto, that she had turned him into a puppy dog.

The Baroness was furious with her and forbade her to use any white magic for a year. Since her mother said she could not use white magic for a year, Natasha decided to dabble in black magic. This dabbling in the black magic lead to her and her sister being cursed for life, but that is another story.

Chapter Two


Nicholas had much on his mind as he drove home to Beacon Falls, Connecticut that evening. It was a cool autumn evening, typical for the fall in New England. He loved living in New England because of the four seasons; winter, spring, summer, and fall. He loved the cool crisp evenings of autumn. The colors of the season were breathtaking. To see the trees change from green, to red, or orange, or yellow was a sight he looked forward to each year. October's were always cool. However, it seemed to be especially cool that evening and the sun had not set yet. He then thought of having a fire in the fireplace that night, and whether or not they had any firewood left from the prior fall season. These pleasant thoughts were interrupted by the thoughts of the conversation he had to have with his wife, Rachel. You see, Nicholas thought he was in love with another woman. That woman's name was Victoria Cove. She was twenty-seven years old, with blond hair, blue eyes, and very attractive. She was also very attentive to him, and that was expected. After all, she was his secretary. Why did he have such strong feelings for her? She had worked for him for only two years. He did not care how long he knew her. All he knew was that he was going to be selfish. He was going to tell Rachel that he loved Victoria, no matter what the consequences were, and ask for a divorce. What about his son, Vinnie? How was he going to take the news of the divorce? Nicholas thought to himself, Vinnie was a very smart boy for his age. In many ways, he was like a teenager, but in other ways, he was his eight-year-old little boy. He loved his son more than anything and he would never want to see him hurt. Then he thought of Rachel, he loved her too, but over the past several months, they seemed to be drifting apart. She was busy with her career as a product manager for Fountain of Youth Cosmetics. She was certainly motivated and out-going. People automatically liked her. She was sensitive, loving, and more importantly, she was a wonderful mother to Vinnie.

Just as he ended those thoughts, he pulled up to the gates of their home on Edgewood Drive. He loved their English Tudor home, but it was a rather large home for the three of them. It had five bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, and seventeen acres of land, most of it woods. As he waited for the gates to open, he was startled by a loud knocking on his driver's side window. Nicholas looked over to see a very thin dwarf with piercing blue eyes. He wore a clown costume with bright pink polka dots and enormous red shoes. His face was painted white and his lips were painted black with an exaggerated outline. He had a bulbous nose that had been painted red and the hair on top of his head was the color of a school bus. The small man was talking at Nicholas through the window but Nicholas could not hear him. Nicholas decided to roll the window down so he could hear the man.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you with the window rolled up", said Nicholas. The man stood with his hands behind his back, and he grinned at Nicholas. He then asked Nicholas if he liked pie.

"Do I like Pie?" Nicholas responded. What a strange question to ask someone. Nicholas wondered if the man were sponsoring some sort of campaign drive or perhaps, selling pie.

"I'm sorry, I'm not interested in buying any pie." said Nicholas. Nicholas started to roll up his window, but stopped when the man said.

"I am not selling pie, I just wanted to know if you liked pie?" said the grinning man. Nicholas was perplexed. This man was very strange. Why did he care if he liked pie? Nicholas decided he would amuse the man. "Well, that depends on what kind of pie?" said Nicholas.

"What kind of pie?" Nicholas continued.

"Coconut Cream Pie!" said the man. Then the man giggled and snickered like a little girl. As he snickered, he held his left hand up to his lips.

"Yeah, I like coconut cream pie." said Nicholas. As soon as he uttered those words, the man removed his right hand from behind his back to show a coconut cream pie. What the man did next was expected. He jumped up, slapped the pie in Nicholas's face, and said, "Catch me if you can!" Then he hopped across the lawn like a rabbit. His leaps were quite remarkable because the distance and height between each leap were several feet. As the man hopped, Nicholas was too shocked to react. He just sat in his car and watched the strange man hop off into the woods. Nicholas cleared the cream out of his eyes. He pulled his car into the three-door garage. He got out of his Mercedes S500, walked into his house, and went directly into the downstairs bathroom, where he proceeded to wash his face. We walked into the kitchen drying his face with a towel. His wife, Rachel, was cooking dinner. Rachel seeing that her husband was home earlier than normal, said, "Hi Honey, you're home early. "

Nicholas responded, "Yeah, I decided to leave early tonight. The strangest thing just happened."

Rachel looked over at her husband. She noticed that he was drying his face with a towel, she responded, "Oh, what happened?" "A weird dwarf threw a pie in my face", said Nicholas.

Rachel smiled and withheld her laughter, she said, "What? A dwarf threw a pie in your face today? I got to hear this."

Nicholas shaking his head said, "I'm serious. I was waiting to pull into the driveway, and this dwarf pops out of nowhere. He was dressed like a clown."

Rachel chuckled, and said, "Really? How strange!"

Nicholas continued, "Yeah, he knocked on my car window, so I rolled down the window because I thought he was running some kind of charity drive. The guy asks me if I like pie. I thought to myself, why is he asking me if I like pie? I decided to amuse him, so I said it depends on what type of pie. He tells me coconut cream pie. When I tell him I like coconut cream pie, he throws the pie in my face."

Rachel laughed, and said, "Oh, Nick. I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh, but that is so funny."

Nicholas puts down and the towel, and said, "Yeah, it is funny, when you think about it." As he talked, his nose began to sense an appealing aroma. He said, "Something smells good. What's for dinner?"

Rachel responded, "Beef Stew. I am trying a new recipe that I found online. It has been cooking all day. This crock-pot has really made my life so much easier. Why don't you go upstairs and change into your sweats?" Nicholas responded, "Sounds good." Rachel yelled up to him as he went up the stairs, "Tell Vinnie that dinner is ready, and to wash his hands."

Nicholas said, "Okay".

Nicholas walked down the hall to the first door on the right, and knocked on the door and said "Hey little buddy, you in there?"

Vinnie said, "Yeah". Nicholas opened the door, and immediately noticed a transformer duffle bag next to the bed, and Vinnie just standing there.

"You finish your homework?" asked Nicholas.

Vinnie said, "Dad, its' Friday. I do my homework on Sunday."

Nicholas said, "Well, nothing like getting it done early." He smiled at his son. Vinnie looked at him blankly with his big brown eyes. Nicholas continued, "Well, dinner is ready. Go wash your hands and come down to eat"

Vinnie said, "Okay."

Nicholas walked down to the end of the hall to Rachel and his bedroom to change into his sweat pants. He thought to himself as he changed his clothes, Vinnie has not been himself the past few months. Can he sense that something is wrong between, me, and Rachel? The kid hardly smiled or laughed anymore. He acted so serious all the time. Maybe I will take him to play ball tomorrow or go to the Bronx Zoo. His son loved animals, and he loved going to the zoo.


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Frau Golden is banished....................1
Chapter 2 The happy family....................11
Chapter 3 Vinnie runs away....................27
Chapter 4 The weirdly dressed woman....................41
Chapter 5 Vinnie meets Hansel and Gretel....................45
Chapter 6 The Search for Vinnie....................57
Chapter 7 Vinnie reaches out to the Baroness....................71
Chapter 8 Learning a lesson....................77
Chapter 9 The Baroness comes to help....................83
Chapter 10 Lessons were learned....................95

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