Life Off the Label: A Handbook for Creating Your Own Brand of Health and Happiness

Life Off the Label: A Handbook for Creating Your Own Brand of Health and Happiness

by Colleen Kachmann



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ISBN-13: 9780997702408
Publisher: Mascot Books
Publication date: 11/01/2016
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Colleen Kachmann is a writer, educator, coach, yogi, mother, and personal chef. She has a B.S. in education from Indiana University. Her career began in the high school classroom, where she taught biology and chemistry. She took her passion for teaching to the wellness industry, earning certifications in personal training and group-exercise instruction. After seeing the importance of the mind-body connection, she completed the registered yoga teacher (RYT) training. She now coaches clients with her unique lifestyle approach to "self-health."

Colleen has poured her experience and expertise into her new book, Life Off the Label: A Handbook for Creating Your Own Brand of Health and Happiness. The book includes critical research on the poisons in our food supply and the pharmaceuticals that support chronic illness. Her unique blend of science and mind-body awareness delivers practical wisdom that resonates with audiences everywhere.

Colleen teaches that in today's world, it's not normal to be healthy. Most people will say they are healthy-and then follow that statement with a list of ailments. Colleen challenges us with the idea that we can't be healthy and sick at the same time.

The premise of Colleen's book is that our society is based on perpetual consumerism. We can't get enough, and we always need more-—of just about everything. Commercials tell us where to shop, what to buy and how to think. Social media dominates our consciousness and keeps us in a heightened state of anxiety fed by instant gratification. It is hard to hear our inner voice amidst the chaos.

Colleen urges people to take notice of their world. ""Our children are as sick as the elderly. We go broke running to stores, doctor's offices and pharmacies for "help." Chronic conditions affect most of us and significantly reduce our quality of life. We fail to question the government and corporate regulators of our food supply and healthcare. We assume the massive amounts of chemicals in everything are safe. We're wrong,"" she says.

Colleen has coined the term "self-health" to describe the ideal approach to wellness. Life Off the Label offers simple strategies, action plans and recipes that foster healing. Making the effort to be well will keep you that way. Sustainable health is key to life-long happiness.

Join this funny, over-forty, mother-of-four as she shares her misadventures, maps the pitfalls of change and separates fact from fiction. Life Off the Label is a powerful resource that will support and enhance your own journey to health and happiness.

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