Life on Hold

Life on Hold

by Beverly Stowe McClure


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A paper found.
A secret revealed.
A girl's life changed forever.

Myra Gibson's life is a lie. For sixteen years her parents have kept their secret, but the adoption paper she discovers while cleaning the summerhouse tells the truth. As the past and present collide, Myra finally stands up for herself and begins a journey she may regret.

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ISBN-13: 9780983801825
Publisher: 4RV Publishing
Publication date: 02/27/2012
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.42(d)

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Life on Hold 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Joy H. for Readers Favorite It is summertime and life is good in the Gibson household, or so they all thought. But it all came tumbling down when sixteen year-old Myra Gibson found a paper about an adoption. Her adoption. Is this some kind of a joke or something? Surely not Myra’s almost perfect mom, the TV anchorwomen. But Myra is soon to discover that mom had secrets from her past. Secrets at the tone of a pregnancy, then a baby, but minus a dad. Mom wasn’t so happy about her secret being found out, but did she have her reasons? And what about Myra’s dad, or the guy she had called dad all of these years? Wow, Beverly McClure surely gives a clear and definite answer to all of the questions out there about a real father vs. a biological father. When Myra finds out that Neil is not her biological father, she strikes out to find her real dad. This could be a good or not so good finding, especially because of the way her mom and Neil are acting. This is an awesome book for anyone to read who has a father who is not their biological father. Neil was wonderful in how he handled the situation, leaving no doubt his love for Myra. And of course I would like to comment more on that, but it would be spoilers, so I will let you find out for yourself. Beverly McClure has written an awesome story here about adoption, a story that is so needed for children of any age. I strongly encourage you to buy a copy to read for yourself. This book is great even for someone who is not adopted because it helps one understand the feeling of the adopted person. This is a book well worth your time and money!
Literary_Classics_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Life on Hold, by Beverly Stowe McClure, is the poignant story of Myra, a sixteen year old girl who discovers a document revealing that the man she had always believed to be her biological father actually adopted her as a young child. As she deals with feelings of confusion and betrayal, Myra contemplates whether to search for her missing father. Working to find clarity and resolution, empowered by the enduring love of family and her close-knit group of friends, she learns the value of honesty and communication and ultimately comes to realize what family is really all about. McClure exhibits rare talent in this story which follows a young girl on her journey to discovery as she struggles to be true to herself in this compelling coming-of-age novel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Melanie_Robertson-King More than 1 year ago
How would you feel if you were a sixteen year old girl who just had her life turned upside down? That's how Myra Gibson feels when she discovers an adoption paper. Beverly portrays Myra's situation realistically and makes the reader feel everything the character does, good or bad. This was an excellent read and I'm looking forward to reading more from this author. Well done, Beverly!