Life: An Open Eye Poetry Book

Life: An Open Eye Poetry Book

by S. J. Wiley


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This book is inspired by and created for the emotional honesty of one's heart. It will elucidate past pains, hurt, disappointment and gleeful feelings. For poetry stands to be there eye of the doctor that heals our inner spirit. With poetry we are able to become truthful through words that string togerther a song of life's alterations. Not one, but many feels as others feel and see as other see, therefore we are able to understand, communicate, and empathize with our agnate souls.

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ISBN-13: 9781481767316
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/28/2013
Pages: 94
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.23(d)

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Life: An Open Eye Poetry Book



Copyright © 2013 S.J. Wiley
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-6731-6


Real Feelings Poetry

This chapter is titled real feeling poetry because of the sharp truth they speak, words that people may never have the courage to say, but feel inside, feelings that some people feel, but never express out loud.

Stress Relieving

Just to get some peace of mind, or a tad bit of quite time. I must run duck and try to hide.

Don't know when, where or even why this season of my life has been set on cry. While my strength falls into pieces, and my body brakes into hives; the pitiful feeling I strive to deny.

Still believing in that greater vision I once saw inside.

"But" my feet tells the saying of not wanting to stand, and my minds not so strong from the beating in my head.

I guess it would be some help to have an extra leg or someone to hold my hand, but not even the shadows on me seems to understand.

And the people I talk to, do or don't really give a damn. Maybe that's what granddaddy meant when he told us girls to grow up and be a man.

Acting defiant to defeat and life's agonizing demands. With all that is in me and all that I am, I'll stand real tall right here right now and thank God for his thought out plan.


We're in different worlds of our own and sometimes it feels like in life we're alone.

From her, to him, from you to me, there so many things others just don't see.

So for each to teach we all must speak on life lessons that's happening, and maybe just maybe others could visualize being in our seat. Because remember we're all standing on our own two feet, while trying to still have some kind of Understanding.

Judge, rumor, cry, lie each and every person has done at least one in their life, but how fast will some clash and other people turn their back; from simply words of mid-truth, that someone else has to suffer and go through.

The pain and the rules in most don't even apply to you with more compassion where we walk, and more love as we're taught. The more hands that will start handing at lot more of Understanding.

Talking To Myself

Right now I'm a little unpleased; some of the things happing are making my heart bleed.

And I don't understand the time that has began, my feelings don't know when this will end.

Being upset with my friends, getting into it with my man.

Something's going on and I just don't understand. When I can't talk to anyone else

this is the time I take out to Talk To Myself.

Especially when it comes to my home, what happened to make me always want to be left alone?

Is it that my mind can't grow from all the trash being thrown? Is it that my heart can't breathe, and wants to be free?

Or is it that my cry is just a wine from being tired of bad times.

When I feel I want to melt, this is the time I Talk To Myself.

Saying to me this time will leave; think in my mind until my eye's can see, because when you're a child of God you just have to believe. That's just how I think, talking to myself and getting to know me!


A lot of things about you I do not understand, I keep trying and trying, but it seems I just can't.

I know you love and want to make me happy.

But all this year, your love's been kind of sloppy.

Some of things you do make me hold back from loving you, and that's bad since you're all I have when it comes to a dad.

Still I'm trying even when you make me sad, and even when you make me mad, but I can't stay in such distress over this and over that.

I have to let you go, and even when I don't want to tell you no!

Right now this is where I'm at I forgive you for the past, but will not tolerate your very bold acts.

I will not let my heart worry and cry but dealing with you is something I still have to try.


Bad situations make you really frustrated being made at the world cause you ran out of patients.

Thinking of everything that's going wrong makes it hard for you to stay strong.

Braking down inside because your feelings on high, why, asking why does things happen all the time that make you lash out and start to cry.


Could be made to help you try to change the things that stress you and bring on strain.

Though it's hard to see through the rain.

So you'll need a guide to help lead your life, that's when it's time to stay with God.

He'll bring you strength and make you strong, and when things start to fall you'll know just how to hold on.


Might make things better in the end and you'll know so much you can't help but to win.

You'll know how to smile when things are trying to cramp your style.

So just hold on tight and God will make things right.

The Edge of Her Robe ...

Too young to see, and too young to know, all I could grip was the edge of her robe, real tight, very close, cause the pain you caused is what hurt the most.

The most, but yet, you still had that love of my trust, and I loved you so much, my innocence wouldn't let you go, so all I felt was ...

The Edge of Her Robe

That's how she use to know that you were coming through the dough, right from the fear on my face whenever you came to where ever we stayed.

I mean come on, at the age of four, I prayed to a God that you all had never introduced me to before, he held me close, he let me know, without a doubt he was never gone, leave me without or just up and bounce, my Father let me know he would always be my house.

Even when you made my tears run out, and every time you hit my mother in the mouth.

I knew my God was there I knew that my God really cared, even when I got scared cause you were coming home, even in the moment when I had to grip ...

The Edge of Her Robe ...

When I Saw you Last ...

When I saw you last I just wasn't at my best, my faith Hang low and my hope was hopeless.

My heart lived a fear that my coming out just wasn't Here, then my eyes just ran out of tears.

So many years I became UNCLEAR; I became the me That couldn't see in the mirror.

I didn't listen, I couldn't hear, the feelings that you Were yelling to make the unwanted disappear.


I heard your words saying no don't go, but to flown Was the only thing I had ever known.

I couldn't stay around just to pretend that you were Home when I knew I was alone.

Now I look back on those midnight laughs I remember Our talks, I remember all that.

I made myself see you, and envision my paths, no longer I am or will ever be where I was

When I saw you last.

I'm Here Now

You know so much happened it just didn't make since, my mind was rushing, it was out of spend, and it was so much I just couldn't comprehend. It was like a form of some trance, that had me at demand, and I ran out, but, I'm Here Now ...

After all those times, I was out of sight out of mind, I'm really here this time, and I'm gone need a chance if we're to succeed at making a amazes.

I mean, maybe let's start by trusting like an old time friend, until I have the trust in your heart as a mother again. Yes, at once I was never around, but today I'm Here Now ...

I can always offer my love and support, but you, we need to work on some more.

Because you want me around, but don't give me no ground, and yes my child on that face I have placed many of frowns, but I need your love so I can ... Stay Here Now ...

Walk All Over Me

Walk all over me is what I see, and how you make me think.

Laid out "flat" dead in the street.

How things can change in just a blink.

What are we going to do with this, why is our strongest thing starting to sink, and you just want to keep walking all over me.

One night I realized I wasn't crying out my eyes, when all it seems to do is give you pride.

No! I gone do things right, like when I lock heart tight.

Meaning to let it go, no more will I fight to just hurt me more inside.

I'll lift my hand; leave if I can, just to really get you to understand.

Your words won't burse or make me bleed, or even think about sleeping outside these sheets. Just look in-between the words of this speech and stop trying so hard to

Walk All Over Me


Heartfelt Poetry

Heartfelt poetry is the poetry that travels from heart to heart with a story of its own understanding. No mind can change a heart and no hearing can make a heart go unheard.

He Said He Love Me

By the look in his eyes I could tell he was saying what he really felt inside.

He looked at me so strong yet sweet, i, glitches for a minute as he knocked me off my feet.

My heart gave a race in its once steady beat, my teeth and everything else in me got weak.

My mind thought of all those wonderful things and my pride got stronger just by him being.

My skin got chills as every breath I took started to feel so real.

My open heart says just how much he means as I almost cried when

He Said He Love Me

I Know You Do

So many times I've been mad out of my mind from the way you made me feel inside. But never the less you'll give your best, and be there with me in any of my mess. And not every time you gone run on my dime, but you do move, you love me I Know You Do.

And if you could I know you would give back every year you've ever shook. Just so you could understand me a little more, or to not have lost some of what we had before when I was just a little girl. But you'll always be that man to me, the love I know that will do absolutely anything to help and keep me closer to you, you're my father that's true. The things we get into and the pain that we go through we may always go through, but you love me that I Know You Do.

(Through My Two)

Have you ever felt those days, that made you feel you were tired of playing life games.

Specially when you already passed the stage of the age you thought you would have life made. Well, it happened to me, but I had to reject defeat, cause I have two mouths to feed.

And any time I feel I can't move I push through my two.

Different personalities every day, every week. Making sure they have the mind to think, making sure they have food to eat.

I became last to me, because my need is for them to have everything.

Lights, water, a home with heat, good health, strong heart, and healthy teeth. Because their confidence and love begins with me.

The mother, the friend, the income till they become men, and even when they do, I'll still live knowing I succeeded ... Through My Two

The One

Every day I wake up and at night go to sleep.
I think I'm doing the best that I can be.
Considering the act performing is just me.
Some have a shoulder, others have a call,
I'm my own situation round as a ball.
I don't have any of those things or a partner at all.
But as long as those eyes look up at me with pride
I'll never leave there side and just live as I try to
be two in one side.
A mother to their pleads and a father to their needs,
Because both I perform as me.
A single mother living and being

Holding Back

All of me, my love, my trust, my soul and beat, each and every little thing my heart feels underneath. I'm ...

Holding Back

That something you just started to build with me, everything.

Redesigning a wall I vowed never to need.

But he always place the pain that stays in being, and I look at you now thinking the same book with a whole new type of reading.

Steady contemplating every reason I may have inside our frat, made me take two steps and start really

Holding Back

The muscles I use to run to you, and the things I fear that keeps me here.

Because if I were the love you were running at, my mind wouldn't tell me to start

Holding Back

You Mean Much More

Why let a man put his fist, foot or shoe to you, aren't you frighten of all the things that this could do.

With a heart so sweet, and a mind so strong, why must your confidence be so wrong.

After all the things you've just gone through aren't you scared this one could really hurt you.

Your kids, your love, your faith, your home, believe in yourself honey and keep being strong.

Don't let your body go through being sore; remember to us you mean much more.

No matter what you've been through in past, tell your mind you're not going back.

Feelings leave and they come back, but stop letting these men put you through that.

Through so many cries for so many nights, so many screams after so many fights.

You don't need that life and maybe it is so that the people you want and know can't always be real close, but you are loved still and in this family your part of our world, a life we adore.

Don't let him, remember to us ... You Mean Much More.

An Unnamed Sickness

Wait what happened," just yesterday I was your dream, everything you wanted, everything you would need.

Now you strike me falling to my knees. Loudly my voice screams, "stop" don't hurt me please.

Even in the moment when I'm withholding your seed.

Ten years of this unseen, now's the time for me to leave.


Hello, come in again not only beating my skin but killing the sprit within.

A healthy relationship that's something we missed. Pain, burses all we know is this, afterwards just say you love me and give me a kiss, Oh yes, just to have a family I'll deal with your fist.

Not understanding in mind that this doesn't make sense.

Till I opened my eyes to say good bye to my kids. Now holding out my hand for someone to help me with this ...


A Little Letter

I saw you again last night you held my hand and hugged
me tight.

You said everything I wanted to hear; the words I love you,
and I'll always be here.

The feeling just felt so high, I couldn't believe I was
looking you straight in the eye.

The one I seemed to miss so much, was talking, laughing,
and sharing trust.

It felt like more then just a dream to me, and no one here
could ever know how much it meant in depth to me.

With all these words and everything I've said, Mom I love
you forever and I just had to write you

A Little Letter:


Spirit Felt Poetry

Many of people in the world have experiences that can best be dealt with only in the spiritual rim of God, if you are that blessed to be blessed.


Even in the depths of my most pitiful strength, you still show me who you are, you still make me call on your name.

All those days of running, walking, crying in the rain, your hands still surround me as your arms become my walking cane, helping me to move straight in the mist of every single ach.

When my knees fall and legs were frail you gave me your words to eat and be well.

Breathing in me to keep your peace, teaching me in every see, hear, and think.

For your love is the vegetable of my growing soul. It keeps me here being everything I love and know.

Wonderful is the name I lift, for wonderful is God and his love is the gift ...

"The Voice that Whisper"

Living life day, by day, there so many people that want you to listen to what they have to say.

So, many reasons why others decided to go their way, but not realizing the best is yours to play.

All the feelings that decides right from wrong, the words that keep you holding on, the spirit that keeps you going strong.

Lots of people have the voice they prefer, but for me it's the voice that whisper.

Keeping me comfy at night, being my strength, my words, and everything I've had to fight.

Knowing for a fact this voice will always be in my life. Down so low or up so high, I've always had this voice deep inside.

To be my eyes, to help me guide, so I'll have that, what they call the afterlife.

Respecting so much of what God has done for her, understand he's the voice that whisper.

He's the one that I prefer; he's the one that heals my hurt. With God I'm ready for anything that occurs, because me and all that I bring he's keep's us first.

Just from you

God has blessed me in such a way that I have joy, even in time of pain.

My mind and body is strong enough to stay dry in the deepest rain.

I have appreciation, and praise that no one can ever take away. All my joy I see it through, I have such strength


Where the words that my mind seems to think keeps me up, letting no negative energy flow through my touch, my God is very, my God is much.

Of every little thing that has something to do with me, he's taking care of, and handling everything. My Father is simply every bit of faith I see and do, my life and honor comes


Because My Heart Say's So

I will not ponder on the things I see, my heart will not cry nor will my eyes weep.

For the words that God speak in my life I believe, and for that I have promised his words I will keep, and praise his name when time brings heat.

I do these things because God, I need.

And if he's there in the sun then he's here in the snow these things I know, because my heart say's so.

He knows my fears, and sees my tears. I'm never alone cause he's here. My God is merciful my lord is everywhere.

I have no worries of ever suffering in the cold, my father is always speaking through my soul, and I know, because my heart say's so.

Whenever you're down know that God is around, and he hears every cry dropping and he hears them very loud.

Anything that you can think he knows exactly what the words mean.

No need to look far he's right where you are, trust me I know

Because My Heart Say's So

Excerpted from Life: An Open Eye Poetry Book by S.J. WILEY. Copyright © 2013 S.J. Wiley. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Real Feelings Poetry....................     1     

Chapter 2 Heartfelt Poetry....................     13     

Chapter 3 Spirit Felt Poetry....................     23     

Chapter 4 Family Poetry....................     31     

Chapter 5 Individual Feeling Poetry....................     39     

Chapter 6 Missing Feelings Poetry....................     49     

Chapter 7 In & Out of Love Poetry....................     57     

Chapter 8 Mind Felt Poetry....................     69     

My Autobiography....................     79     

Acknowledgment & Dedications....................     81     

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