Life: The Science of Biology

Life: The Science of Biology

by Sadava


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From its original publication to this dramatically revitalized Eighth Edition, Life has always provided instructors with everything they need to show students how biology works, offering an engaging and coherent presentation of the fundamentals of biology by describing the landmark experiments that revealed them. This edition is the most extensive revision to date, from the addition of new coauthor David Hillis and the complete updating of the ecology section, to the dynamic redesigned look and next-generation student and instructor media tools.

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ISBN-13: 9781429246460
Publisher: Sinauer Associates, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/01/2011

Table of Contents

PART ONE The Science and Building Blocks of Life
1. The Science of Life and Its Evolutionary Framework
2. The Chemistry of Life
3. Macromolecules and the Origin of Life

PART TWO Cells and Energy

4. Cells: The Working Units of Life
5. The Dynamic Cell Membrane
6. Energy, Enzymes, and Metabolism
7. Pathways That Harvest Chemical Energy
8. Photosynthesis: Energy from Sunlight

PART THREE Heredity and the Genome

9. Chromosomes and Cell Division
10. Genetics: Mendel and Beyond
11. DNA and Its Role in Heredity
12. From DNA to Protein: Genotype to Phenotype
13. The Genetics of Viruses and Prokaryotes
14. The Eukaryotic Genome and Its Expression

PART FOUR The Genome in Action

15. Cell Signaling and Communication
16. Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology
17. Genome Sequencing, Molecular Biology and Medicine
18. Immunology: Gene Expression and Natural Defense Systems
19. Differential Gene Expression in Development
20. Development and Evolutionary Change

PART FIVE The Patterns and Processes of Evolution

21. The History of Life on Earth
22. The Mechanisms of Evolution
23. Species and Their Formation
24. The Evolution of Genes and Genomes
25. Reconstructing and Using Phylogenies

PART SIX The Evolution of Diversity

26. Bacteria and Archaea: The Prokaryotic Domains
27. The Origin and Diversification of the Eukaryotes
28. Plants without Seeds: From Sea to Land
29. The Evolution of Seed Plants
30. Fungi: Recyclers, Pathogens, Parasites, and Plant Partners
31. Animal Origins and the Evolution of Body Plans
32. Protostomate Animals
33. Deuterostomate Animals

PART SEVEN Flowering Plants: Form and Function

34. The Plant Body
35. Transport in Plants
36. Plant Nutrition
37. Regulation of Plant Growth
38. Reproduction in Flowering Plants
39. Plant Responses to Environmental Challenges

PART EIGHT Animals: Form and Function

40. Physiology and Homeostasis
41. Animal Hormones
42. Animal Reproduction
43. Animal Development
44. Neurons and Nervous Systems
45. Sensory Systems
46. The Mammalian Nervous System
47. Effectors: Making Animals Move
48. Gas Exchange
49. Circulatory Systems
50. Nutrition, Digestion, and Absorption
51. Salt and Water Balance and Nitrogen Excretion


52. Ecology and the Distribution of Life
53. Behavior and Behavioral Ecology
54. Population Ecology
55. Community Ecology
56. Ecosystems and Global Ecology
57. Conservation Biology

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