Life, The Universe & The Quran

Life, The Universe & The Quran

by Dr Saddique


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So you think there's no point in reading Holy Scriptures? -too complicated, probably all made up by humans and time-consuming? Science & Religion at odds with each other? Impossible to figure out the meaning of life? 'The Grand Design' by Stephen Hawking all that you need to know? - think again..... Would you believe me if I said that the Quran (written in the 7th century) actually CONFIRMS the immaculate conception of Jesus and that there is a whole chapter devoted to Mary ? Would you believe that the Quran actually CONFIRMS the previous revelations in the original Torah and Gospel/s ? How would you feel if you discovered that there are many astronomical, cosmological, scientific and embryological details in the Quran, and that they are accurate to the present day? And that many of them were written centuries before they were scientifically proven-including the Big Bang and the expansion of the Universe? Furthermore, in the Quran, God actually STATES that He did NOT make the Universe because He was bored and actually mentions the specific reasons why he made Mankind. Allah (God) also states that it is up to the individual to make his/her mind up about His existence and that no-one can be forced to be a believer. The original title for my book was going to be 'Everything you wanted to know about the Quran but were afraid to ask' (!) but for such a book I think humour should take second place to a more solid title, especially considering the subject matter. This book is timely in that it looks at what the Quran says about Terrorism and openly, and without bias, discusses all the above and other important topics about the Quran and Islam (-see 'Contents') including questioning the Quran (with respect). This book is up to date, including scientifically, and no household should be without a copy.

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Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/19/2011
Pages: 156
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