Life Through a Mirror

Life Through a Mirror

by Caesar Rondina


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Life Through a Mirror is a romantic murder mystery. It revolves around suspense, murder, romance, and intrigue. All of which will keep you in suspense, and not wanting to put it down. Allie and David are stuck in a web of suspense and murder. Two different people who are worlds apart. Follow Allie and David as they try to piece their shattered lives back together. Will they meet? Can they do it while fighting all the obstacles they face? A story of murder, romance, suspense, and family. As Caesar Rondina demonstrates within Life Through a Mirror, he has the ability and unique writing style to write in many genres.

About the Author

Caesar Rondina is an author, businessman, educator, paramedic, master boat captain, and father to three adult children. Born in New England, he has attended universities in the fields of Education and Business Management. He has completed extended studies in the fields of electronics, medicine, and boating. He is a licensed paramedic and pre-hospital medical practitioner, with over 35 years of working experience in the public health care system. In addition, he holds a United States Coast Guard Master Captain’s license, and a National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers First Class Repair and teaching certification, as well as several additional medical teaching certifications.

While in college for music education, his primary instrument was guitar, and he played in numerous venues across the country. He was a business owner for seventeen years before becoming a career firefighter and paramedic. Caesar Rondina continues to work as a paramedic and educator, and continues to write.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781480999299
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
Publication date: 10/02/2018
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.62(d)

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Life Through a Mirror 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
SMGoGo85 More than 1 year ago
I just finished Life Through A Mirror by Ceasar Rondina and it was not my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, the premise of the story was awesome, however the execution left much to be desired. At 279 pages it was not a terribly long book, but if you cut out all the of repetition, it could have been much shorter, and probably way more enjoyable. The first few chapters of any story set the stage, letting you know about the characters and the story background, it also gives you a lot of insight into the author's writing style as well. I was unimpressed. Reusing words isn't a big deal most of the time, but in this case, it was daunting. Sometimes foreshadowing is a useful tool, however, it felt like the author was just filling space and trying to hook the reader. My biggest pet peeves of the novel, the choppy sentence structure and the excessive editing/typographical/grammatical/continuity errors (at one point, late in the story, incorrectly spelling a major character's name and accidentally using one name where another was meant to be) continuously throughout the entire book. It was a huge struggle for me to not throw it across the room. I am usually not so critical about this, as I understand that sometimes a little oopsie is missed by the author and editors, but when I lost count of how many mistakes there were, I decided I had to mention it, I was so disappointed. David, a disbarred defense attorney, Allie, a down an out former prostitute that served time for a murder, Molly, David's mother and a shop keeper, and Lou, David's father as well as a local attorney and business person in their quaint tourist town are your main characters and the back stories for each are solidly thought out. David made some poor choices and ran with the wrong crowd, and his career and reputation were in tatters because of it. Allie had a tough go at life from a very early age, sexually assaulted by her step father, and being from a poor family in a poor town, she did what she could to survive and used her good looks and charm to get by the best she could. She turned to prostitution to get what she needed, be it money, food, clothing, transportation, or even a place to live. Her reputation within the small town community was terrible, and when a group of dirty local good ol' boys needed to get rid of one of their own, they use her as a scapegoat, she serves 10 years in prison and gets her life together while doing so, despite being in for a crime she has been vocal about not committing. She meets Molly while looking for work a few towns over from where she had grown up, and becomes close with her and Lou. David returns home for Thanksgiving and to ask his family for help after he exhausts his resources and can't get by on his own. This sets into motion the efforts of everyone to fix their lives. Spoiler, I was not happy that David suffers NO PUNISHMENT for his crime! The romance/sex scene was bizarre and I don't feel it brought anything to the story, it felt thrown in and poorly executed. After trudging through what seemed like (and in fact was) over a hundred pages of blah blah blah did the story finally pick up and become a more pleasurable read. At the request of Lou, Russell, a long time family friend and private investigator with resources galore, digs up the backgrounds and dirt on the men and women who were involved in framing Allie. The investigation is the high point and was mostly Russell. I do not recommend it this book.
carol223CS More than 1 year ago
Caesar Rondina’s Life Through a Mirror Intriguing, exciting, draws the reader in from the first word to the final one. It keeps you on the edge of your seat!!! Life Through a Mirror presents a story about regrets and choices in life. Danger, drama, suspense, secrets, trust issues, elements of loss, disappointment, family trials, fear to love, determination, thrills and chills plus some steamy romance are all blended together for an excellent read. The story lets the reader realize that even the most well-intentioned person can find themselves in situations that have negative or unexpected outcomes. The author gets inside the heads of the characters and presents them to the reader so you understand the inner workings of all of each multifaceted and dynamic characters. Allie had a rough childhood. Finally getting out of her home, she hits the streets. Then she wakes up next to a dead man while holding the knife that stabbed him. She doesn’t remember anything about how she got there but knows she was framed plus by whom. Now after ten years in prison, she is out and determined to start a new life. She intends to clear her name. David came from a wealthy life style. He is now a prominent criminal lawyer in New York City. Then he lets himself get involved with loose women, drugs, drinking, gambling and doing a favor for the mob. The is no evidence that he was involved. He loses his job and is disbarred. He loses his car and apartment. He is broke. He is returning home. He is determined to clear his name to be able to start his life in law again. There is instant chemistry that sparks when Allie and David meet but both need to work on their new goals. This couple needs to come to grips with their past to be able to move into a future together. Will they each get a second chance? Will they be able to find forgiveness, healing and love? Will they be able to overcome what they face? Fast paced, complexly plotted with a riveting storyline. I volunteered to read Life Through a Mirror. Thanks to the author and the Mystery Review Crew for the opportunity. My opinion is my own.
EmersonRoseCraig More than 1 year ago
Sometimes it is impossible to outrun your past. This is true for Allie and David. They grew up a few towns away from each other at the same time but never met. In their adult life, they are struggling to deal with past traumas that they can’t run away from. The story follows both characters, switching from one perspective to the other every chapter. The book begins with secrets, and they continue to pile on throughout the story. Author Caesar Rondina explores murder, romance, and mystery in his story ‘Life Through a mirror. The book is filled with lots of twists and turns so as the reader you are constantly second-guessing and wondering. This makes the book hard to put down, and it is a quick read. Rondina writes in a unique manner, exploring his story is a way that really brings you into the lives of his characters and their feelings as you get to know them. I really liked getting to know Allie and David as characters. They have a lot of depth and a lot of time is giving to building them up into real people, people with pasts, hurts, wants…. Seeing the mirroring of their lives was really interesting, and I just couldn’t wait to find out if they ever got to meet! The story is exciting, fast passed, thrilling, and leaves you wanting more. I greatly enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend it, if you love mystery, murder, romance, stories then this is a must-read. I am looking forward to seeing the story continue in the next book!