Life, Tribulations, and Love

Life, Tribulations, and Love

by Michelle Mizerie Maze


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We've all heard the cliche the "song in my heart" and as we all know our hearts are not always singing. Sometimes in the midst of trying to figure it all out there are just words that tell your story in the most riveting way.They all make you feel something. These are mine............


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ISBN-13: 9781491802083
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/26/2014
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.12(d)

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Copyright © 2013 Michelle "Mizerie" Maze
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-0208-3



There are things in life that we always want, but forever seem to be out of our grasp. We strive for a dream but are merely dealing with the reality of life. Although, the simplest things like love and happiness should be the easiest to achieve they are clearly the hardest because of the outcome of certain situations as of that of love rest with the cooperation of another wanting the same from and with you. It's unfortunate that our present and our future outcome honestly derive from our past experiences. And as much as we would like to release the past, it's so hard because our hearts and emotions were once plagued by whatever the outcome was. The most disturbing factor is that someone such as myself that loves so hard on any level—hurts just as hard when it's over. Attempting to give someone the opportunity that has been given to others that have failed. It makes it that much more difficult to believe that the next person wants to do the right thing with no other reservations. But I pray that one day and soon I hope~ that the one I want to love, loves me just as much and wants to work just as hard to make it work. Never believing that for some unknown reason they are superior to me and the love I give; but that we are equals. The saddest part of it all is that no one ever realizes the treasure the hold, until it's all said and done. But, by then the treasures been so abused emotionally that for them it shines no more; and most likely never again. It's good to hear them say: One day you'll make someone a very happy man, a proud husband, and you will be a great wife. But tell me why is it so hard for them to see it before it's too late.


Baby you are more than a friend
To me you're more like intimate kin
You're the one I can always call
Always there to break my fall
I know in you I can truly depend
Because you're more than just my friend
You're more like intimate kin
You are my soul mate God sealed you in my fate
I pray to the heavens above that we never dissipate
Constantly giving me spiritual motivation
Filling me with your sweet love and devotion
Friend, I think this is better than that
I believe this is undeniably special—for a fact
Because you are more than just my friend
You're more like mmmmmmm.... Intimate kin
Friends are not always there
And sometimes they just aren't fair
But what we share is true
You've never even made me feel blue
Nevertheless if you were just a friend
The love I have for you could never be counted a sin.


I'm in love with you heart and soul
"Father God, you definitely broke the mold"
I'm intrigued by your spirit and intellect
For me, your God's choice select
I wonder if my life had not come this way
Would I have still met and loved you one day
Every day I wake up with a smile on my face
Knowing my heart and soul; my love finally has a place
When you write your soul speaks
And I know it's what I've long seeked
As I sit and stare at the whitest clouds
I hoping and wishing you could hold me now


Things aren't always what they seem
As if we're living in a dream
The stories that we often tell
So that reality will not prevail
The things that we don't reveal
Are the causes for the joy we steal?
Compelling us to leave behind
All that's loving, true, and kind
There are things I wish I could take back
Numerous qualities which I lack
How do I explain or begin to say
The reasons why you should stay
I know this all may seem confusing
But really I'm the only one losing
The love I share with you
Is one thing I know to be true.
I know what we share is passion
And what I feel for others compassion
At times I wonder how did this happen

Is there a chance that my world could be collapsing?
I know these words may seem strange
But for me I pray your feelings never change
And though right now these words may look odd
I'm leaving it all in the hands of God
All I know is that I do truly love you
Though I may not always show it in the things I do
If I hurt you it's not my intention
But I'm human too or didn't I mention
At times I wonder is this too good to be true?
This love being shared between me and you
If you had to.... would you ... could you forgive me
Proclaim your love for me and accept my apology


What can I say.... about the way
That you made me feel up to this day
Just thinking of you makes every day bright
Knowing what could be shared is not always shown by sight
The most important part is shown by heart!
Let me start by making this clear
Believing that the simplest thing is sincere
Maybe in you there's nothing for me to fear
Basking in every moment and the feeling of peace.
that you give me when you're near.
I'm really digging you more than you know
Right now more than I have the nerve to show


As I sit under this moon
I'm wishing I can see you soon
You're causing my emotions to roar like the sea
Already knowing what this could be
Got me feeling like it could be you and me-we
No other man has had me thinking
Damn—is that my heart singing?
I want you to believe and trust this
It's all uncharted and simply bliss
Hear me, feel me
Love me, touch me
I may have had my reservations
But this is now my declaration
Feel me, hear me
Touch me, love me


Give me something old or even something new
I just thank God that this love isn't borrowed or blue
I'm thinking this is the one—oh yes—that I can't deny
That makes me want to close my eyes saying my oh my
Loving and attentive of that there is no doubt
Putting an end to what I saw as drought
Breaking all the rules and throwing caution to the wind
Am I almost certain that this is my God send?
Or maybe that's just what I thought
Perhaps it is only the feeling in which I am caught
Day in and day out my mind and heart; are
constantly filling with worries and doubt
Apparently I may be moving too fast
Meaning this life may have the tendency not to last
Trusting this feeling deep in my soul

May only cause me to believe the many stories that are told
Because with just a few words you turn everything so cold
Trust and honesty is something I thought we had
But clearly no foundation can be iron clad
So allow me to take more than two steps back
Surely there is something this love potion may lack
Constantly reminding me that you aren't at all whole
Makes me want to throw in my cards and just fold
I'm giving this all 110% and then some
Nevertheless, the words you spoke are
as if it's all said and done


Could this be true
That I've finally found you
I've searched through all my fears
Tears, and for many years.
Now you stand before me
In all your handsome glory
And I think to myself;
What is this exactly?
Amazing love, is what you're giving me
It feels so right—you make it shine
Through like the morning light.
I know I could go on forever like this-
Living off your amazing love and sweet
sweet kiss.


Sometimes it's hard to see—
What's in front of you
Spending your whole life looking—
For the other one that makes two
Never hearing or seeing the one right in front of you
That's saying I am here.
Look no further,
I'm what you're looking for my dear.
Never in a million years
Did I see this coming
Even though through the years
You were the only one I was trusting.
How could I not see-
All that's loving true and kind
When through it all—
you were never hard to find
I should have known
You were the one for me
What can I say
At the time my mind was cloudy
Right know I'm thanking God
For clearing my heart, mind, and soul
Letting you in
So our story could be told


Can you still feel my fire?
Am I still what you desire
Obviously, cause you aren't even tired
Can you still feel my fire?
For the life of me I can't figure—what made us out to be liars
Running round actin like what we had
at home hadn't taken trials
I love you
I need you
Got to have you in my life
I want to break through all the pain and the strife
I really want to be your wife
Can you still feel my fire?
Breaking up
Time and time again
Making up
Now on the real
That's what's up
Thinking back to ninety-seven and eight
Neither one of us could deny—we were fate

The magic we would create
You've always said I was the one
So why don't we quit all this silliness and acting dumb
Can you still feel my fire?
I broke your heart; well you did the same
Nevertheless, I love you and I'm tired of the game
Let's put the past behind us and stop living in shame
There's more on our plate
Than just our fate
There are four hearts that beat individually,
And two that beat as one.
How did we let our family arrive at what we've become?
The love of a father the love of a mother
We should have made sure we had them covered
But back to the issue at hand

I wonder do you still want to be my man
Can you still feel my fire?
We got a long ways to go
And in a lot of ways we need to grow
We deserve better
That's why I'm writing you this letter
When I think about life without you tomorrow
All I seem to feel is heartache and sorrow
Can you still feel my heartbeat?
Is this something we should repeat?
Can you still feel my fire?
Or has this love grown tired
Can you still feel my fire?
Or do you think it's time for this love to retire.


Tonight as the rain pours down
I'm wishing you were around
I dream of you and me
And the many places we could be
Every day I dream of us
And I know that we are a must
I dream of my boys being happy
Us being together as one family
I know this trial is an obstacle we must face
And soon I'll be by your side—that is my true place
My thoughts are consumed by you 24/7
I know I'm in love cause this feels so much like heaven
One thing's for certain and two things for sure
I'm definitely love sick but not looking for a cure


How long will the door stay closed
Until the day you forgive me I suppose
I need you more than you could ever know
I pray you won't wait till it's too late to show
I'm sorry—I'm sorry, what more can I say
I'm stuck in prison and you and the boys have to pay
You did your best; you are the best
I couldn't ask for more or less
I won't let this rest
However, I need you during this time
While I do my time and pay for my crime
I want to get back what we lost
I'm willing to do anything whatever the cost
Daddy I love you and that's all I can say
And have a very blessed Happy Father's Day!


In my next lifetime
I've already made up my mind
I won't be living a life of crime
In my next lifetime
I want to be your hero
I know I've let you down
Now I want to make you proud
In my next lifetime
I hear my kids laughter chime
To them I will genuinely give my time
At the drop of a dime
In my next lifetime
Things won't be the same
In my next lifetime


I'm down on my knees thanking God for what He's done for me
When I meditate on all the times I made it through
I know it's because the Father is loving and true
Often time my soul was uneasy
And I thought days would continue to be dreary
And every time I think about where you two could be
Even now; you might wonder how
I feel like I've come to be found
Well the devil had me bound
I was on my way to his town
Till the lord picked me up and turned me around
Concerned with worldly things
Not even lifting my voice to praise and sing
So after eight months of asking why
And no more tears to cry
I could only look up towards the sky
Locked in a cell
In some white man's jail
Who knows how long I'll be here—only time will tell
But the Lord is with me day and night
Giving me strength to win this fight
They herd us around like cattle
Seems like a never ending battle
But I know my God has a plan
Because I still feel him holding my hand
As I sit and ponder the old
I see how this story began to unfold
Now I know if I keep my faith in God
That I can beat any odds
I took the wide road
Almost selling my soul
Jesus saved me
With His grace and His mercy
I could be dead—I could be gone
Thank god the Lord saw fit to bring me home


You know life is so crazy
It's not always tulips and daises
All the pain, trials, and strife
And we just call this life
In the depths of our very soul
We know it shouldn't be this cold
The tribulations drive us insane
That we can't even smile when it rains
When you don't speak to God 7 days a week
It leaves us spiritually stunted and virtually weak
So what do we do when we're down?
Hush—be quiet and listen for His sound
In that moment He will reveal
All that is in His perfect will
For our everyday living
And all that He's giving
And in turn for all that we learn
For His way we finally yearn
In exchange for all of this
We will experience His pure bliss.


When things go wrong; and in life they often will
Just give it to God—your portion He can fill
When you're feeling burdened and truly lost
He is the only one who will bear your cross
When you're lost and can't find your way
Don't run get down on your knees and pray
I know a many nights you've cried
But remember for your and my sins He died
For what you did yesterday, today, and tomorrow
From His abundant strength you can borrow
He'll never leave you down and out
Know He walks with you beyond a shadow of a doubt
The road may get rough and hard to bare
Fortunately he knows and really does care
Ask and you shall receive
Though you must first truly believe
Make a sincere conscious decision
And know you have whatever you petition
At times it may seem like you're not on his mind
But you know just like I do that he's always on time
Patience is a virtue
It's our soul that time nurtures
So just when you think you can't take it
Have faith and hold on you'll make it


What is beauty to me
Everything as far as my eyes can see
God blessed me with these eyes
To see all He could provide
The leaves and the trees
The rivers and the seas
From the good to the bad
All that makes us happy
All that makes us sad
The rain and the pain
All we lose; all we gain
The joy of life; the hurt of death
Not to mention every single breath
Living life abundantly—
That is what beauty is to me


One day soon I'll be a changed woman
No longer chasing the money or the man
I want to chase my kids and my dreams
And be more than I appear or seem
Today is a struggle and even a fight
But I know tomorrow I'll be able to see the light
I wish I could open my heart and show what's inside
Then you would know how many nights I cried
No more crying; no more tears
Yesterday is where I leave my fears
Today I'm walking with the Lord
I'm sure we are now on one accord
He wants me to do my best
Reaching any height I may request
He is he potter and I am clay
I'll be made brand new now—any day


Excerpted from LIFE, TRIBULATIONS, AND LOVE by MICHELLE "MIZERIE" MAZE. Copyright © 2013 Michelle "Mizerie" Maze. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Love, Happiness, Pain, And Sadness, 1,
You're My intimate Kin, 3,
In Love, 4,
Things Revealed, 5,
Shy, 7,
Risque, 8,
Roller Coaster, 9,
"Amazing Love", 11,
Blind, 12,
Can You Still Feel My Fire?, 13,
Day Dreaming, 16,
Father, 17,
Next Time, 18,
Journey, 19,
Keep Pushin, 21,
Hold On, 22,
Beauty, 23,
Any Day, 24,
Pieces, 25,
My Love, 26,
Ready, Set, Go, 27,
Where are you?, 28,
Lyrical Death, 29,
The End, 30,
The Love in You, 31,
Really???, 32,
Day Dreaming, 33,
True Love, 34,
Trying Times, 35,
Unpredictable, 36,
Wake Up Call, 37,
Wake Up, 38,
We Will Always Be, 39,
Who Knew, 40,
When, 41,
Action!, 42,
Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today, 43,
Let's Talk About This, 44,
Equal, 45,

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