Life Unleashed: The Quiet Revolution 4 Incredibly Simple Techniques that Expand Your Mindpower Exponentially and Transform Your Ability to Manifest the Life You Desire

Life Unleashed: The Quiet Revolution 4 Incredibly Simple Techniques that Expand Your Mindpower Exponentially and Transform Your Ability to Manifest the Life You Desire

by Stephen Frost


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Life Unleashed is your simple step by step guide to manifesting incredible life change through the use of four simple techniques. Enjoy being guided through two key meditation techniques, along with a special ho'oponopono method and another technique from NLP, into creating your won vision of life. Removing the blockages that held you back, and literally unleashing yourself into a self generated state of massive empowerment. This book is your route to changing your life, creating personal success, and being free to live joyfully in the manner your dream of living at heart.

Have you ever felt that your life was coming through less vibrant than you wished? Or that the dreams and goals you envisaged seemed like they never made it into reality?

Likely you were missing some very simple things.

Things that are shared with you within this empowering book, that embodies inspired life change.

By allowing yourself to flow through the easy progression of simple techniques within this book, you progressively empower yourself on a journey of transformation. Each technique shared builds on the previous, and while each is life changing in itself, their combination brings a whole new level of life change when practised in the manner shared.

From the first few pages you can begin altering your experience of life, and the results you are getting. Shifting steadily forward into an amazing experience of joyful living and a truly Surging Life. The simplicity of each step, with techniques proven at times over thousands of years, enables even those with zero experience of personal development and life change to start enjoying great results immediately.

With time, and practice too, you empower yourself on ever deeper levels. Carrying the seeds you wish to sow for your future, deeper down, planting them further down in your sub-conscious. Bringing ever stronger results for yourself as a result.

This is life change on a profoundly simple level.

It is empowerment that you can build on year after year.

As you develop ever more compelling images of how your ideal life is.

Whatever you wish to attain, change or enhance within your life. This book is something that can help you in ways you may well have never considered. Through unearthing, releasing and detaching from old patterns and emotions. To sculpting visions which your mind and soul flow to manifest, such that the reality you dreamed becomes physical in the here and now.

The spirit of life change that flows through every page you read within, is positive, and joyful. As with all SurgingLife materials and resources, it is imbued with the energy of joyful living. Give yourself the opportunity to put the simple transformational techniques into action, and discover the blessings that can fall upon you as moment by moment, your life changes. Within you, and around you, at times before your very eyes.

Do you have a vision of life? One that you are passionate about? And wish to manifest?

If so then permit yourself wider opportunity for bringing it into the world. Allow yourself to get an amazing degree of help, direction and assistance from SurgingLife founder Stephen Frost. Allow yourself to join the ever expanding group of people from around the world, who enjoy the benefits of his help.

Let your soul move forward into the life you dream of, and deserve to enjoy. All through just harnessing your mindpower, getting your mental energies to flow in a smooth and unified manner. That just compels your life into the manifestation of how you wish it to be. Whether your dreams are big or small, existent or waiting to appear within your mind. This book offers you a unique opportunity to empower them into life. Into a vibrant experience of living that you will love.

Life Unleashed - The Quiet Revolution is how to change your life in a sublimely empowering way. Read, flow through the exercises, enjoy doing them regularly. Then fall in love with how your life changes in the wonderful way you wished.

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Publisher: Surging Life
Publication date: 06/30/2018
Pages: 130
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