Life Unplugged: A Digital Detox Workbook

Life Unplugged: A Digital Detox Workbook


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Life Unplugged makes digital detox easy with alternative activities and better ways to feel connected to your friends, family, and the world around you. By unplugging your electronics, you'll be able to take that much-needed vacation you've been craving.

For busy entrepreneurs and families, it can seem impossible to find time for yourself or to stay connected to your loved ones, but with Life Unplugged, staying connected is much simpler than you imagine. This workbook guides you through ways to de-stress, cultivate mindfulness, and improve your mood and health while also helping you find balance and joy in your daily life through digital detox. It’s the mini vacation without the extra cost of actually going away and all the wellness benefits you need for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Declutter your phone and minimalize the number of apps in your devices. Cut down the amount of electronics you use. Find alternate activities to integrate into your daily routine like meditation and forest bathing. Journal it out with writing prompts to help you get your creative juices flowing. Discover how to optimize your free time, so you’re more productive throughout your day. 

With this life-changing journal, you'll learn to live without being attached to your phone, TV, laptop, or social media.  It can be as easy as taking a few breaks from your digital devices a day to make you feel refreshed, enlightened, and purposeful. Sleep better and improve your overall mental and physical health by taking a break from the internet. The practice of digital detoxing has proven to improve your memory, posture, blood pressure, and give you greater feelings of gratitude and happiness.

Live a more connected, purposeful life by staying in tune with the world around you.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781631066733
Publisher: Rock Point
Publication date: 12/24/2019
Edition description: Workbook
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 6.75(w) x 9.05(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

Meleah Bowles is the Co-Founder of Earn Spend Live. She holds a BA in technical writing from The University of Central Arkansas and resides in Conway, Arkansas.

Elise Williams Rikard is the Co-Founder and Editor of Earn Spend Live. She holds a BA in technical writing from The University of Central Arkansas and resides in Conway, Arkansas.

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Life Unplugged: A Digital Detox Workbook 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Rach05 5 months ago
Life Unplugged by Meleah Bowles; Williams Rikard is an awesome companion to have when you need a digital detox. The book starts by defining what a digital detox is and then helps you to see how the digital world may be affecting your life. This book helps you to decide and write out why you need a digital detox. It has quizzes, challenges and lots of tips and information to help you go through a digital detox. There is also room to journal about your experience in the book along with pages to write our your goals and keep track of your habits. I believe it would benefit pretty much everyone in today's world to go through this book!