Lifemoney: The Proven System for Creating the Money You Need for the Life You Want

Lifemoney: The Proven System for Creating the Money You Need for the Life You Want

by Brad Turk


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A blueprint for achievement in all facets of life, this resource presents a revolutionary way of thinking about money and personal satisfaction by stressing both the financial and nonmonetary currencies needed to attain wealth and success. Goal-achievement exercises, a millionaire’s checklist, bonus lessons, and “lifemoney” affirmations combine with real advice from rich and famous celebrities and business people—including P. Diddy and Warren Buffett—making this money-smart reference a sure bet. Providing get-rich tips as well as self-help techniques for changing the way to think about and act towards money, this accessible guide is the ultimate strategy for acquiring riches.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781933771533
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
Publication date: 09/10/2008
Pages: 197
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Brad Turk is the creator of several corporations, including Global Business Solutions, Inc., Self Made Records, Inc., and Heat Wave Tanning, as well as the recently launched companies,, and He lives in Forest Hills, New York.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Millionaire by Thirty, Retired by Thirty-Five: What Lifemoney Means to Me     1
My Lifemoney
Overview     7
If I Can Do It ...     7
My Early Years     9
Persistence Pays Off     9
Looking for Motivation     11
Knowing Myself     12
Learning About Business     14
Getting Focused     15
This Was Only the Beginning     17
Global Business Solutions, Inc.     18
Heat Wave Tanning, Inc.     19
Self-Made Records, Inc./     20
... You Can Do It, Too!     21
Defining Success
Overview     23
Want to Succeed? Sleep Late!     23
Success on Your Terms     25
Find the "U" In "SUCCESS"     27
WHOSE Dream Is It, Anyway?     29
Goal Achievement Exercise A     30
Win Life's Lotto (Real Wealth Is Measured by Achievement, Not Cash)     30
You Are In Control     32
Defining Success Summary     33
Millionaire's Checklist     34
Knowing Yourself
Overview     37
Sometimes It's Better to Strike Out     38
Who Are You?     38
Don'tBe a Stranger (to Yourself)     40
Goal Achievement Exercise B     41
Goal Achievement Exercise C     43
What Are Your Limitations?     44
Goal Achievement Exercise D     45
Get Rid of It!     46
Buy Stock in Yourself     48
Goal Achievement Exercise E     49
Make Less, Find More     50
A Fish Story     51
Can You Dunk?     53
Knowing Yourself Summary     54
Millionaire's Checklist     55
Setting Goals and Overcoming Obstacles
Overview     57
A Quick Review     58
Step Up     58
Start By Writing a Goal     59
Goal Achievement Exercise F     59
Establishing Action Steps     60
Goal Achievement Exercise G     61
Timelines     62
Goal Achievement Exercise H     62
Write It Down     63
Goal Achievement Exercise I     64
Nothing Can Stop Me Now ...     65
Goal Achievement Exercise J     67
Three Huge Obstacles     69
Setting Goals and Overcoming Obstacles Summary     74
Millionaire's Checklist      75
Gathering the Tools for Success
Overview     77
A Successful Person's Tool Belt     78
Focus     78
Goal Achievement Exercise K     79
Time Management     81
Efficiency     83
Goal Achievement Exercise L     84
Ten Ways Time Really Is on Your Side     85
Priorities     87
Commitment     89
Do You Have the Pit Bull Mentality?     92
Gathering the Tools for Success Summary     93
Millionaire's Checklist     94
Evaluating Your Progress
Overview     95
Progress Report     96
Don't Forget the Map!     97
Goal Achievement Exercise M     99
Maintaining Your Course     101
O.K.... What If You're Way Off Track?     105
Goal Achievement Exercise N     106
Evaluating Your Progress Summary     108
Millionaire's Checklist     109
Overview     111
Can't Get A Job? Buy the Company!     112
MacGyver It!     113
Keep Looking-You'll Find It     117
There's No Need to Grow Up     119
Goal Achievement Exercise O      121
Find an Expert     121
Goal Achievement Exercise P     123
Resourcefulness Summary     124
Millionaire's Checklist     125
Overview     127
A Lesson from Trump     128
Goal Achievement Exercise Q     129
Dream It, See It, Do It!     129
Goal Achievement Exercise R     131
Five Creativity Factors     131
Millionaire's Checklist     140
Twelve Steps for Power With People
Overview     141
Sharpen Your People Skills     141
Goal Achievement Exercise S     143
Turk's Twelve-Step Plan for Bridge Building     144
Twelve Steps for Power with People Summary     154
Millionaire's Checklist     154
Positively Thinking
Overview     157
Where's Your Head At?     158
The Multimillionaire Blues     158
Change the Mental Channel     160
Goal Achievement Exercise T     161
Don't Complain-Fix It     162
Goal Achievement Exercise U     163
The Key To Success? Live Out of Your Car     164
Worst Case, Best Case     165
Keep It Moving     166
Eliminate Negative Self-Talk     166
Create a Repeatable Success Thought     167
Goal Achievement Exercise V     168
Positively Thinking Summary     169
Millionaire's Checklist     170
Overview     173
Borrow, Go Into Debt, and Max Out Your Credit Cards     174
Sacrificing for Success     175
Goal Achievement Exercise W     176
Goal Achievement Exercise X     179
Sacrifice Summary     183
Millionaire's Checklist     184
Be Patient, and Enjoy the Journey
Overview     187
Doing Time     188
Manana     189
So What Should You Do to Be More Patient?     190
Enjoy the Journey     191
The Five Years Test     192
Goal Achievement Exercise Y     192
Seek Happiness in Simplicity     192
GOAL (Go Out And Live)     194
Goal Achievement Exercise Z     195
Take a Break     196
Be Patient, and Enjoy the Journey Summary     196
Millionaire's Checklist     197
About the Author     199

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