Life's New Game: Activating the 5 Elements to BreakOut Success in Life & Business

Life's New Game: Activating the 5 Elements to BreakOut Success in Life & Business

by Ed Oakley, Liz Hester


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ISBN-13: 9781890088040
Publisher: Enlightened Leadership Publications
Publication date: 09/17/2014
Pages: 164
Sales rank: 903,440
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

Founder of Enlightened Leadership Solutions(ELS) and co-author of "Enlightened Leadership; Getting to the Heart of Change" and other books, Ed has consulted both domestically and internationally in 68 countries over the last 27 years.
His books have over 400,000 in circulation. He specializes in project turnarounds, change efforts, and breakout initiatives. At least 23 of the Fortune 100 have used, and/or are using his work.
Before forming his own company, Ed was an executive at HP and was noted for starting new roles and demonstrating how to have breakout performance in those roles.

While these programs were all well-received and created breakout performance by people and organizations, Ed always felt there was more to this "leadership development" thing than they and other top leadership development companies were realizing.
Inspired by a recent personal debilitating illness, Ed has broken the code on a whole new way of developing leadership, one that is easy and gets you closer and closer to who you really are - the leaders that is inside you naturally. He developed a unique and breakout way to optimize the effectiveness of individuals and organizations.

Liz Hester comes from a fascinating background of being a teacher, youth pastor and marketer - with great success in each area. And somehow, they're all coming together in Life's New Game.

Ask her a question. She'll have the answer or the direction for you to seek. That's what made her an effective pastor, youth pastor, teacher and marketer.

Some of you come from the business world. She'll talk in terms of processes and communication. Some of you prefer the language of math and science and she'll talk Quantum theory, multidimensional theory and tesseracts. Some of you walk in various spiritual planes and she'll talk in terms of Jesus, Enlightenment, Guides, Cosmic Alignments, etc.

We each play our own game. We each play it full out. And together we're all going to the next level. It's an amazing ride. Today we embark on this amazing journey to release all our selves, so we can fully live into this great work we have for this world.

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