Life's Punctuated Immortality

Life's Punctuated Immortality

by Robert Woods


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This glorification of nature, in general incorporates themes of Darwinian evolution through natural selection, extending to investigation of the origin of life from elements made in the stars, to contemplation of consciousness, self-awareness, laws of nature (physics) and probabilities of exact duplication of life-forms (including man) over stretches of time and planetary realms (our punctuated immortality). Overall, there is celebration of the gift of life through each incarnation of birth, death and rebirth in view of science and thoughts of spirituality. The subsuming principle throughout is "love," from its haven in the light of dreams to magnanimous configurations that sustain the ethos of humanity.

And life's summation can be visualized in the dream-light from the poem "Rainbow;"

The wave of color binds our sentiments before it fades.

For each emotion, is a subtlety in hue expressed,

And through life's noble journey, may we add these tints and shades

To vivid cast a rainbow in prismatic lightbeams blessed.

Ephemeral are the tones of life bestowed on halcyon skies,

When heralded by the rainbow arched above its golden eyes.

Or from dreams in the creation of legacy and,

ultimately, a consummation of the human species.

How privileged we are with self-awareness,

To momentary glean the cosmic splendor

As part of visions, doubts and thoughts of fairness,

Of how the human species may engender

A code of ethics, and historic render

Our consummation--carbon based, which cast

Unto the void of time and space, would tender

Ethos and quintessence of our past

And future legacies, should dreams survive steadfast.

--from "Enlightenment of Mankind"

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ISBN-13: 9781480824751
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Publication date: 01/26/2016
Pages: 126
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