Lifescripts for the Self-Employed: What to Say to Get What You Want in Life's Toughest Situations

Lifescripts for the Self-Employed: What to Say to Get What You Want in Life's Toughest Situations


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ISBN-13: 9780028626215
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/16/1999
Series: Lifescripts Series
Pages: 161
Product dimensions: 4.80(w) x 9.18(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Series editor Stephen M. Pollan is the author of fifteen books with Mark Levine, including the Lifescripts series and the best-sellers Die Broke and Live Rich. An attorney, financial consultant, author, and television personality, he was CNBC's on-air financial expert on several shows and is a frequent guest on the Today show and Good Morning America, has appeared twice recently on Oprah, and has written cover stories for New York and Worth magazines. The scripts for these books were written by Pollan and Levine, as well as a number of contributors under their guidance.

Table of Contents


Introduction: The Magic of Lifescripts.

PART ONE: Lifescripts for Clients.

1. Cold Calling a New Client.

2. Breaking Bad News to a Client.

3. Refusing a Client's Request.

4. Resurrecting a Former Client.

5. Dealing with an Irate Client.

6. Challenging a Client's Behavior.

7. Apologizing to a Client for Your Own Mistake.

8. Apologizing to a Client for Another Person's Mistake.

9. Pressing a Client to Pay the Bill.

10. Telling a Client You've Increased Your Fees.

11. Justifying Increased Fees to a Critical Client.

12. Renegotiating Your Fee with a Client.

13. Explaining Delays to a Client.

14. Closing a Deal with a Client.

15. Ending the Relationship with a Client.

PART TWO: Lifescripts for Investors and Lenders.

16. Approaching an Institutional Investor.

17. Approaching a Family Investor.

18. Asking an Institutional Lender for More.

19. Asking Institutional Lender to Recast Terms.

20. Approaching a Family Lender.

21. Asking a Family Lender to Recast Terms.

22. Turning Down a Lender's Request for Equity in Your Company.

23. Explaining Your Criminal Record to an Investor.

24. Inviting a Lender to Become Your Partner.

25. Explaining a Prior Bankruptcy to an Investor.

PART THREE: Lifescripts for Professionals, Suppliers, and Others.

26. Renegotiating Your Professional's Overcharge.

27. Asking Your Professional to Reduce His or Her Fee.

28. Explaining an Understatement of Income to the IRS.

29. Explaining an Overstatement of Expenses to the IRS.

30. Explaining Your Lack of Good Credit to a Supplier.

31. Asking a Supplier for a Consignment Deal.

32. Asking a Supplier for a Special Credit Accommodation.

33. Turning Down an Employee's Request for Equity in Your Company.

34. Asking for Cooperation from a Competitor.

35. Inviting a Competitor to Become Your Partner.

36. Renegotiating a Lease with Your Landlord.

37. Asking Your Landlord for Rent Forbearance.

38. Renegotiating a Proposed Insurance Settlement.

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