Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Live Your Dreams, Ignite Your Passions and Run Your Business From Anywhere in The World

Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Live Your Dreams, Ignite Your Passions and Run Your Business From Anywhere in The World

by Jesse Krieger


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Find success, freedom, and adventure—outside the nine-to-five grind . . .

Lifestyle Entrepreneur provides a step-by-step framework to turn your interests and passions into products and services that add value for others—while supporting a lifestyle of novelty and adventure. Interwoven with stories and strategies for success, Lifestyle Entrepreneur inspires and instructs aspiring entrepreneurs on how to gain clarity on their identity and a vision for greatness.

From a successful entrepreneur who has traveled to and lived in over thirty countries—as well as toured with a rock band, learned new languages, and climbed a volcano—this book offers such frameworks as the Discover Your Identity process and the Vision-MAP, to help you start designing your ideal lifestyle and learn how to leverage these interests and passions to create online businesses that are reflective and complementary to your life and business goals.

“Carries you over the most important threshold in an entrepreneur’s life: From ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can.’” —Bryan Franklin, cocreator of Mind Money Meaning

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ISBN-13: 9781614486275
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 06/03/2014
Pages: 194
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Jesse Krieger was born and raised in San Francisco but spends three to four months a year traveling the world. Whether it’s climbing volcanoes with friends in the Mediterranean or consulting with clients from Malaysia to Manhattan, Jesse views the world as both a playground and a potential addressable market.

During his twenties Jesse started over five companies and sold the last two. He has lived in, worked in, and traveled to more than thirty countries and speaks German and Mandarin Chinese in addition to his native English.

A graduate of UC Berkeley and formerly a touring rock guitarist, Jesse counts becoming a published author as his most recent achievement. When he is not consulting with clients on lifestyle and entrepreneurship, he can usually be found on a bicycle, pedaling up a steep mountain slope or yelling at the top of his lungs from the peak.

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How to Design The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams

When it comes to creating a lifestyle that fills you with a sense of purpose and excitement, there are a few guiding principles that can help start the process. The first principle is perhaps the simplest, and that is to live your life the way that feels right and true to You! It is very easy to live a life that someone else has planned out for you, or to feel like the purpose of life is to live up to someone else's expectations.

So while it may cause some friction in the short run to change gears and reengineer your lifestyle, if your friends, family and significant others truly value your happiness, they will eventually come around and your relationships will be healthier because of it.

There were plenty of times that I chased an idea so far down the rabbit hole that I couldn't be sure I was going down the right path. But those feelings of uncertainty, coupled with a drive to succeed and prosper have always helped me persevere until I crossed enough thresholds to be taken seriously in my new endeavor.

My mother wasn't particularly supportive of me foregoing college to travel Europe playing rock music in bars and clubs. But that experience led to me owning a record label on Music Row in Music City, Nashville Tennessee. And when my band had the #1 independent rock song in USA she was our biggest fan! It wasn't that I wanted to disrespect her wishes for me, but rather I wanted to prove that I could make a career doing what I love, even if that meant a lot of setbacks and disappointments along the way.

During three years of playing music and running a record label with my band mate Jake, I had built relationships with people from all walks of the business world; marketers, radio promoters, video producers, investors, management firms and public relations agencies. They all dealt with me as Jesse Krieger, the guitarist for Harsh Krieger that also runs the business side of things. That was my identity for a while and I lived it 100%. But after many years we came to a point where we all wanted to experience something else in life, and we decided to disband and go our separate ways.

That was perhaps the first time in my adult life where I was conscious of the opportunity I had to create a new identity. As I was driving back to my home town of San Francisco I decided to launch a consulting firm and try to leverage all the relationships I made running a label to help other musicians and businesses. That was the beginning of Krieger Consulting Group, which still exists to this day. However the focus quickly grew from just working on music industry projects, to learning all sorts of new industries like VoIP, nutritional supplements and consumer products. I found the experience of building a company in one industry had many parallels with doing the same in any industry.

I saw the bigger picture: Lifestyle & Entrepreneurship as two intertwined ideas, like DNA strands circling around one another, enabling each other to grow.

It didn't take long to feel comfortable in my new identity as a business development and strategy consultant to small, fast-growth companies. Whatever I didn't know, I would stay up late studying and gaining new skills just in the nick of time to apply them to projects. By always trying to go the extra mile for clients, I built a great referral-based business that lead to working alongside 4-time Superbowl champ Bill Romanowski. He hired me to quarterback the launch of his new nutritional supplement business. This project was the peak experience of my early years as a consultant and Bill turned out to be not only the hardest hitting player in the NFL, but also a very driven entrepreneur.

As my client's businesses began to grow and more people joined their teams, it became clear that the one thing all my clients were struggling with was raising enough funds to grow their businesses. This was a preview into my next lifestyle change as I started to build relationships with investors and investment banks that to help my clients get financing. Once I saw the world of using money to make money up close, I knew that this was where the real fortunes were lost and made, where the real action took place. Before long I was studying for my Series 7 & 63 securities licenses to become an investment banker with a boutique investment bank that offered me a VP of Business Development title in exchange for merging my consulting practice with them. I accepted.

One of my heroes has always been Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and Pixar. In a commencement speech at Stanford University he said that you can only connect the dots looking backwards. That following your passion can lead you to unexpected places, studying or working on projects that seem disconnected or random. But looking backwards, after the fact, there is a common thread that connects all of those experiences together and you'll find that you got just the right information and experiences to prepare you for the next round of challenges and opportunities.

This advice proved prescient as I embraced my new identity as an investment banker. I went into overdrive; scouting deals, on the phone at all hours, pitching investors, flying in and out of cities on the same day for meetings. I had the pedal to the floor and was making hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions from millions of dollars of transactions I was generating.

But the success was not without cost, as my relationship life suffered and even my family began pointing out that when they asked "how are you?" I would start listing off the current state of prospecting, selling and closing different deals.

Then, in the summer of 2008, I stumbled upon what looked like an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A community of entrepreneurs, dating coaches and health & fitness experts was putting together a pilot program called Project Rockstar.

The idea was to take six somewhat ordinary guys and break all the boundaries of what's possible in terms of lifestyle. From fashion consults and approaching attractive women in the streets to customized fitness programs and business mentoring, Project Rockstar was 56 days that challenged and replaced every conception of what I thought was possible!

When you follow your passions, wherever unexpected places they may lead, you will inevitably stumble across some of your life purposes.

I began Project Rockstar as an introvert, determined to become wealthy at all costs and finished a new man. No more anxiety about talking to strangers or speaking in front of groups and my conception of wealth transformed as well; now I value my time and mobility above just an ever-increasing bank balance. In the process I got to travel to London, Stockholm and Shanghai with the instructor team and meet interesting, successful people from all walks of life. This was a major turning point in my life that set me down a path leading directly to this book.

Now for the last four years I have travelled the world teaching workshops on dating science, lifestyle design and entrepreneurship. The creator of Project Rockstar and now one of my closest friends, Jim Stark once said that "the best way to true understanding is to assume the role of the teacher." And so it is that I started down a road of personal development and empowerment, only to find myself now being the one doing the teaching. It is both a rewarding and extremely fun job which has led me to writing this book.

The seemingly disconnected events, the chance meetings that lead to a future business partner or relationship only really become clear upon reflection. So don't try to plan too far into the future when you're just exploring a new idea or relationship. Be open to serendipity and attuned to the possibilities that can arise out of the most unexpected of places. This is the core principle that underpins a life worth living and sets the stage perfectly for the discussion on the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs road map to follow


Think of the most successful person you've ever seen. What does he look like? Who is she with? Where are they going and how are they travelling? Despite the specifics, there is a good chance they look happy and radiate a sense of confidence that is born from accomplishment. This is what a Lifestyle Entrepreneur does. They are successful people who do what they want, when they want to, with whomever they please. And they do it in style, making it look easy and inviting in the process.

Endless opportunities present themselves to the successful, as do appeals for help and aid. In both cases it is because successful people are men and women of action who are involved in a variety of lifestyle pursuits and have myriad business interests. The confidence to make the decisions necessary to be successful comes from having a positive self-image and a strong identity. It requires that you know yourself through and through, and trust yourself to make good decisions given imperfect information.

You may already have a strong set of beliefs, or a blueprint for success in one area of life. If decision making comes easy to you, then you've got a headstart on discovering, or reimagining, your identity and expressing it through your lifestyle and businesses. If not, then it really is a process of discovering your identity, by removing any covers or filters that prevent you from acting the way that feels right and experiencing happiness in your life.

Success and identity go hand in hand. You can't act in a way that runs counter to your basic values and expect to feel no guilt or shame, let alone happiness. No. Success is acting in accordance with your core values while pursuing business interests and passion projects with friends and partners around the globe. That is the path of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur on the road to mastery.

Taking inventory of your current belief system and identity is the first step towards becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, so let's get started!


Let's begin with the end goal in mind. The Lifestyle Entrepreneur's Roadmap summarizes the core concepts presented throughout Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Indeed, gaining an understanding of how these concepts interrelate will give you the tools to design your lifestyle and build businesses that reflect and amplify your identity, interests and passions.

These are represented by the star tetrahedron, or the Centerpiece Star. As two interlocking triangles representing the behavioral aspects of your life and what you are creating and manifesting as a result of them, this star serves as a reflection of your identity at any given time. As time goes on, interests change and life circumstances change. The Lifestyle Entrepreneur's Roadmap is a flexible tool to help you create the lifestyle and entrepreneurial endeavors you value most.


Discovering Your Identity!

Know >> Do >> Be

"When youknowwhat you want, it becomes clear what must be done. As you do, eventually you will come to be. And that is your identity."


Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur begins with a true understanding of who you are through your identity and core values. This requires you to become self-aware and assess your current circumstances in life, and then to define and design the most compelling vision for the future you can. But before we get there, let's begin by taking inventory of where you stand today in terms of your worldview, your competencies and skills.

To do this we will start by looking at the three internal identity drivers that inform your experience in life. These are the Mental, Emotional and Physical aspects of who you are. Collectively the internal identity drivers construct your perception of reality in terms of what you think is possible, how you feel about your life experiences and what you're physical capabilities and limitations are. These are the biological foundations of your identity.

Then we will look at how the "inside comes out" through the three external identity drivers that determine how you perceive and experience your place in the world. We'll refer to these as your psychological components, which describe what you Know, the things you Do, and the roles you play (how your show-up, or Be in the world). Collectively, the internal and external identity drivers are a function of your belief system and are the system that dictates how you see the world and how others experience you.

Following is an exercise that provides an opportunity to take an honest assessment of your biological and psychological foundations and will empower you to discover, and ultimately reimagine, your identity. It will tell you where you stand and what needs to be done to change and create the identity you really want. This is good because after getting clarity on your identity today, I want you to go through the exercise again to create your ideal identity for your future as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. This will come about by focusing on your interests and identifying your passions, re-engineering the inward drivers of your identity so that you can support the new external manifestations, and ultimately living an entrepreneurial lifestyle of freedom and opportunity.

With clarity on the biological and psychological sides of the identity equation, all the other tools, tactics and strategies in this book will become a bridge from where you are today, to whom you'll become tomorrow. And you know what the best part is? Once you grow and realize the current dreams you have today, the horizon for what is possible stretches further into the distance and new ambitions and goals that may have seemed totally unobtainable will start to come more clearly into focus. This is the way to build momentum and go from strengh-to-strength, exceeding your expectations and serving as a role model to those around you.

You can revisit this exercise at any time, take a snapshot of where you are, and strategize for the next steps you'll take. The goal here is to be living in alignment with your interests and passions and doing it on purpose. When your internal identity drivers are aligned with your outward facing persona, actions and undertakings, well that is the sweet spot where the magic happens. This fully-expressed version of you is represented by the centerpiece star at the heart of the Identity Map. This is you living out your fullest potential with clarity and purpose, serving as an inspiration to others and making money in the process. I've seen it happen time and time again, in my own life, in my client's lives and across the global network of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who I deeply admire and consider some of my closest friends. The creation process never gets old.

So let's get to work! Here we will walk through the construction of each component of your Identity Map using my experiences as a case study. This should start the wheels turning in your mind so you can create an Identity Map that accurately reflects where you are today, and more importantly, where you want to go tomorrow.


Your Biology: Mental, Emotional and Physical

Mental — The mental identity driver consists of your thought patterns and reasoning abilities. When you are thinking logically in terms of cause and effect, or thinking about the structure and blueprint that underpins a business, a language, a skyscraper or a class curriculum. All of the mental drivers reside in your mind. So when you are thinking and planning, you are engaging your mental abilities, and for our purposes here it is important to take inventory of how your thought patterns operate, and really drilling down on how you perceive the world.

For this exercise it is useful to write down 3-4 of the mental drivers you identify with wherever you are in life right now. What are the logical and rational qualities that you embrace when interacting with your friends, your family, your work colleagues or that you value in your relationships?

So grab a pencil and a sheet of paper! Finish these sentences and you will begin to get clarity on the current state of affairs for your mental identity drivers:

The intellectual challenges I enjoy most are ...

My approach to planning and problem solving is ...

I am most satisfied when I am thinking about ...

I get my best ideas when I am ...

When I think about my life a year from now the first thing I think is ...


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Table of Contents

From The Jungles of Borneo ...,
What Is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?,
Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Roadmap,
The Foundation of Success,
The Internal Identity Drivers,
The External Identity Drivers,
Complete Internal and External Identity Map,
Now It's Your Turn ...,
Lifestyle Entrepreneurs In-Focus: Akira Iguchi,
Time to Go Supernova!,
The B-TEA Framework,
How Do Beliefs Influence Your Thoughts, Emotions and Actions?,
How Beliefs Turn Into Actions,
Case Study: TAIWAN,
Design Your Own Creative Construct 38,
Lifestyle Entrepreneurs In-Focus: Jefferson Santos 39,
Navigating The 21st Century Internet Economy,
How to Run a Business From Your Laptop Anywhere in The World,
The Vision-MAP Framework,
Lifestyle Entrepreneurs In-Focus: Jim Stark,
The Thresholds of Ideation,
The Thresholds of Development to Launch,
Thresholds in Launch and Growth,
Threshold Theory for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur,
Blueprint for a Productive Power Hour,
Lifestyle Entrepreneur In-Focus: Andrew Smith,
Going Back to The Start ... Harsh Krieger - Live in Adrian, Michigan,
Type 1: Online - Custom,
Type 2: Online - Standard,
Type 3: Offline - Custom,
Type 4: Offline - Standard,
Lifestyle Entrepreneur In-Focus: Jasper Ribbers,
Start The Engine of Your Lifestyle Entrepreneur Business!,
Understanding The Model Through A Customer's Experience,
Looking Under The Hood of The Operations Model,
Summary of The Operations Model,
Paid Cost-Per-Click Traffic,
Non-Paid Traffic (SEO),
SEO for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs,
Referral Traffic,
Twitter: The Power of 140 Characters,
Top 5 Twitter Utilities You Should Know,
Analytics: The Art of Traffic Analysis,
Selling The Dream: Closing the Sale & Funding Your Lifestyle,
The Skills That Pay The Bills,
Finding Your Sales Strategy,
Lifestyle Entrepreneur In-Focus: Andrew Yeoh,
A Look Under the Hood of,
Working On Your Project on,
Rules of The Road,
Your Virtual IT Department,

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