Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

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Illusion_Buster More than 1 year ago
The believers union and identity in Christ are very powerful truths that can be of much help to overcome the lies, defeat and bondage that Satan has brought into your life. Christians who use these teachings from Gilham usually will experience some real results and therefore tend to build there camp around Gilham's teachings. Unfortunately the Gilham's have several false teachings and other problems that can cause much harm. Some of these are as follows: 1. Gilham teaches that God inspired the original authors of the Bible to put errors in the Bible, that is that there are some contradictions in the Bible and God put them there so you will have to trust God more than what you read or see in the Bible, he quotes from the Old Testament to try to prove this. I heard this on a set of Gilham teaching tapes I had in the late 1980's, this concept is not in Gilham's book. Gilham believes all things are from God good and bad and at least he accepts to some extent that error and truth are from God too, it seems like he does this to try to be consistent in places where he can't get his theology to fit with the Bible's obvious and clear statements. It very close to the Eastern Pantheism , the impersonal concept of God where everything that exist is God and where ultimately good & evil are really one and the same thing. Yet with Gilham you have a personal God who is the source of all things and responsible for all things so ultimately good & evil are really one and the same thing and all of it comes from God. So anything painful, distructive and evil that comes your way you must not reject or resist it is sent from God and you will be fighting God if you try to resist it and you should just accept it and be grateful for it and learn to call it good. 2. About the time "Lifetime Guarantee" was written Gilham's son, Preston H. Gillham, who is co author of Lifetime Guarantee, and in the ministry with his father went through his Christian divorce. (see 1 Timothy 3:5) 3. Gilham teaches that all that comes to the Christian life is a gift and blessing from God including disease, early death and generally all kinds of horrible hellish things come from the loving heavenly Father God as a blessing to help you. Gilham's son died of a serious life long disease in his early teens and the whole Gilham family gave thanks to God for the disease their son was privileged to have from God's hand and the blessing of taking his very young life. (see Romans 3:8 and Isaiah 5:20) 4. Gilham teaches that Satan is only God's errand boy an instrument in God's hand to do God's work. This is unscriptural, Satan is God's and the believer's enemy. God does not use filthy evil beings to accomplish His holy work. God has angels who do His bidding not demons. Satan does not work for God he only serves himself and seeks to build and establish his kingdom not God's. Gilham teaches that Satan is ultimately and exclusively working for God something Jesus contradicted 100%. (see Matthew 12:22-27 and 1 Corinthians 14:33) 5. Gilham defines the Biblical term "flesh " as the human brain and the habit patterns etched into the brain, Gilham teaches you must understand this definition of the flesh to walk in victory. If this is true then the many teachings Paul gave on the " flesh " could not be understood until modern science uncovered these workings of the human brain in the 20th century. That means for 19 centuries no Christian really
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book has had the biggest impact on my Christian life. Highly recommend for those who struggle with trying to be a 'good' Christian--a life of victory in Jesus is waiting!