Light and Healthy Mediterranean Cooking

Light and Healthy Mediterranean Cooking


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In her introductory chapters, Judith Wills compares the average Western diet with that of the Mediterranean and demonstrates clearly how imbalanced that of the more developed countries has become. Her conclusions are simple: not only can you improve your health and lengthen your life by changing to a Mediterranean diet, but you can also lose weight while enjoying satisfying and varied meals.

At the heart of the book are over 100 delicious recipes drawn from all over the region, from as far afield as Lebanon and as close to home as France. Alongside the expected classics and old favorites like Minestrone, Hummus and Salade Nicoise, there are treats such as the unforgettable eggplant dish--The Priest Fainted--Chicken with 30 Cloves of Garlic and Judith's own Greek-Style Yogurt. Each of the recipes makes four servings and has a detailed nutritional analysis as well as a calorie count.

Light & Healthy Mediterranean Cooking is more than a cookbook and much more than a diet book. It is an exciting introduction to a new way of eating based on the wisdom of ancient way of life. Use it to revolutionize your own life while giving your taste buds and your family a treat.

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Publication date: 05/11/1992
Pages: 128
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