Lights Out

Lights Out

by Melissa Groeling


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ISBN-13: 9781626940888
Publisher: Black Opal Books
Publication date: 11/29/2013
Pages: 386
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.80(d)

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Lights Out 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
WOW I don’t even know where to start it is well written but does have child prostitution and violence which some may have some issues with but in my book it is well worth the time to pickup and read. It is a story that is going to stick with you for some time to come. It isn’t one you want to read before going to bed at night or you might have to leave the lights on. What a sorrow, touching, heartbreaking read that will send goose bumps down your spine, it is a read that really touched me deeply. The author gives a chilling, compelling story that hooks you from the start with a story you can’t put down. Action packed, suspenseful read that pulls you in from the start it was a story I had to read and stayed up late to finish it. I have no trouble seeing this in the headlines in today’s world with some of the sick people we live with it isn’t hard to say this is a believable story. Paul has been where these victims have been now he has moved up to hit-man but things aren’t setting very well for him. His boss is a psycho who he really dislikes, and he wants out but things don’t every go that easy in the crime world. Aaron decided Paul needs a gift of a young boy, they don’t see things the same way which leave Paul and the boy on the run. Paul will protect this young boy no matter what. Now it is a race against time both Aaron and Paul plan on coming out the winner but there will only be one. The book summary does not do this book justice there is so much more going on some of it will make you feel sick and leave your mouth hung open. It is a very intents read that will have you on the edge. Even as I closed the book the story has stuck with me for days. I had to take a little time to think it over and still my review won’t do it justice. The author gives you a well written story that holds your attention from the first page until the last with a surprising ending. You will be kept guessing to the outcome as she twists and turns you until your head spins, when you think it can’t get worse it does. Be prepare to be shock, mouth open, heart breaking fast as you fall in love with the characters and really dislike that manymore. It will be a story that I will reread for years to come, it isn’t a story for the faint of heart. It will be a story that holds you spellbound with the complex story line and the characters. The hunt is on and the killer is running to keep them both safe. Will you dare to come take the journey that will leave you shocked, chilled and horrified? Come if you dare but you have been warned, take a seat for a wild thrilling chilling ride of your life.
jcresce1 More than 1 year ago
Wow, there is so much going on in this story. Paul pretty much gets a death sentence and a little boy named Ethan. Then the 2 of them are on the run together. Who is after him? Who is after Ethan? It's definitely a story you don't want any spoilers for. If you like suspense then read it!!!
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I received this book to give an honest review. When I read the blurb to this book I really thought I would get into it and enjoy it. This was a good book, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped. Paul has nightmares that plague him from his past, now he is wanting to get away from his boss Aaron who we learn has taken care of him for fifteen years. Now Paul didn't have an easy life growing up and we learn that at one time he was a male prostitute at a young age. Then he receives a gift from his boss which rather disturb me because the nature of the gift is a young boy named Twinkie and he is there to "please" and do what Paul wants. We watch as Paul starts to care for this young boy but in a care giver way because he knows the life this young boy has been forced to live. It is something that keeps bringing up the memories of his past. As Paul decides to take care of Ethan and leave the assassination business behind he is hunted down and we watch as no matter where he goes he is never truly safe. In the end Paul has to come to face his past to learn to focus on the future is what I gathered. There is a lot of detail within the book to the point that it felt repetitive to me. And the way Paul would handle situations by not accepting what was given to him just drove me batty.Now later on I didn't truly understand what Jakob had to do with everything as he caught Paul put him in cage. Let him go but then somehow caught Aaron put him in cage and what was the purpose of it all. I also didn't truly understand about Chac Mool was he really a person that couldn't die?          Overall the plot of the story was good, a lot of action and character development.
BookGeekUK More than 1 year ago
** The copy was provided by the author in order to receive an honest review ** This story isn't one that I'd normally pick up. I'll admit i'm a romance girl. There's a lot of action crammed into all the chapters and there isn't moment that doesn't grab your attention. Aimed around violence and child prostitution this won't be something for everyone however it is and eye opened into a dark world that one can hope doesn't exist, never has, never will. One thing that I keep thinking about is the fact that this book makes you realize how much human beings can and will do to others. Yes this is a novel but I wouldn't put it past someone somewhere to have done the things described, the heart on the door is something that is stuck in my mind... If you're looking for a chilling read, definitely read this... This book would be perfect for a cold, winter, stormy night. You a hot chocolate a roaring fire and a cozy blanket... just make sure you're not jumpy or easily scared (as in you'll have the book roaming your head for nights and every noise becomes suspicious.)
MicaMaca More than 1 year ago
This book was hard to put down and at the same time I didn't want to finish it because I was just lost in it. At times I wanted to crawl into the book and show those grown men, the sickos who get turned on by torturing children, little boys especially, a piece of their own medicine. Wal-Mart will never be the same, every time I see one of these giant stores, I will think if there's a married man getting his BJ from a teenager or even younger somewhere at the back parking lot, behind a dumpster while his wife and kids peruse aisles. Or perhaps a shift manager on his 10 minutes break.  Here's an excerpt that describes Paul's childhood "Welcome to Bushmann's Orphanage for Young Boys. Here for your pleasure and servitude. Youngest are in the upper levels of this magnificent mansion. Oldest down below. Pleas watch your step.  The echo of the greeting that he'd heard night after night, filtering up to his third-floor room that was one below the attic while beneath him, there was the robust, excited laughter of men, thick with anticipation and quick money exchanges. Cash only, if you please. No need for the wife to see the charges on the credit card bill.  Ten minutes later, his bedroom door would open." But Paul has risen above all that, even if he's now owned by yet another sicko, Aaron. Who trained him and turned him into a killing machine. He killed people from the list provided by his boss. Until he was given Ethan, a 11 years old boy who is in the same predicament as he once was, or as those sick, pathetic minds refer to him a whore. Paul starts to have something to live for, to escape Aaron and then what? Live on the run? From there on, Paul and Ethan go from frying pan into the fire, time and time again. And of all killers with no remorse and consciousnesses of a jackal, Chac Mool is one unpredictable and most interesting. And the kind that makes you go hmm, is he human.  I haven't read many suspense books so to me this story was quite original. It is long and as much as I wanted to read it in one setting, I couldn't. The only thing I'd like to have known was how Ethan ended in such peril but it's not hard to imagine. Runaways, kids kicked out on the street, those nameless victims of cruel society in which vulnerable are prayed upon. It is sickening to know that any child could end up like this. NO wonder martial arts schools are packed. Because no one will protect them. Not the police, not their teachers, in fact just read the news, those who should protect us are the first ones to abuse us. This book will make you hug your kids tighter, appreciate things you have and not want for more. There's strong language, explicit material and gruesome scenes, but for those teenagers who think of running away, this is quite an eye opener. This is what waits for you right under the watchful eye of regulating agencies.  Oh, and I wonder if Paul returned Edna's car. Zrinka Jelic
1crazypenguin More than 1 year ago
I knew I would enjoy this book, since the first one I read by this author didn't disappoint. However, it is a deep subject matter, but I had a hard time putting the book down. Melissa Groeling knows how to keep a captive audience. I look forward to her next book!
TheBibliophilicBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Paul has a job, a nice home, a beautiful girlfriend…and a killer secret. Paul is a professional hitman, but he’s coming a little loose at the seams. His nightmares haunt him while he’s awake and his handler, Aaron, does his utmost best to keep him off balance. When Paul’s backed into a corner, he runs not only to protect himself, but to protect Ethan – a young boy given to him by Aaron. However, things aren’t always as they seem as Paul tries to keep himself and Ethan safe while dealing with his own tortured past. LIGHTS OUT is not for the faint of heart (or stomach) and will be polarizing to all those who read it. Note: There are graphic violent scenes, so readers please beware. I empathized with Paul as I learned the horror through which he lived and never truly escaped. Ethan’s innocence even in the face of his past, even in the face of his denial of such, was touching and truly heartbreaking. Yet please don’t expect a fuzzy-wuzzy story in LIGHTS OUT – it is hard-hitting, visceral, and at times strange. What I really enjoyed was how, by the end, the author made me question the truth of where this story was taking place. LIGHTS OUT packs a wallop of an emotional punch and will affect every reader deeply.
Wintry8 More than 1 year ago
I’ve been in a slump for the past few days. My brain didn’t feel like reading, so I went through a daze, struggling to get lost in a book, which is something I enjoy immensely. But then I started reading Lights Out, and all of a sudden, I was out of the slump. This book gripped me and pulled me in from the first sentence, it might be because it’s not a romance novel, (and I’ve read a ton of romance novels this past year) or it might be because this book was so intense. It had me on the edge of my seat, goosebumps running up and down my arms, and it kept me up for the better part of two nights. Melissa Groeling created a thrilling story, with in-depth characters and a plot that, at times, disgusted me, but mostly just broke my heart severely and in several places. It broke my heart because the situation is something that we all know is happening out in the real world, and that’s a very scary thought. I’ve never read a thriller that had me in tears, so many times. Our main character, Paul, is basically a hitman, and his boss, Aaron, is just psycho. Paul wants out, but Aaron dredges up his past, reminding our hero that he is his property. But the last straw has been drawn when Aaron gives Paul a present which sends him straight back to his past, and Paul decides to take the gift and run. Not a completely dumb move, but Paul underestimates just how much power Aaron wields. Not to mention all of the other people that are after Paul and the present Aaron gifted to him. There were times, especially close to the end, that I was certain the poor guy wasn’t going to get a break. Add in one heck of a creepy character, who just won’t die, and who has told Paul that he will be the one to kill him, and you really get to wondering why Paul doesn’t just blow his own head off. But kudos to Paul, because even though his death is a sure thing, he still goes and saves the day. As I said before, this book had me on the edge of my seat. I struggled to put it down and it was all I could think about for days after reading it. I’m pretty sure this is a book that will stay with me for a long time and it definitely warrants more than a couple of rereads.