Lightstorm: An Incredible Journey Of Discovery Into Consciousness Interdimensional Life & UFO's

Lightstorm: An Incredible Journey Of Discovery Into Consciousness Interdimensional Life & UFO's

by R F Allen


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Much of our world is in bondage, is abused, exploited and manipulated. It is most obvious in the middle east as thousands are murdered and millions displaced, driven from their homes and towns by the same conquering spirit that has destroyed throughout history. Greedy, egotistical, self appointed murderers and thugs who have separated themselves from common sense and invented reasons to destroy, claiming justification and exaltation through their god.

Those in the West who profess freedom are also in a grave dilemma. Materialism is so powerful in blocking Earth energy, hiding the true reason they have incarnated on Earth, that other members of our Cosmic family have offered to assist those who are awakened. The desire of our Universal family is for all mankind, east and west, to have the opportunity to awaken, to experience Consciousness through Source.

Liberators are with us today, not involved in the shedding of blood but in the shedding of ignorance, of hopelessness, of abuse, physical, emotional, and psychological, for those who will receive it. Valiant, noble Souls standing ready to help and support the unfolding of that Divine Source in each individual that chooses to know and embrace their own Higher Consciousness.

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ISBN-13: 9781504362122
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 07/22/2016
Pages: 404
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An Incredible Journey Of Discovery Into Consciousness Interdimensional Life & UFO's

By RF Allen

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 RF Allen
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6212-2


Conduit to Higher Consciousness

The scientific world has proven what many people throughout history have known, the existence of other dimensions, and are researching how to access them. Scientists are acknowledging that life can exist in many different forms, environments, frequencies, and dimensions. They do not readily admit the existence of Consciousness, which is separate from the body.

The Ancients were able to understand, even see and interact with some of these lifeforms and environments. Scientists are attempting to prove their findings through technology because society has severed the Spirit connection through conditioning and deception. Some of our ancestors, Ancients, understood the Spirit connection and handed down that knowledge of Spirit and Consciousness to posterity. They knew what it meant to be a conduit between this plane of existence and higher frequencies and dimensions. They did not know the word 'conduit.' They referred to it as becoming like a 'hollow bone,' to access and channel Higher Consciousness to themselves and teach others to do likewise.

Key individuals, sometimes called Witch Doctors, Medicine Men or Shaman, knew how to attain an altered state of Consciousness. Many through certain plants, barks and roots in special ceremonies, as well as rhythmic sounds and chants. These altered states permitted the Shaman to enter different vibrations within this dimension. Then there were those that could travel there simply by altering their brain frequency and heart vibration without outside assistance.

We live in a three dimensional world. The fourth dimension includes what religion teaches as the Spirit World, a place where the Spirit goes after death to rest, or suffer, depending on our actions during mortality.

The forth dimension is much more than that and can be accessed while still in mortality. Fear can open the door to negative energy in that dimension, while Love can attract positive energy from the same place.

The fifth dimension is accessed through an open heart. As a person seeks to know truth, they eventually come to a knowledge of Universal Consciousness. At that moment the heart opens fully to receive understanding regarding the inquiry. All higher knowledge can be accessed this way. The door has been opened to the individual and all access is granted as the knowledge and power of the human heart melds with Universal Consciousness. At this point you have entered into the true 'natural state' of the heart. The true understanding of Unconditional Love is known and is then a natural reflex and is programmed into subconscious.

There are many dimensions, perhaps infinite. Within each dimension are frequencies. A good analogy of this is the existence of radio waves. We k now they exist in our dimension because we have radios and televisions to tune-in to them, but first the radio waves had to be discovered. This happened through the implanting of ideas leading to inventions through technology from creator gods within this third dimension, not visible to us because they are hidden in different frequencies. Some ideas and inventions have come through higher Consciousness. Multiple frequencies exist within each dimension and contain life and lifeforms that are beginning to re-reveal themselves. Science will find a way to move within the third dimension through technology because there are those who will not acknowledge that other dimensions can be accessed by anything other than three dimensional technology. The knowledge to access higher frequencies and dimensions is within the grasp of each human being as they invite higher vibrations into their heart. Technology is the 'bull in the china cupboard.' It is the only way available to the unawakened individual.

The gods of history are not thousands of years more advanced than us, they are only a 'frequency modulation' more advanced, and they are not gods! They are not even of a higher dimension. They are inhabitants of the same dimension as us at this point-in-time. The main differences between us is that they do not have physical bodies but they do have a somewhat higher technology than we, at our frequency, and they have known how to 'tune-in' to us. They have used their knowledge of technology to make us 'tune-out' to their existence. Some entities with these capabilities have used them to deceive and control because of our ignorance and we have believed them throughout history. They have been very adept at using 'interactive holograms' to deceive mankind into believing the apparitions and visions seen by religious leaders and religious followers, which had a supposedly divine source. In-fact, the source of these 'visions' was intradimensional, from within our own dimension. Their holographic projectors are concealed within a frequency that we at present can't access.

The worship and fear of a jealous God is what religion has been based on from the beginning. There is nothing higher than Love, nor greater. Worshipping and fearing God and following His/Her commandments are not, nor have ever been, directives from Source. These are nothing more than rules designed and put into effect to control the masses and the direction of this world. The whole idea from the beginning of this cycle of civilization, the past 6,000 years, was to get mankind to fear and worship creator gods, who exist within our own dimension only at a different frequency.

Supreme Creator, Source, radiates Love. Worship and fear are left to those who choose to exercise control over mankind because they have the free agency to do so and we have the free agency to accept it or not. The key has been their ability to deceive us through their understanding of technology and frequency thro ugh the use of interactive holograms manipulating us to believe they were in charge and that there was no higher source. They blocked higher information from our awareness and we, as humankind have followed them like sheep. In themselves, they cannot damage or destroy the Earth, however, they have been allowed to manipulate mankind to damage and destroy to inject fear and control.

We haven't dared question them, until now, due to the fear they had conditioned us to believe in. The teachings of a jealous, vengeful yet loving God permeates all of religion, even today. These creator gods have nourished themselves by the energy produce d through mankind's fear and intimidation of them.

Worldly Knowledge

We have been conditioned to believe that Universities are institutions of higher learning. Not so! Higher learning is achieved only through accessing Universal Consciousness where we are in contact with our higher self. All knowledge available to those who enter in.

Universities access world knowledge and claim it is higher learning. It involves nothing more than promoting the ways of the world and of corrupt man and the creator gods. This is brainwashing and conditioning of the mind and heart. Many professionals at that level pride themselves in teaching students to be free thinkers, as long as it fits into their mold or concept of what they think the world should be.

The Hippie movement of the 1960s' introduced some creative thinking to 'rock the boat' of present thinking at that time. Some of their beliefs were inspired through Higher Consciousness and again, just like at the time of the cultural revolution 1900 years prior, clever leaders both ecclesiastical and political began to manipulate the hippie way of thinking. Clever leaders began to tell the 'flower children' that if they wanted to change the 'system' they had to first become part of the 'system,' to change it from within. The very same is happening with the Tea Party. They are voted in to eventually be swept up into the same 'system' that has caused the world so much misery, disappointment, and death through justifiable actions in order to preserve and protect our so called 'sacred way of life'!

The Source

The seeker of truth understands, eventually, that the student can only access truth through entering into Universal Consciousness which is the fountain of all Truth and knowledge. The individual must enter in on their own, enhance their intuitiveness, increasing their ability to listen, realizing that life exists in all times, dimensions, and Universes. As this is realized the individual rises above this world, feels the Spirit connection with the Earth and all of Creation. The individual then becomes an enemy of the world but is then a friend and sustainer of the Earth and its mission.

I am giving you a glimpse into the Heart o f God (Source). Source is not complicated. Source does not issue doctrines nor commandments. We are all connected to one another. W e are all connected to Source. Source is in us, literally.

Earth has a Soul too. |t exercises its own free agency. We have been given free agency also. It was intended that humankind would become one with the Earth, however, within a very short time, during this cycle of civilization, some members of humankind developed ways, working through intradimensionai gods, to establish a 'pay as you go' system of control, introducing fear, greed, and power over others.

The energy produced by these negative teachings was food for the gods. Their human counterparts claimed inspirations, revelations, and visions from them, insisting that humankind must be obedient and submissive to them or suffer death (the inquisition), and eternal damnation.

The way of the Creator is that all life be blessed by the Earth freely, and give back to the Earth freely, and to one another. Were there a way for the powers that be to tax the air we breathe and the rain that nourishes the Earth, it would have been done long ago. We exist in the lowest vibration of Three Dimensional existence. |t is beyond the understanding of other extraterrestrial civilizations, that know of our world, how we have to pay our way to exist on a sphere that was created for us as a gift to inhabit freely, out of Love. Life upon this planet was meant to be free, to be shared, experienced and enhanced through the pure energy that is Unconditional Love. To help one another in all aspects of our created environment, not to see how much we could gain by taxing other peoples efforts and property to enhance another's physical status while sacrificing the wants and needs of those now seemingly inferior.

Earth A Free-Will Planet

Earth is a free-will planet and intradimensional beings have taken advantage of it, introducing power and control through fear. As they did they also commanded honor and worship due to their more advanced knowledge of technology, frequency, and the Universe, intimidating man into believing they would suffer the consequences of sin and rebellion, even to the destruction of Earth itself. Knowing that we had not developed to the same level, and with strategic visits to this Earth frequency, they counted on the fact that they could control us. Keeping Humankind under control through fear was the key.

Though the hands of those that deceived have been tied and they cannot introduce their ideas anymore, they have been quite thorough through power hungry humans who still use these techniques, many not even knowing they were originally from intradimensionals. The truth is that Humankind has had its attention diverted and been more concerned with their credit score than they have been in accessing Universal Consciousness. There again, fear over Love.

Earth Ascending

The earth is moving into a higher level of Consciousness and is recompensing man for its misuse! As the Earth moves into a higher level, those of humankind who are aware of this, and desire to, are also moving into it. They are connected to the Earth, Universal Consciousness, and Source.

The manipulation of evil has been perfected through religions, governments, and corporations.

Life exists throughout the universes and dimensions. Humans have the ability to create at a subordinate level. Creation at lower vibrations, within the Third Dimension, can and has been realized on this earth like no other. Interference of intradimensional travelers, with an understanding of higher three dimensional technology, have been regular visitors throughout our history. These 'travelers' have been honored and worshipped as gods down through the eons of time. They are the same intruder gods o f Hinduism as in the 'one true God- of Monotheism. They are all impostors and, at this time, have had their freedom of movement and interference blocked concerning this Earth, as Higher Consciousness and higher creations are here to assist. Creation by the highest source has always been done through Love. Love is the power to create at the highest level. The Earth is ascending rapidly. This world will be left behind to continue floundering in its' own disbelief, continuing to feed the Intradimensional deity through their misplaced energy.

History Repeating Itself

There has been sufficient time to change this direction without intervention. Religion refers to a divine deliverance in 'the last days', even a 'rapture' or being caught up into the clouds to be saved while the earth is cleansed by fire.

As in the times of Moses, there will be a deliverance. That deliverance 3500 years ago (not 3200 years according to archaeologists), was not a 'divine' deliverance but an interdimensional one. The people cried out to 'their God' to be saved from the political and religious control they had been enduring in Egypt. Their prayers were answered in a way they could not comprehend as anything less than miraculous. Moses understood the interdimensional as well as the intradimensional connection. ]t was his destiny during that lifetime. The deliverance was not a one sided event. There was a need created. Moses fled the Egyptian culture to a wilderness where he cou ld be contacted, taught, and sent back to help free the people.

Although Moses understood the interdimensional/intradimensional connection he could not teach the entirety of the Children of Israel since they were so steeped in the superstition of their ancestors as well as the powerful Egyptian form of worship and adoration of the Pharaohs that had been the cause of their enslavement for several generations. Religion played a powerful role in the ancient world as it has until today.

Moses had to have lived a very solitary life in that he understood the powers behind the religions at the time but could say very little. He was regarded as God to many of those delivered and there was such ignorance in the majority of the 13 Tribes at the time, that he had to set up a system to govern them.

The Ten Commandments were introduced to the body of Israel and administered to the Israelites by certain individuals, leaders that were chosen by Moses. They were more teachable. Moses had been taught by the The Ancients' while in the wilderness; higher guides and messengers during the years he was preparing to return to Egypt to deliver the people.

He had a close relationship with his brother Aaron upon his return to Egypt before the Exodus. He taught Aaron about the interdimensional/ intradimensional connection as he was destined to assist in the deliverance of the Israelites. He, according to the Torah, was a mouthpiece for Moses and was involved in the 'miracles' that were precursors to the freeing of the enslaved by the Pharaoh. Aaron was aware of the interdimensional/intradimensional connection and had experiences of his own to help prepare him an d the other men of the Tribe of Levi in being 'called' as priests to administer the sacred, or spiritual ceremonies to the remaining 12 tribes of Israel.

The same process is underway today. It is repeating itself. Many have cried out for assistance, even non-religious people. What I have observed is that many people in the western world don't even realize they are in bondage. This time it is to the powers that are in charge of the free world. Our world is not free. We are conditioned from birth to believe we are free. We are acclimated in our culture to accept things as they are and that they cannot be changed so the culture is accustomed to governments 'fixing' the problem by putting a band-aid over the incurable cancer and convincing the masses that everything is, or will be okay. |t is not okay! The cancer remains and is only getting worse!

Today there are many more who understand the universal order of things. More than at the time of Moses. That we are part of a greater community. A community motivated by Love, by connection, even interdimensional connection, knowing that we are all one, one with Source.

A 'deliverance' is under way. To many it will seem miraculous. To others it is not miraculous because they understand their connection to Source. It is being done through Love. The Love that our interdimensional family has for us, and we for each other, and our desire to live life with joy, without fear. However, our interdimensional family is not forcing this deliverance. They are here by invitation. Earth itself is ascending in its Consciousness. W e can be one with it. We can and will ascend together as we choose. Those who do not wish to ascend at this time are not lost nor condemned as religion would have them believe. They will ascend at their own pace. No one is forced to ascend. AH life is connected to Source whether we ascend now or through another lifetime.


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Table of Contents


Introduction, 13,
Chapter 1 Conduit to Higher Consciousness, 23,
Chapter 2 The Strawberry Patch, 45,
Chapter 3 Dedication To A Cause, 57,
Chapter 4 Stepping Out On Our Own, 77,
Chapter 6 Fiji!, 91,
Chapter 7 Bolivia!, 105,
Chapter 8 Leaving The Reality Of Religion Behind, 125,
Chapter 9 A New Direction, 147,
Chapter 10 Spirit of El Liberator, 174,
Chapter 11 My Mentors, 183,
Chapter 12 Other Messengers, 199,
Chapter 13 Spirit, 233,
Chapter 14 Guides & Messengers, 243,
Chapter 15 Visions, Dreams, And A Special Gift, 269,
Chapter 16 DNA, 287,
Chapter 17 Activating Our Intent, 301,
Chapter 18 Holograms, 313,
Chapter 19 Interdimensional Assistance, 333,
Chapter 20 Earth-Cradle Of Life, 343,
Chapter 21 Healing & The Healer, 359,
Chapter 22 Comments & Journal Entries, 371,
Authors Comments, 393,
About the Author, 399,

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