Like Joseph in Beauty: Yemeni Vernacular Poetry and Arab-Jewish Symbiosis

Like Joseph in Beauty: Yemeni Vernacular Poetry and Arab-Jewish Symbiosis

by Mark S. Wagner



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ISBN-13: 9789004168404
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 11/27/2008
Series: Brill Studies in Middle Eastern Literatures Series , #33
Pages: 356
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About the Author

Mark S. Wagner Ph.D. (2004) in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, New York University, is Assistant Professor of Arabic at Louisiana State University. He has published numerous articles on Arabic and Jewish literatures and Islamic law.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements xi

List of Abbreviations xiii

A Note on Translation xv

Introduction 1

Part 1 The Poetics of Humayn&ibar; Verse

Chapter 1 Defining the Humayn&ibar; Poem 11

Origins 11

Parts of the Poem 28

Music 30

Chapter 2 Dialect in Humayn&ibar; Poetry 33

Humayn&ibar; and Humor 33

Code-Switching 36

The "Saf&ibar;nah Circle" and Heteroglossia 45

Conclusions 64

Part 2 Humayn&ibar; Poetry in the Yemeni Cultural and Literary Landscape

Chapter 3 A Golden Age of Humayn&ibar; Poetry 71

Formal Poetic Patronage 71

Informal Poetic Patronage 80

Q&abar;t, Coffee, Tobacco, and Wine 82

Weddings 92

Madhhab Partisanship and Humayn&ibar; Poetry 101

Chapter 4 The Status of Humayn&ibar; Poetry 107

The Decline of Arabic Literature-Yemeni Views 107

Hazl 115

Composition and Collection 124

Inspiration 127

The "Safinah Circle" and Inspiration 133

The Prestige of Humayn&ibar; Poetry 142

Part 3 Shabazian Poetry

Chapter 5 R. S&abar;lim al-Shabaz&abar; and the Shabaziyy&abar;t 147

The Life of R. S&abar;lim al-Shabaz&abar; 147

Al-Shabaz&abar;'s Poetry: The Serri-Tobi Manuscripts 153

The Roots of the Shabazian Efflorescence 156

The Prestige Poem in Focus 172

Conclusion 192

Chapter 6 Shabazian Eroticism, Kabbalah and Dor De'ah 195

The Spring and the Snake 195

Esoteric Interpretation: Yahy&abar; Qorah's Commentaries on the D&ibar;w&abar;n 199

The Problem of the Exoteric Interpretation of Shabazian Poetry 212

Dor De'ah and Shabazian Poetry 219

Conclusion 239

Part 4 Humayn? and Modernity

Chapter 7 Humayn&ibar; Poetry and Revolution in Twentieth-Century Yemen 243

A Strange Encounter in the Poet's Paradise 243

Popular Cultureand Neo-Tribal Poetry 245

The Four Styles 247

Revolutionary Humayn&ibar; Poetry 254

Continuity in Modern Humayn&ibar; Poetry 259

Mutahhar al-Iry&abar;n&ibar;-the Apotheosis of Humayn&ibar;? 265

'Abdallah Sal&abar;m N&abar;j&ibar; and the Popular 268

N&abar;j&ibar; al-Ham&ibar;d&ibar;: Neo-Tribal Poetry at the Close of the Twentieth Century 271

Conclusions 274

Chapter 8 Shabaz&ibar; in Tel Aviv 277

Formative Yemeni Israeli Culture 277

The Yemeni and the Mizrahi 280

The Poetry of Disillusionment 284

Conclusions 295

Conclusion 299

Appendix 1 The Word "Humayn&ibar;" 307

Appendix 2 Humayn&ibar; Form, Structure, and Prosody 311

Appendix 3 Orthography and Prosody in ST 317

Bibliography 327

References in Arabic 327

References in Judeo-Arabic and Hebrew 330

References in European Languages 334

Index 341

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