Likes and Dislikes: 105 Poems in English

Likes and Dislikes: 105 Poems in English

by Mr. CP Rajasekharan nair


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Individual likes and dislikes are there with everyone, as a deciding factor of our happiness and unhappiness. We start our life, as a weeping child with its unhappiness with a new world of creative environment, due to ignorance, to adjust ourselves with the available ambiance. Our ambitions, expectations and desires may compromise with our unlimited needs or it may fight with the limited resource, both are trouble makers, as the more we get the more we need. We have our likes and dislikes that create love and war, success and failure achievements and frustrations. But no one is bothered to analyse, why we like or why we don't like, certain men and matters, we deal with. It's not because of the quality or characteristics of things or men we face, but because of our own tastes and habits that make us attract or repel us from people and this world, which is full of colors and attractions for those who need it.
There are deserts and gardens, the two sides of our life that can be created beautifully with our imagination. There is no desert as desert and no garden as garden in our life, if we don't know how to enjoy both with our imaginative power. It is our passion, love and imagination that make things beautiful or filthy as per our own vision. One can convert desert in to garden and a garden in to a desert, using or misusing the wisdom. Everything is beautiful and loving, if we perceive so. Love and likes the same side of a coin and all what we do is on our likes, and everything starts and ends on the basis of love, on account of love, and on the expectation of love. Love for a man or for a woman, love for money and wealth, love for travel, love to conquer, love to save oneself and love to save others; love to fight and win; love for peace and love for a real loving and living. All types of love in the world create war, and all our war is for love of any sort, within. We create war for peace and we fight against war for peace, the contrast, the essence of true love to ourselves. Love, visible and invisible, we have; but the real essence of love is enjoyed, when it is invisible. It will be fully filled within our mind, not seen to others, as a fragrant breeze that binds us in our solitude, we create in crowd.
See the plants and animals; and note how they became fit and strong in its environment, by their own hard work, following the philosophy of nature. They are not slaves to their environment and circumstances, but overcome the obstacles, behaving accordingly. They tolerate and wait for a favorable time to keep away the scarcity-period, finding own way, to be happy and alive. Sometimes our mind is clear, transparent and strong, but sometimes, it is fickle and naughty, and sometimes it is malicious or harmful to us. We may feel many things that we should not have felt, and sometimes we don't ever feel what we should have felt, as others do in the same circumstance.
This book is having three parts, named Body, Mind and Soul, seemed separate, but all in one just like our body, mind and soul, none will exist without the other. Our body won't listen many of the voices, it hears in this world. There the mind interferes, and mind also, sometimes, will fail to answer many of the questions the world, including this body, ask us. Definitely, the soul will find an answer, although, a little bit late. Better, let us have a coordination of our body, mind and soul, for a sooner realization of anything and everything in this life itself. The content of these poems is the essence of observations that our body mind and soul, do together and separately, remaining truthfully to itself in this world. Let me also open up my eyes, as a student, teacher, a family man, a citizen of my nation and as a particle of this globe, with a positive perception.
Our Dislikes can be converted into Likes, wisely to enjoy

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