Li'l Red Riding Pug - Coloring Book

Li'l Red Riding Pug - Coloring Book

by Laurren Darr


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Inky, the Little Red Riding Pug, loves her grandmother- who gave her a beautiful red velvet cloak to wear whenever she visits her house that sits deep in the woods. One day, grandmother is sick, and Inky's mother asks her to bring her some soup and soda water. "No lollygagging," says the wise mother pug. In the woods, Inky meets a wolf she doesn't realize is hoping for a delightful pug snack. When he suggests she takes a moment to enjoy the beauty of the forest, Inky forgets her mother's warning, leaving the wolf to get up to no good. Will fate intervene and save Inky and her grandmother?

Your child will delight in Laurren Darr's vivid retelling of this classic fairy tale, accompanied by the evocative illustrations of Florina Boldi that have been converted to a coloring book format. It's a tale of pugs, a big bad wolf, a smart hunter-and why it's important to listen to your parents.

About The Author: Laurren Darr has been 'owned' by pugs since her first pug rescue of White Pines Tuttie when she was just six years old. Tuttie had never been out of a cage or even uttered a bark. She was the joy of Laurren's life until she left this world at the age of 15 (human years, of course!). This silly pug would let Laurren dress her, put clippy earrings on her, and even put lipstick on her. They'd spend hours tootling around the neighborhood dressed in their Sunday best, which is why Tuttie served as the inspiration for the launch of the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals over thirty years later.

Laurren has had many pugs since. Zacchaeus was a gift to her for her 16th birthday. She has also featured family rescue pugs Inky & Sarge (brother and sister) and Benji, in her Pug Fairy Tale Series story adaptations.

Her busy Chicago-area home is filled with her husband, her son, a fabulously fashionable pug named Bella and a blue and gold macaw, Kao

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ISBN-13: 9781943356041
Publisher: Left Paw Press
Publication date: 05/10/2015
Pages: 42
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.09(d)

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